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Atlantic Cigs Owns Predicate Product: Total Game Changer For Ecig Industry

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday February 11, 2015
the predicate product may change the electronic cigarette business and vaping

On Monday, we reported that Altria was attempting to acquire the ‘predicate product’. Possession of the predicate product would give an e-cigarette brand considerable sway in the future of the ecig industry.

Altria has already made a seven figure offer for the predicate product and given the immense ramifications we can expect a frenzy of activity.

The predicate product was previously unknown, few accepted that it even existed. Regulators themselves were not aware of any predicate product existing. The FDA defined the product as an e-cig product that was being commercially sold in the United States prior to February 15, 2007.

This week we were able to confirm that the predicate product exists and ECCR has now discovered the identity owner.

Atlantic Vapor, aka Atlantic Cigs, owns the e-cigarette that was marketed and sold in the US prior to the Feb. 15, 2007 grandfather deadline. That means that the predicate product is currently in the hands of a popular American e-cig brand. We continue to track developments and we expect a press release from Atlantic shortly.

Atlantic Cigs

atlantic vapor vape shop in king of prussia mall

Atlantic Vapor In The King Of Prussia Mall


Atlantic Cigs itself was not formed until late 2013 but e-cigarette industry pioneers founded the company. Their experience dates back to the very earliest days of vaping. Atlantic’s founders were active in the ecig industry when it all began. This probably explains why they are the owners of the predicate product.

We were aware of Atlantic’s background and that is why ECCR has been watching this e-cig company since its inception. We knew that they were not your ordinary e-cig brand just trying to get in the game. They clearly understand the vaping business and what vapers are looking for.

They have rapidly developed an expansive product line. They began with an introductory cigalike with five flavor options. Soon, they developed the lightest weight mod on the market and expanded into e-liquids and are now offering 40 flavors with a variety of nicotine options.

They also developed a universal e-cigarette cartridge called the Portal. The Portal is a mini-tank that is compatible with the leading cigalikes. Most recently, they developed an 80% VG e-juice called ‘Depth Charge’ to serve vapers looking for clouds of vapor.

In 2014, Atlantic Cigs established a brick and mortar presence with the opening of Atlantic Vapor, the only vape shop located in the biggest shopping mall in the United States, the King Of Prussia Mall.

Atlantic Vapor carries a massive line of products including RDA’s, box mods, e-juice as well as Atlantic’s product line. Atlantic serves all variety of vapers. We believe that they sincerely care about the future of vaping.

When Green Smoke quit shipping to Australia, Atlantic committed to helping Australian smokers by making sure that they still had access to top quality vaping products so they would not be stuck going back to smoking cigarettes. Currently, Atlantic is a top selling brand in Australia.

No one can predict the outcome or fate of the predicate product at this time but at this time we can confirm that the predicate product is in the hands of a known electronic cigarette brand that is very active in all phases of the vaping industry.

ECCR will be looking forward to the press release expected from Atlantic Vapor later this week. We will publish the details as soon as they are available.



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