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Are you being SCAMMED by an Electronic Cigarette Review Site?

By Paul Rucci

Saturday February 23, 2013
Real, unbiased ecig reviews are rare, find out how to read between the lines. Best idea is to stick with ECCR

Within many industries, it is almost impossible to find a review site that is not associated with its primary industry; electronic cigarettes are no different, with many review sites established under the disguise of trying to help you make an informed decision on your e-cig buying choices.

Unfortunately not everything is as it seems when you visit these electronic cigarette review sites. Many of them provide content and links to products that they themselves have rated… often without ever purchasing or trying the product personally and with very little (if any) input from real consumers and users of the products they recommend.

Worse still is the mere fact that many of the owners of these electronic cigarette review sites are more fixated on earning income than providing you with high quality and verifiable information. These owners often fall into the financial trap of complying with corporate requests when they are offered additional financial incentives from the manufactures to blatantly place a particular product higher on their recommended list. This is the reason that the top brands listed on many electronic cigarette reviews sites as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place etc are not necessarily the best overall product and have been placed there by the web site owner due to the financial incentives attached to them- rather than being the best possible overall industry leader in the electronic cigarette category.

Like any business, the electronic cigarette industry is going to provide incentives and offers to the marketing arm of the industry. We do not see an issue with that as just about every industry on the planet is doing it and in the general public psyche… we already know that.

What is paramount is that if an electronic cigarette review site is to be of real value to the consumer, the manufactures themselves, and ultimately to the e-cig industry…  it must conduct itself with an honest focus on integrity.

Any type of review web site can and should be a safe haven for consumers to find truthful reviews about the products they are researching. The consumer should also be encouraged to respond with reviews of each product so that the manufacturers can receive clear and concise feedback on how they can make their products better for the end user.

So How Do I Tell if an E-cigarette Review Site is Being Honest?

Make sure that the review site has content provided by both the review website (editors of the site) along with content and reviews provided by actual users of the product being reviewed (consumer reviews).

At ECCR, we have taken the time to ensure that the overall content and reviews provided by the editors of the site are clearly marked as an “Editor Review” and the reviews on the products from actual consumers and users of the product are clearly marked as “Consumer Reviews“.

Look at the quality of the content provided and see if a real effort has been made by the editors to provide an overall view on the subject matter: be that in video, text, image or another format. Also they should include opposing opinions and views from other users of the product as they are posted.

At ECCR we have taken a lot of time testing and reviewing these electronic cigarette products.  We’ve provided complete product evaluation along with comprehensive video reviews that cover all aspects of the product including cost/value, ease of draw, vapor production, flavor/taste, customer service, speed of shipment, cartomizer life, battery life and charging performance and more.

We also provide consumers the ability to leave their own reviews and comments. This unique feature allows consumers to change the overall score and rating of the electronic cigarettes that are listed on the site. Thus, the consumer reviews and editor reviews can and do differ allowing for a better-rounded and complete electronic cigarette review site.

When, as a consumer, you leave a review under any of the e-cigs  displayed under the Consumer Reviews section, your review will have a direct and immediate impact on the overall consumer rating score for that particular electronic cigarette. Why is that important? Because it shows that the content on the site is not one-sided and that we honestly value the opinions of others.

After all we are Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews!




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