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Best Christmas Gifts & Ideas for a Smoker

By Raymond Polidori

Friday November 22, 2013
Help a smoker this Christmas give an e-cigarette starter kit as a gift

Best Christmas Gifts & Ideas for a Smoker

It’s never too early to start shopping for the best Christmas gift for the ones you love. We haven’t even enjoyed Thanksgiving yet and my mind is already spinning with unique Christmas gift ideas that will make this year a memorable one.

Looking at the bigger picture and not just what works for me, the first three ideas are general gift ideas if you’re shopping for a tobacco smoker, but the last one is what I believe is the best Christmas gift for a smoker. This year, I’m not trying to break the bank and I’m sure none of us are. Regardless of how simple a Christmas gift is, if it’s coming from you it’ll leave a memorable impression.

Notice: To see the best Christmas 2015 gift ideas for smokers and vapes visit our updated Christmas Vaping Gift Guide


2015 Gifts For A Smoker Or Vaper

For someone who has yet to make the switch and is still smoking cigarettes, Green Smoke represents probably the best electronic cigarette to get started with. Green Smoke ecigs look and feel like a traditional tobacco cigarette but instead of smoke, it’s vapor. Green Smoke is easy to uswe and is by far the best cigalike you can get.

We are also going to save you some money! Just use Green Smoke coupon code ECCR15 to save 15% off you purchase of any Green Smoke starter kit.


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For the vaping enthusiast: 

Unless you are a vaper yourself, trying to choose the perfect gift for the vaping enthusiast in your life may seem daunting. That’s okay. Direct Vapor has designed several gift bundles in a variety of price ranges. Direct Vapor’s Christmas gift bundles feature the current hot vaping products that the vaper in your life is going to love.

There is a massive range of ecigs, mods, eliquids, accessories and more. If your loved one enjoys building their own atomizers, well there are tool kits, brilliant new RDAs and more. A lot more. Here is the sweet part. Direct Vapor is a No Clone Zone. That means that every product that they sell is 100% authentic. That’s a big deal because the market is flooded with fakes. You also get the lowest price guaranteed and free shipping on all orders. If your gift doesn’t work out, there is a 15 day money back guarantee, no restocking fees.

Direct Vapor is the best place to buy the leading vape products from brands like Kanger, Smok, Aspire and the list goes on. I recommend choosing one of Direct Vapor’s complete gift bundles. They are awesome and the perfect Christmas gift for a vaper!

christmas gifts for avid vapers

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US eCig Companies:

There are some outstanding American ecig brands that have fine quality electronic cigarettes and eliquids that would make an ideal gift for a smoker or vaper this Christmas. All of these companies make top quality products and pure eliquid that is blended in a professional lab setting. There is not diacetyl or other byproducts in the ejuice produced by an of the American brands that we will share with you.

The electronic cigarettes produced by these companies are all excellent quality. They all appear on our list of the top rated electronic cigarettes. In addition, all of these companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you really have no risk here. let’s get started with Apollo.

Apollo Ecigs

Apollo eCigs is based in California and they have been working very hard to design and innovate leading quality electronic cigarettes. They have done an amazing job of accomplishing excellence. They have the Apollo Endeavor which is perfect for new users. For experienced vapers, they have some great new products for subohm vaping that are a ridiculous deal. yes, Apollo has great prices but they do not compromise on quality in any way.

For the enthusiasts who want to experience the next level in vaping, Apollo has a powerful tube ecig called the Apollo VTube 4. Recently, they released the Apollo Reliant temp control mod. They really have something for everyone.

Apollo’s eliquids are phenomenal. They have a full line of eliquids including 2 brands of industry leading max VG ejuice. Apollo has built their own state of the art ejuice lab and they exceed the quality control standards of the food industry. On top of that, you can get some Apollo ejuice right now for up to 70% off! It is all a part of Apollo’s 12 days Of Juicemas promotion.

Use Apollo Christmas Coupon Code JUICMAS

apollo christmas ecig sale

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Halo Cigs

Just in time for Christmas, Halo eCigs has launched two brand new electronic cigarettes and a huge selection of eVo eliquids. Halo and eVo eliquids are already famous industry wide. Halo is the brand that made eliquid blending a true science. They have an impeccable lab where rigid standards and constant quality control testing ensures you get some of the best and purest eliquid in the world.

So besides amazing eliquid, Halo also has some terrific electronic cigarettes. We have previously completed Halo ecig reviews of the G6 and the Triton.  The G6 is a cigalike that is a great choice for a smoker in your life who needs to be getting away from cigarettes. The G6 has the best long term value of any quality product in the market. The Triton is an ecig tank system that comes in many different colors and is simply put, a reliable, satisfying workhorse.

Now Apollo has launched 2 more advanced ecigs capable of subohm vaping. Both the Halo Tracer and Halo Reactor are gorgeous devices that make huge vapor accessible and uncomplicated.  Right now you can get 20% off of these starter kits from Halo. This is simply a great deal. You won’t find a better value. In addition to the 20% off, Halo is also throwing in a free bottle of Kringle’s Kurse eliquid. That makes this a complete, perfect gift for the smoker or vaper this Christmas.

halo cigs christmas sale

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VaporFi is an American brand that does everything well. Talk about innovators. VaporFi offers a huge selection of ejuices that are made in an FDA registered lab and use only the very best and purest ingredients. There’s more. VaporFi has an online custom eliquid tool that lets you mix and match eliquids creating your own recipe.

They also have 15 different ecig kits. They have ecigs of all shapes and sizes, you can even design your own. For the newbie, the VaporFi Rocket is a fantastic choice. The Rocket is just so reliable and tough. It also has airflow control so the experience is customizable. For a beautiful advanced mod, the VaporFi Vox II is a fantastic choice. I recommend the Vox II starter kit with the Volt Hybrid tank because it is just so versatile.

For maybe the easiest to use subohm vape kit, get the VaporFi Edge. It will give huge vapor but is hassle free to use. For precision temperature control vaping, the VaporFi Vox 100 watt TC mod is a must see. Click below to shop at VaporFi’s website and if you decide to buy, you will automatically get a 10% discount at checkout. Also, if you buy from VaporFi this Christmas, a donation will be made to the Toys For Tots charity.

vaporfi christmas specials

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Shopping for a fellow tobacco smoker this Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the simple things in life we appreciate the most – but what matters the most is the thought. Ready? Here’s my short list

3 Simple Christmas Ideas For Current Tobacco Smokers

Runner Up #3: Personalized Lighters. This is an endless category, filled with many options. You have tons to choose from and in a wide range, from the iconic zippo lighter to silly ones with funny images or text. Going the higher end route allows for customizable options like engraving or even gold or silver plating. Those would certainly make for unique Christmas gifts that would be appreciated and cared for.

Runner Up #2: Storage boxes. You may think of tobacco storage boxes as a cigar thing, and of course it certainly brings that to mind. But smokers of cigarettes and other tobacco products would also love a nice place to store their gear. Cigarette cases and storage boxes can make for unique Christmas gifts. That goes double for those rolling their own tobacco cigarettes. Which is an excellent segue into…

Runner Up #1: Rolling Tobacco. If you aren’t a smoker yourself you may not have noticed, but cigarettes have gotten expensive. I mean REALLY expensive. Like it or not, state and local taxes have targeted cigarette smokers and made their smoking experience a costly one. Nowadays many smokers are turning to rolling their own cigarettes with loose tobacco to offset the cost hike. Maybe this falls under the unusual Christmas gifts category, but I think a gift of a variety of different rolling tobacco flavors, along with the accessories needed to try it out, would be an excellent gift for a smoker. If he or she gets into the habit of rolling their own, it could turn out to be a gift that keeps on giving in terms of saving them lots of money. Yet there is one gift that is a cost saver and what we think is the best Christmas gift out there for smokers…

Wait…there’s one more gift idea – My Favorite

An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. Electronic cigarettes, for me at least fit in both the category of unique Christmas gifts as well as unusual Christmas gifts, but most importantly is that for smokers they really are the best Christmas gift. Not only will they save money, but the smoker in your life can also enjoy a viable alternative that leaves him or her without the stench or stigma of traditional cigarettes such as the tar/carcinogens/smell etc. 

There you have it, the best Christmas gifts for a smoker in my opinion. You can say that I may have had my bias to begin with, but when the facts are laid out there, none of the runner-ups could give a smoker all the advantages that electronic cigarettes have. Give a smoker some accessories like lighters or storage boxes, and there is no doubt that they will find it cool, useful and be appreciative. Give them a head start on rolling tobacco and they will definitely like the cost savings if they can come around on the idea of rolling their own cigarettes. But an e-cigarette starter kit simply takes the cake because we know what most smokers battle with on a daily basis.

Smokers are shunned and pushed into smaller and smaller areas where they are actually allowed to smoke. They get dirty looks if they light up too close to someone and their friends and loved ones aren’t thrilled with that constant odor, to say the least. There is only one item, even if it is seen as one of the more unusual Christmas gifts, which will give most smokers what they really need. Something that will change their routine and their interactions with others, while still giving them the taste and satisfying experience they get from a traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarettes give them all that and more, which is what makes an e-cig starter kit our choice for the 2013 best Christmas gift for smokers.

Happy Shopping!




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