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Panda Evolve E-Cigarette Editors Review

Panda Ecigs, owned and operated by Panda Dream World, Inc. out of Lafayette, California… literally came out of nowhere. When they contacted us to see if we wanted to review their product, we were a bit skeptical. After all, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ecig companies out there with more appearing every day. With ECCR being a small, but dedicated team right now, this simply means we only have a limited amount of man-hours to devote to electronic cigarette reviews.

Our focus right now is usually on the main brands that we feel people will be most targeted by. These are the e-cigarette brands that are doing the most marketing and the brands that most people will be aware of and look for. Unfortunately for the consumer, some of the brands with the most money are offering sub-par quality products- especially when you weigh them against other products made by companies that don’t have quite as much money to throw into advertising. In the real world where you and I live, this just doesn’t make sense.

You’d think companies with more money would dump a nice chunk of that money into R & D (research and development) so that they could ensure that their product will continually grow in quality as the technology surrounding ecigs grows as well. Electronic cigarettes are still in their infancy, really. One day, we truly believe this will be a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s why you see the FDA and Big Tobacco all over everything this industry does. They too know this “small tree” will grow to be one of the biggest trees in the forest- at least as it relates to nicotine-based products.

With that said, we feel a great responsibility to review these major brands so that the consumer has somewhat of an idea what they are purchasing before they lay down their hard-earned bones. We believe in the future, that Panda will be one of those “big brands”.

For now… Panda is a young start-up company that is truly putting forth an effort to cater to consumers with a large variety of ecigs and accessories fit for newer users and the more experienced users as well. They have a large selection of products ranging from “cig-a-like-type” ecigarettes that use pre-filled cartomizers and mini-tanks… to the fancier and more powerful “mods” (with a good selection of the cool accessories that go along with them).

They sent us their Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarette starter kit. We’ve put it under the ECCR microscope and are here to let you know how it rates against other similar “cig-a-like-type” ecigarettes.

What You Get

Priced at $59.99, the Panda Evolve eCigarette Starter Kit Includes:

Panda Evolve Kit

  • 2 – Panda rechargeable 230mah Lithium-ion batteries  – choice of automatic or manual and color
  • 1 – BONUS Five-pack of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice
  • 2 – Panda Micromizers (0.9ml)
  • 1 – Panda E-Liquid 10ml – your choice of flavor and strength
  • 1 – Deluxe USB Charger
  • 1 – Two pronged wall adapter
  • 1 – Panda User Manual

Includes Free Shipping to US customers, Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Packaging and Presentation

If you love Pandas and think they are just too cute and cuddly, you’ll probably love Panda eCigs’ packaging. You’ll find the Panda logo and bamboo leaves stamped on the outside of the box and all over their accessories and their respective boxes. The main box is of the standard magnetic flip-top variety, so nothing there is really going to knock your socks off. With that said, it is a quality box and is packed neatly.

If you’d like to get a real good look at the box and it’s contents live, please take a few minutes to watch the review video above this text review. The text review and the video review each have separate nuggets of info in them. To get the full picture, you’ll want to examine each piece of information we provide for you on this page.

Overall, Panda’s packaging and presentation is good quality and will truly be appreciated by ecig lovers who also love Pandas.


Since Panda sent us the Evolve Kit to review, we did not experience shipping times as normal customers would. We have posted information on their shipping rates and times below for your convenience. There is more detailed information on their website. Here’s a link to their shipping information page.

USPS 7-Day Ground


(free on USA orders over $30)

Estimated arrival 3-7 business days*
USPS Priority Mail


Estimated arrival in 3 business days*
USPS Express Mail


Estimated arrival in 2 business days*

Panda Products are shipped via USPS all over the world.

USPS Priority Mail International


Estimated arrival 7-10 business days (if no customs’ delay)There is no shipment tracking information available once the package reaches the destination country*
USPS Express Mail International


Estimated arrival 3-5 business days (if no customs’ delay)Tracking information available in most destination countries*

Battery and Charger Performance

The Panda Evolve kit comes with two 72mm (230 mah) lithium-ion batteries. The batteries do not have the familiar circular lines on them to make them look like a cigarette. That’s cool though, because the batteries come in a variety of colors (black, stainless steel, pink, blue, red, and white). With the exception of the stainless steel battery, the batteries have a very thin coat of colored rubber on them. It’s very nice feel and very similar to the Halo G6 batteries.

Panda has abandoned the old grey battery tips in favor of the newer bling-bling crystal tips. The crystal LED tips on the Panda Evolve batteries extend a bit from the tip of the battery and light up blue. They’re actually very nice and there won’t be any confusion in public over whether you are vaping or smoking. It’s pretty obvious. Especially if you’re using the mini-tanks over cartomizers. This is a nice touch and shows forethought on the part of Panda when thinking about how ecigarettes impact others when users are vaping them out in public.

So, enough with the aesthetics… let’s move on to performance.

We have to tell you first off that we really had high hopes for the batteries. After all, some companies offer 180mah batts and these are a step up to 230mah. It appears though, after multiple testing cycles from fully-charged to dead, that this jump in power did not translate to more puffs. We consistently got 165-190 puffs from the batteries. Compared to other brands this is a bit mediocre. Not bad, but not as long as we’d like. We feel all batteries, with the current level of technology, should at least hit the 200 puff count mark.

Knowing that ecig companies count puffs based on 3-second pulls on the ecig, maybe they figured they had their batteries over 200 puffs. Ecig companies need to pay attention to real-world testing and stop testing them based on a mechanical machine. Either that, or move up to 4 second puffs to be more realistic. Better to underestimate and pleasantly surprise (and not be accused of inflating puff counts), than to overestimate and disappoint.

Just know that you may want to order more batteries to have on hand. At the time of this review, Panda does not have a PCC (Personal Charging Case) for their Evolve batteries. No worries though, their batteries are listed at $12.95 a piece. At that price, it’s pretty economical to pick up a few extra batteries if you choose to purchase the Panda Evolve System.

The charger weighs in at approximately 2 hours to charge from fully-depleted to fully-charged. Pretty good. It falls right in there amongst the others. Anything quicker than 2 hours is a bonus.

Cartomizer and Mini-Tank Performance

Let’s first clear up a possible misconception here. There a few sites out there that have already posted their Panda Evolve reviews. Some of them are not letting prospective Panda Evolve customers know that the Panda Evolve does indeed offer pre-filled cartomizers in addition to blank cartomizers that you can refill yourself. So, just to set the record straight, we want you to know that you have some great options with the Panda Evolve. You can refill using your own smoke juice with the blank cartos and mini-tanks- or you can order the much more convenient (but sometimes less performing) pre-filled cartomizers.

Panda seems to be open and willing to let people try their ejuices- or let them use another company’s ejuice, even with their own product…

Unlike other companies out there that seem to have a virtual monopoly on their product (read: e-juice and cartomizers), Panda seems to be open and willing to let people try their ejuices- or let them use another company’s ejuice, even with their own product. For that alone, we salute them. The market needs to be consumer-driven. One that strives to give customers what they want. It’s win-win for the consumer and the merchant. Happy customers means more sales.

ECCR plans on adding a specific ejuice review section at some point in the future, but we haven’t really focused on that. We do, however, want to mention that Panda has a nice selection of flavors. Their eliquid is actually pretty good for a company that doesn’t tout that they specialize in eliquids. One thing we found really cool is that Panda is offering the RY4 flavor in even the pre-filled cartomizers. RY4 is a fav of ours and it’s super cool to see them offering that in a pre-filled cartomizer. Previously, it was mostly only available to those who choose to e-drip.

With that said, let us move on to the cartomizer and mini-tank performance.

With many companies adding mini-tanks and different size cartomizers (such as XL versions which hold more eliquid) it’s causing those who review electronic cigarettes to work harder. The Panda Evolve is one of those cases. Not only did we have to test the different flavor cartomizers, we also had to switch over like it was totally new ecig and test different eliquids in the mini-tanks. Effectively two reviews in one. It’s products like these that will separate the lazy reviewers from those who do the work. At ECCR- we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Shameless plug? Yes- but a necessary one for a consumer searching for the truth about a certain brand.

This is what we came up with after multiple cycles of testing on cartomizers and mini-tanks:

Pre-Filled Cartomizers:

– 80 puffs and flavor starts to weaken
– 115 puffs another drop off in flavor
– 125 burnt taste
– 135 max- burnt out

Mini-Tanks (Clearomizers):

-About 90-120 puffs out of a full mini-tank (approximately .9 – 1ml of eliquid)

With a maximum amount of puffs (we’ll be nice here as we take long puffs…) coming in around 150 for the pre-filled cartomizers, you may want to think about refilling by using the mini-tanks or ordering some blank cartomizers. It’s so easy and you can top off your ejuice whenever you want to. Very nice. With the mini-tanks, you can actually see how much eliquid is left.

Speaking of the mini-tanks, be sure not to let the ejuice run lower than .3 or .4mls as you risk burning out the wick or coil. We prefered the mini-tanks over the cartomizers. Using a cartomizer produces quite a bit of that nasty “sucking sound” noise that annoys us all. The mini-tanks have some noise too but not as much as the cartos do.

Vapor production is actually very good with Panda. Not the best, but certainly better than most out there. There is also a nice throat kick on both the pre-filled cartomizers (within the first 80 puffs) and the mini-tanks.


The Panda Evolve Starter Kit is a decent kit for anyone who is just starting out with e-cigarettes. It gives you the opportunity to not only have the convenience of pre-filled cartomizers, but also includes the mini-tank clearomizers so that you can try out all different kinds of eliquids- even if those eliquids are not made by Panda.

If you should decide to purchase the Panda Evolve system, we definitely recommend refilling via the mini-tanks or blank cartomizers as the pre-filled cartomizers we tested just didn’t last long enough to justify the convenience or price. With Panda’s e-liquid prices coming in at $6.95 for a 10ml bottle and $14.95 for a 30ml bottle- you’ll be saving money as well as having the ability to top up whenever you want.

If you’re looking to use the Panda Evolve with pre-filled cartomizers only, we feel there are better options out there. However, if you are open to refilling with your own eliquid, this is a pretty decent kit. We based our rating on the fact that it is a pre-filled carto system and also a mini-tank system. The pre-filled system would seem overpriced and under-performing- but the tank system is pretty good.

Panda has a very-quickly-growing selection of other products as well (such as eG0-type ecigs and a wide selection of different tanks and coils) that we will be reviewing in the future. Feel free to check out Panda’s website. You’ll see they are serious about offering variety.

Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating as well. Be sure to check our editor and consumer ranking charts and feel free to leave your own review as well.

Happy Vaping!
The ECCR Team


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