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Ceramic Vaporizer. Make A Difference? Where Can I Get One?

By Tony Clayborn

Tuesday November 8, 2016
what are the best ceramic vaporizers

We’ve had a number of questions come in asking about the advantages of a ceramic vaporizer. We have had questions about ceramic vaporizers for use with both electronic cigarettes and dry herb vaping. You can get ceramic heating chambers with vaporizers as well as ceramic coils for electronic cigarettes. I guess the next question is what would the advantage be?

Ceramics go back a long way! The earliest clay figurines date back 27,000 years and were found in Italy. Ceramics are an inorganic, nonmetallic solid material comprised of metal, nonmetal or metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds. That’s the Wikipedia definition. Covalent bonds are when atoms share an electron and become strongly bound together. A simpler definition would be that ceramics are made of clay and hardened by heat.

There is another level of ceramics called fine ceramics. These are what you would find in use with a ceramic vaporizer. Fine ceramics have an amazing ability to withstand and manage heat. For example, while aluminum will melt at 1220 F, or 660 C, fine ceramic material can withstand heat up to 3632 F or 2000 C!

Thermal Conductivity Of Ceramics

heat conductivity of ceramic vaping components

While we want our ceramic vaporizer chambers and atomizer coils to withstand intense temperatures, we also want them to conduct heat in such a way to maximize vapor production. Metallic atoms in the ceramics determine the level of conductivity. So what that means is that manufacturers can actually control the conductivity of ceramics by managing the composition of the fine ceramic material.

Ultimately, unlike metals, the ability to manipulate the performance of ceramics with regard to managing, resisting and conducting heat is one area of advantage when it comes to vaping. Ceramic components can be more expensive but they are also longer lasting though they do require maintenance. Don’t worry, maintenance is pretty easy. If you remove the wick and then heat the coil the remaining residue will quickly burn away and your coil will be like new.

Benefits Of Ceramic Vaporizers

One of the main benefits for both a ceramic vaporizer and ceramic ecig coils is the purity of the flavor. With ceramics, there is no metallic taste. For dry herb vaporizers it is reported that the flavor is more intense. If you use a dry herb vaporizer for smoking, a ceramic heating chamber is an advantage in that your herbal material is not metallic and should not burn the material.

It would be ideal if there were no exposed heating elements visible in your ceramic vaporizer heating chamber. Mig Vapor makes there ceramic heating chambers with built in heating elements so there is not exposed metal. You may see other dry herb vaporizer companies that claim to have ceramic heating but you will want to check into it and make sure that the metal heating element is separated from your herbal material.

Ceramic vape coils also offer advantages in terms of a pure, cleaner flavor. Is it a better flavor? That is open to debate. Some people like the flavor from Kanthal coils, some from stainless steel coils. In any event, it is probable that you will notice a different type of flavor sensation with ceramic ecig coils.

Ceramic electronic cigarette coils also last much longer than metal coils. Ceramic coils generally have an atomizer resistance of about 0.3 ohms so they will make plenty of rich, sub ohm vapor. You have to replace the wick but you can keep using the same coil. For how long? As much as 6 months depending how often you vape.

Drawbacks Of A Ceramic Vaporizer

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, a lot of people are interested in portable vaporizers with fast heat up times. A ceramic heating chamber may require a little more warm-up time. How big is the difference? Well some metal vaporizer heating ovens can heat up in as little as 5 to 10 seconds. A ceramic heating chamber of the same size may take 30 seconds to heat up. So it is not a big difference.

If you use a ceramic vaporizer for dry herb vaping you will want to take a look at the heating chamber. If there are exposed metal heating elements at the base of the chamber then you run a risk of your herbal material coming into direct contact with the metal heating coil. So watch for that. Later in this article we will have a link to some ceramic heating coils from Mig Vapor where the heating coils are actually built right into the ceramics so no metal heating coils ever contacts your material.

Regarding ceramic e-cig coils, there can be a bit of an initial lag in performance once again because of a slower heat up. Some ceramic coils can be difficult to wick. You will also have to maintain the ceramic vape coils but that is generally pretty easy. If you take the wick off the coil and then set your device to 30 watts you can quickly and simply burn off the residue in about 30 seconds.

Should You Get A Ceramic Vaporizer?

At the end of the day this all comes down to personal preference. Looking at it objectively, it would seem that there are more benefits than drawbacks. I think that the greatest benefits are for using a ceramic vaporizer for dry herb vaping. Despite the slightly slower heat up time, the purity of the flavor and eliminating metal to herb contact would seem to be a net win.

With ceramic vape coils it is not so cut and dried. There are major advantages for longevity and perhaps advantages for flavor but there is the issue of performance. Now ceramic coils still perform well but the initial hits may have a bit of a lag in vapor production as the coil heats up. Many vapers love that instant performance, that instant crackle as soon as you hit the fire button. It will take a couple of vapes to get to that point with a ceramic coil.

If you are an avid cloud chaser, a ceramic coil is not going to create the vapor that a high performance metal coils will. Especially some of the very low resistance coils. So once again it is all about preference and what suits your own vaping style. If flavor is your top priority then by all means you should give a ceramic vaporizer coil a try.

Vaporizers With Ceramic Heating Chambers

best ceramic dry herb vaporizers

What are some vaporizers with ceramic heating chambers? There are a few to choose from but we are going to focus on one brand. We are going to focus on Mig Vapor vaporizers. Why? Do we want you to buy these so we can make a commission? Well yes and no! We do receive commissions if you decide to buy something and we use those commissions to operate the website. So of course we would love it if you would use the links on our website to access the products that we discuss. But folks, we can get commissions from any vaporizer brand so we do have the leeway to give you unbiased info and that is what we are doing.

So why Mig Vapor Vaporizers? The reason is because all Mig Vapor vaporizers utilize all ceramic heating chambers. There are no exposed heating elements. The heating elements are baked into the ceramics. If you are experienced with portable dry herb vaporizers you have probably shopped on any of a number of vaporizer retail sites. You may not have seen Mig Vapor vaporizers there but you will. They are gaining a strong reputation as some of the best vaporizers and the all ceramic heating chambers are leading the way.

When you go to the Mig Vapor website and click on ‘Vaporizers’, you will see 10 vaporizer kits. 10 different vaporizers. There are vaporizers. vape pens, and dry herb tanks that you can connect to a sub ohm vape mod. We’ll give you a couple of examples.

Mig Vapor Ceramic Vaporizers

ceramic vaporizer options

Pictured left to right the KeyMaker, Yabba Dabber, Matrix, SubHerb and Brain Fogger

The variety of ceramic vaporizers available from Mig Vapor run the gamut. We’ll start with the Matrix vaporizer. Of course it has an all ceramic heating chamber and variable temperature control. The Matrix has the largest portable vaporizer heating chamber in the business at 0.8 grams.

The Torpedo vaporizer is a full sized portable vaporizer that is very easy to use and equally easy to maintain. If you are more interested in a smaller, more stealthy device that grants you more privacy then you will probably be interested in a vape pen. Vape pens have smaller capacity batteries but they are very effective and like all MiG Vapor vaporizers they rely on all ceramic heating chambers as well. They are also very affordable for example the MV KeyMaker vape pen is less than $40.

How about herbal vape tanks. Now these are one of a kind. Mig vapor has the SubHerb dry herb vape tank which is hugely popular. It is also a ceramic vaporizer product and can be attached to any sub ohm vape mod and instantly convert it into a herbal device. The Brain Fogger attaches to a sub ohm mod as well and is designed for vaporizing herbal oils and dabs or concentrates.

electronic cigarettes and vaporizers

Ceramic Vape Tanks

horizon krixus ceramic vape coils

There are a few ceramic vape tanks out there and I went back and forth before deciding which one to feature. The Dolphin is popular but after reviewing a number of ceramic vape tanks the one that I feel leads the pack is the Horizon Krixus ceramic e-cig tank. The only hold back I had with the Krixus is that it is a bit tricky to re-wick. In the image above you can se the coil and the coil housing. You have to wrap the organic cotton wick around the exterior of the ceramic coil and then massage the housing in place without displacing the wick. Can be tricky! But it is something that you quickly get used to and skilled at.

The Krixus coil has an atomizer resistance of 0.3 ohms and can be vaped at anywhere from 60 watts to 120 watts. The vapor production is excellent and the flavor experience is exceptional. I did very much enjoy the vapor sensation without any metallic taste at all. The vape is a bit more on the mild side than you might be used to but is very smooth.

Another reason that I chose the Krixus is that it does perform surprisingly well and I believe that can be traced to the fact that the embedded tungsten heating elements heat the ceramic very quickly. If a ceramic vape tank is on your wish list, then you should check out the Horizon Krixus.

ceramic vaporizer coils with the horizon krixus


Ceramic Vape Coils


Ultimo Atomizer By Joyetech

Last but not least we want to cover an e-cigarette tank that offers a large number of coil options including ceramic vape coils. Not long ago, I did a full Joyetech Ultimo Review and it was one of my favorite all-time review. If vapes magnificently and you can enjoy subohm vaping, cloud chasing, and temperature control vaping. This tank has fantastic airflow, easy to fill and it costs less than $25. It is not too often you get a fantastic high performance tank with multiple options for such a good price.

The Ultimo vape tank has multiple coil options including a QCS, or quick change system, that works with a stainless steel Notch Coil. There is a 0.5 ohm Clapton coil options. And there is a brilliant ceramic coil that is actually easy to re-wick and maintain. I think it is a terrific addition to anyone’s collection of vape gear.

I believe that we have covered a large number of ceramic vaporizer options from dry herb to vapor. We have also covered a number of the leading options that you have to choose from. Great news, your options are plentiful!  The Mig Vapor choices for dry herb are garnering rave reviews. The Krixus is a beautifully designed ceramic tank and the Ultimo is a diverse device with a ceramic coil option.

The bottom line with the Ultimo subohm clearomizer tank is that you can do it all. You can use a ceramic vaporizer coil and then switch to Claptons and then to stainless steel 0.25 ohm Notch Coils. It vapes phenomenally and it’s under $25. That makes it an exceptional value.

electronic cigarettes and vaporizers





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