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20% Off Halo E-Liquid with the Halo Cigs Spring Sale

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Halo Ecigs is offering a special on premium e-liquid

If you are in the market for Halo e-liquid, now is a great time to make a purchase! You can use the Halo Cigs coupon code below to cut yourself a nice savings of 20% off on e-liquid from Halo Cigs.

Their premium Halo e-liquid can be used with your Halo’s blank e-cig cartomizers or with the tanks that come with your Halo Triton e-cig kit.It’s a great deal from one of our favorite e-liquid vendors.

Coupon Code: SPRING2014  (no expiration date has been given)

Visit Halo’s Website

You may already know that Halo Cigs received some of our highest ratings for their kits, not to mention our rave reviews about the Halo e-liquid. In fact, we currently have Halo Cigs as our #2 brand on the ECCR editor reviews top ten chart and our consumer ratings have them at #3.

There is definitely a lot this company is doing right!

Read our full review of Halo Cigs

In addition to making use of the Halo coupon code, you can also score free priority shipping if your order is over $75. That’s a standing offer from Halo, but one that could make your purchase of Halo e-liquid even sweeter during their spring sale.

Keep your eye on our e-cig news section here at ECCR for your brand’s favorite sales.

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