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2015 - Editor Review

Official Atlantic Cigs

Nautilus Ecig Review

Editor Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars


Atlantic Cigs Editor Review

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Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Mod

First Impression

The Atlantic Cigs Nautilus starter kit is the second Atlantic e-cig offering that we put through the relentless rigors of our e-cigarette review process. Atlantic is an electronic cigarette brand that has been rapidly expanding its product line. Considering that Atlantic Cigs is guided by people who truly know the e-cig industry we were not surprised to see some next level innovation in their next e-cigarette product release, the Atlantic Cigs Nautilus.

The Nautilus is a mod style e-cigarette that absolutely has some innovation woven into the design. The twist and click design that attaches the tank to the battery and the utilization of food grade plastic components results in a very easy to use and ultra lightweight e-cig.

We ordered the Atlantic Nautilus starter kit and were understandably curious as to how this unique design would perform.

What you get with the Nautilus starter kit for $59.99:

  • 2 Nautilus 650 mAh batteries your choice of chrome or black
  • 2 Nautilus 1.6 ml twist and click tanks
  • 2 USB e-cigarette battery chargers
  • 2 – 10 ml bottle of Atlantic e-liquid (40+ flavors to choose from)
  • 1 Atlantic Cigs e-cigarette carry case

The kit packaging and design are attractive as is the carry case. That’s always a good sign because it shows that there is some real care and attention to detail. What really struck us, however, was just how lightweight this mod e-cig is.

Considering the huge range of e-cigarette reviews that we have done and the massive number of ecig mods that we have tested, this truly was lightweight, it stands out. When you pick it up for the first time, it really grabs your attention.

The twist and click function was very easy to use, the components fit together exceptionally well. The battery comes fully charged so we were able to get right into the testing.

Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Mod

Battery & Charging Performance

We ordered one chrome e-cig battery and one black e-cig battery. The Nautilus battery is automatic which means that is activates when you puff. Most mod e-cig batteries are manual meaning that you push a button to activate them. The reason for this is that the early automatic batteries would often activate late and cut off early resulting in limited vapor production. Or, they would not cut off and cause a runaway surge overheating the e-cig. These problems have been fully addressed by Atlantic Cigs.

The technology has come a very long way since then and the Nautilus Atlantic battery’s automatic function is seamless. Your natural draw provides all of the vapor necessary for a satisfying vape. As we said, the technology has come a long way and the automatic functions of this particular mod add to the overall ease of use.

We started testing the black Nautilus e-cig battery right out of the box and it lasted for 430 puffs. That’s more than a full day of steady vaping for most people. The first 250 puffs are excellent. The battery produces consistent vapor and heat. After the first 250 puffs, there is a subtle drop off in production.

The first cycle of the chrome e-cig battery delivered 494 puffs with a drop off after the 250 mark. How does this affect you? The drop off is subtle but it would be a good idea to always keep a fully charged battery in reserve. That is why we generally recommend e-cig starter kits that come with more than one battery.

Overall, we tested the Nautilus over two months. That involved many battery cycles and the overall average was between 450 to 500 puffs. That’s an excellent performance. The fact that you get two batteries with the starter kit means that you never have an issue with running out of battery life.

If you are a heavier vaper and demand more out of your e-cig, Atlantic does provide a 1300 mAh e-cig battery option. The bigger battery is appropriately named the “Mondo” battery.

The performance of Atlantic nautilus batteries is made all the more impressive by it’s lightweight plastic components. The twist and click feature matches battery connectors and receivers. Threaded components can sometimes be touchy but the twist and click design has made the process foolproof.

After months of testing, we can also say that the twist and click holds up to long-term use. There might be a perception that plastic parts might be more susceptible to wear but the twist and click function remained very much in tact throughout months of real world use.

The connectors are recessed into the body of the battery. This design along with the high quality components lead to the durability that we like to see when testing products for our thorough electronic cigarette reviews.

Atlantic Cigs Product Image Gallery

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Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Mod

Refillable Tank Efficiency

The Nautilus tank is a 1.6 ml tank that works exclusively with Nautilus e-cig batteries. The design is unique to Atlantic Cigs. The tank is very easy to fill. You simply unscrew the top mouthpiece and put in the e-liquid. Make sure the e-liquid drops go down the side of the tank and not into the center where the atomizer is. Once you are finished filling just screw the on top, twist and click the tank into the battery and you are set.

The Nautilus tank relies on high quality absorbent wicks to carry the e-liquid to the atomizer. The delivery is consistent and the battery consistency ensures that you avoid the burnt taste that you often get with lower quality mods that easily overheat.

A Nautilus tank will give you 150 to 200 puffs. It works better with more consistent flavor and vapor if you keep the tank more full.

As for that flavor and vapor both are excellent. I really like their e-juice. They have been expanding their flavor options and they seem to always hit the right note. Too many e-liquid brands overdo the sweetness but Atlantic gets it right.

They have some excellent flavors. For tea drinkers like myself, London Tea Leaf is very enjoyable. Other favorites include Washington Redberry and Bermuda Sweet. They are definitely worthy and you should try them.

I have to say that Atlantic E-Liquids are bold. I usually vape a 24 mg e-liquid. The Nautilus came with an 18 mg nicotine strength and I found that to deliver an excellent throat hit. It is much more effective than any 18 mg I have used before. I am even considering cutting back to 18 mg after using Atlantic Cigs e-liquids.

A cloud chaser may want a more massive mod but for the majority of people just looking for something that is simple and highly effective, the Nautilus is a great choice. For experienced vapers who prefer more powerful e-cigs, the nautilus is a great second e-cig because it has plenty of punch and is a no hassle vape.

Atlantic Cigs
Customer Service & Shipping

We have dealt with Atlantic Cigs almost since they first opened their doors. They are simply very nice people and very responsive to customers. In fact, we talked to them about adding bottom coil tanks for the Nautilus and they have that in the works.

They offer an excellent warranty package and free shipping. Anytime you are considering your budget, it is worthwhile to look at shipping costs. Many e-cig brands may have lower prices but get you on the shipping.

If you ever do have an issue, they will work with you to resolve it to your satisfaction.


Atlantic Cigs
Review Wrap Up & Summary

To sum up our e-cig review of the Atlantic Nautilus, it is very easy to use, gives excellent vapor and throat hit. It is a very good product and gets the ECCR checkmark, the Seal of Approval and two big thumbs up. This is an excellent first e-cigarette and a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative and not a hobby.

For those who are already passionate vapers and want a break from all of the fancy stuff the Atlantic Nautilus is very effective yet simple. Really super easy to use. At $59.99 for the complete kit this is a very good value. ECCR also offers you an exclusive e-cig coupon code ACECCR10 that allows you to save 10% off of your Atlantic Cigs purchase.

Try it out and use the consumer chart where you have the last word. The consumer e-cig reviews are all yours and are crucial to establishing our overall rankings. ECCR is a partnership with consumers so that we can help others to find the best e-cig and, ideally, an alternative that can change people’s lives for the better.

Atlantic E-liquids also proved to be both high quality and yummy. The flavor options are impressive and the purity of the ingredients shows in the quality of the vapor. It achieves the same satisfaction with less nicotine concentration relative to other e-liquids on the market.

Hope this helps in your search. Make sure to share this review and follow ECCR on any of our social media channels. Visit often as we are constantly monitoring the latest industry news and keeping you informed.

Thanks for spending some time with ECCR and have an excellent day.


Other Products Available From Atlantic Cigs:

  • Atlantic Nautilus ‘Mondo’ starter kit (with 2 1300 mAh Mondo batteries) - $99.99
  • Atlantic Nautilus 1300 mAh ‘Mondo’ battery - $36.99
  • 3 Nautilus replacement e-cig tanks - $27.99
  • 650 mAh Nautilus battery - $21.99
  • Atlantic Wave e-cigarette starter kit - $21.99
  • Atlantic E-Liquid 10 ml - $8.99

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