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Buying a Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette for Christmas?

By Raymond Polidori

Friday December 13, 2013
This Christmas help change the lives of loved ones who smoke by helping them switch to e-cigs

Buying a Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette for Christmas?

This is the Christmas season for you to buy a rechargeable electronic cigarette. How am I so sure? It’s all in the numbers, as they say. Traditional smoking is on the decline, but even so, 1 out of every 5 American adults is considered a smoker. That means that for every five gifts you are planning to buy, one of them could very well be an e cigarette starter kit for a friend or family member.

This is the type of gift that changes someone’s life, and with that in mind I’m sure you’ll want to get the best e cigarette for your money so you can see the impact you’ll have made.

At this point, you may already know a little bit about these awesome devices. You may even be ready to buy that rechargeable electronic cigarette today and you just need those last few tips to make sure your gift is all that it can be. I mean, buying an e cigarette starter kit is no joke, I tell ya! Here are some essential tips to consider when buying what we think is an awesome Christmas gift for a loved one:

Sales Galore

Boy, did you pick the perfect time to go looking for a rechargeable electronic cigarette! December is chock-full of sales, so regardless of which e-cig brand you think the smoker in your life will love most, you are sure to find some incredible deals. Not only will this mean you get a great price when purchasing your gift, but you can also get great bang for your buck so you can take it the next level, as I’ll explain below.

Buy Quality

We always encourage a first time e-cigarette user to make sure they get a quality e cigarette starter kit and buying a gift is no different here. If you want your loved one to truly have a chance to see what a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes can be like, you’ll want them to try a quality brand. They may decide it isn’t the best e cigarette for them, but at least they will have a good impression of the awesome potential that electronic cigarettes offer. Plus, if you take advantage of one of the many holiday sales, you can get that premium brand at a very reasonable price. Read: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap E-cigs

Stock Them Up


A rechargeable electronic cigarette is an incredibly thoughtful gift, but keep in mind that most smokers will need to try out their new gift for a little while to really see the difference it can make in their life. An e cigarette starter kit is just that – a good start. If you really want to hit home with this gift and make sure it doesn’t end up gathering dust, you should seriously consider making sure they have a good stock of cartomizers or e-juice as well. Either of those can be great stocking stuffers, and if you set them up with a month’s supply or more, you know they won’t be running to the liquor store for a pack of analog cigarettes so quickly. As wonderful and life changing as these devices are, a lot of smokers will need some time to take it for a full test drive before committing to the idea – even if you get them the absolute best e cigarette out there.

We think this holiday season is coming in right at the tipping point for the popularity of rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The use of these devices is on a steep incline, to the point where we recently saw London’s Heathrow Airport open up the first “e-cigarette zone” for electronic cigarette users to be able to enjoy their alternative to smoking without, well, all the smoke you find in a smoking lounge! While there are some concerned that e-cigs can appeal to non-smokers, when we talk about current smokers looking for a real alternative, it is hard to ignore the impact electronic cigarettes have made so quickly.

So if you are here thinking about this as a gift idea and wondering what your loved one will think, we believe its safe to say that an e cigarette starter kit will bring a smile to their face. Unlike in years past, there is a good chance they will have heard of, seen, or even tried an electronic cigarette already. Give them the gifted opportunity of trying the world of vapor instead of smoke for a while and they will appreciate it. Even if they only give it a shot out of guilt – like trying that terrible fruit cake every year 😉 – once you get them a rechargeable electronic cigarette in their hands we think they are just bound to love it, and love the difference it can make in their lives even more. And that is as special a Christmas gift as there can be! Read: Last Minute E-Cigarette Christmas Gifts & Ideas

Deal hunt away!


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