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Best eCigs For Your Summer Travel Plans

By Tony Clayborn

Friday June 10, 2016
summer vaping travel light

The summer is upon us! Whether you are going full tourist checking out main attractions or if you are going off the grid, you are going to want to be able to enjoy your vaping. Maybe you will be going to the Pocarro Music Fest in Pocatello, Idaho or maybe you’ll be on a mountain camping getaway far from any roads, phones or civilization. In any case, you may not find it convenient to travel with your mod, batteries, charger and ejuice. That’s why we have come up with the best ecigs for summer travel.

Obviously if you are traveling to a city or town that you know has a vape shop you will know that you will probably be able to get coils, ejuice, batteries or whatever you need. But if you are traveling you may not want to carry a bulky mod with you. You may also not want to carry ejuice with you especially if you are flying or using other types of public transportation. You also never know how hard it will be to find the right coils or an ejuice that you like. Besides, if you are on vacation do you really want to spend time looking for shops? It is a good idea to just simplify.

I’m gonna talk about cigalikes. I know, cloudchasers be like – no way! And no, you can’t cloud chase with a cigalike. But, today’s cigalikes are not like the ones that we started with back in the day. Well, the retail store brands are, no self respecting vaper would settle for that. There are, however, some cigalikes to create terrific, satisfying vapor.


New to vaping? Check out the beginners vaping guide here.


Really, even for an experienced vape, the cigalike is the most portable, easy to use and convenient vaping device. In many circles, it is seen as strictly and introductory level device and I get that. Is any cigalike going to produce vapor like your 200 watt mod and sub ohm coils? No, of course not. A cigalike still has a place in vaping as both an introductory vape and a traveling ecig or back up vape that is also more suitable for the office or in crowds.

Some of the cigalikes today produce as much vapor as the eGos did just a few years ago. The reason is improved technology. Most companies have not bothered updating cigalike technology but there are a few that have. One things cigalikes can deliver is very good vapor and terrific flavor. They use more PG in the ejuice and PG is a better conveyor or flavor.

Green Smoke E-Vapor

green smoke electronic cigarette starter kits

Green Smoke E-Vapor makes exceptional electronic cigarettes. Take a look at our Green Smoke ecigarette review for more details. Green Smoke ecigs are very easy to travel with and the classic two-piece design is very convenient. You never have to worry about spilled e-juice or glass vape tanks or anything like that. It’s simple. Just attach a Green Smoke refill cartridge to the battery and vape on.

Green Smoke E-Vapor offers three different starter kits and we suggest the Pro Kit because you will get three batteries. Three batteries will get you through most days even vaping heavily. Make sure to get some extra cartridges if you are going to be on the road for a while.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are very easy to travel with and you can even carry them in a pocket without it getting in your way. Maybe you will be hiking or biking, carrying a mod in your pocket is not going to be very enjoyable at all! With Green Smoke, you get all the convenience and a vaping experience that will surprise you.

It all starts with the long lasting Green Smoke batteries and the equally long lasting refill cartridges. The amount of vapor production that you get is excellent. And the vapor is so satisfying from the beginning of the cartridge right to the end. Green Smoke continually ranks as the best cigalike year after year. It only takes a couple of hours to fully recharge the battery so each day when you go out to enjoy your vacation, you can head out with fully charged batteries and extra cartridges in tow.

Use the link below and if you decide to make a purchase from Green Smoke you will get an automatic discount.


I want to travel light.

Take me to Green Smoke to check it out.


Mig Vapor

best ecigs for travel

Mig Vapor is another company that has utilized new technologies to improve the experience of vaping with a cigalike type of electronic cigarette. Mig Vapor ecig batteries simulate a constant 4.2 volt delivery and the refill cartridges rely on updated atomizer technologies designed in the US and built by KangerTech.

If you go to the Mig Vapor website, look under the cigarette style cigarettes and go with the Standard Plus ecig starter kit because you do want to have at least three batteries when you are traveling, and that is assuming you have a room or place to stay at night where you can plug in and recharge for the next day. You can choose from 10 different cartridge flavors and get a travel case.

We also have a Mig Vapor coupon code that you can use. The code is ECCR10 and it will get you 10% off any purchase including ejuices.


Take A Look At Mig Vapor

A Fast Growing, Progressive US Vape Brand


Going Off The Grid? You Need White Cloud Fling Disposable eCigs

best disposable electronic cigarette

Last but not least, if you are travelling far from any electrical service, if you are wandering into distant campsites really getting away from it all, then you will need disposable electronic cigarettes. No place to plug in and recharge when you go where the roads don’t.

The best disposable ecigs that you can get are White Cloud Flings. They are long lasting and deliver rich, flavorful vapor. You can choose from tons of different flavors and White Cloud Flings are very affordable.  So not only are they more affordable than the retail disposable ecigs, they are far superior on quality. When it comes to disposables, White Cloud Flings are hands down the best of the best. You can get them in bulk packs and save money.


I’m Going Off The Grid!

Let Me See The White Cloud Flings




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