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Cigarette Litter Causing Problems For Cities

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday April 30, 2014
Cigarette butts are gross, switching to e-cigs prevents unecessary litter

According to I Love a Clean San Diego executive director Pauline Martinson, cigarette butts are the number one item found during volunteer clean up efforts.  Last year the group cleaned up 80,000 cigarette butts off the streets of San Diego.

All around the country and all around the world cigarette butts are littering cities generally making an unsightly, toxic menace of themselves.  Smokers, it’s time to get your butts outta here!

Every Year Cigarette Butts Cause 1.69 Billion Pounds of Litter.  That Is Twice The Weight Of Every Phone Book Produced Annually In The United States.

Our readers are well aware of e-cig health risks and second hand smoke but seldom do we think about the logistical problem of dealing with all of the waste associated with tobacco.

The toxic smoke is bad enough and when you factor in the 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butt litter the problem takes on an entirely new dimension.

Cities across the country are finding the same litter situation as Pauline Martinson’s group in San Diego.  Cigarette butts are the leading cause of litter in our cities.  Martinson is hopeful that as more people switch to e cigarettes the litter will decrease.

E cigarettes are much more environmentally friendly.  They do not lead to cigarette butts stomped out on the ground all over our sidewalks.  Many companies are moving toward recyclable e cigarette cartridges.  Ecig tanks can last for years and all of the materials, including e juice bottles, are recyclable.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes not only include cleaner lungs, but cleaner cities, too!  Imagine how much cleaner our cities and towns could be.  If you are still smoking tobacco, here is yet another reason to make 2014 the year to quit smoking by switching to e-cigs.

Here’s to better health and cleaner streets!  Happy vaping!




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