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Cue Vapor System E-Cigarette Review Is It Worth It?

By Matt McConnell

Thursday March 9, 2017
cue electronic cigarette mod with pre filled snap in cartridges

The Cue Vapor electronic cigarette is running an infomercial promoting their product as ‘vaping made simple. They have a patent pending design of interchangeable cartridges that insert into a subohm vape device. It seems like a great idea! Leak proof, disposable sub ohm refill cartridges. Might be great for travel. Perhaps ideal for people who want to sub ohm vape but don’t want a refillable tank. We completed a Cue electronic cigarette review to help you decide if this is the right e-cig for you.

The Cue Vapor system sells for $49.99 online or $65 on TV. The difference is that the TV commercial is offering a kit with more cartridges. The mod comes in five different colors. You can get a baby blue, pink, orange, red or black. The Cue e-cig is a compact device made for portability.

The patent pending involves the snap and click disposable cartridges. The atomizer coil is a wrapped coil just like you would find in a typical subohm clearomizer. Once the e-juice is gone you pull it out and snap in a new one. You can get three nicotine levels including 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. Each cartridge sells for $6.99.

cue vapor mod vs the halo triton 2 with halo use made e-juice

Cue Vapor System Electronic Cigarette Review

cue vapor system electronic cigarette review

We can start off out Cue Vapor e-cig review by telling you that it is indeed very easy to use. There are not adjustments that need to be made. You do not have to adjust wattage or refill e-liquids. It is very compact and comfortable. To turn the device on you click the power button 5 times. To turn the Cue e-cig off its the same thing, click 5 times to shut it off. The Cue mod fires at 30 watts.

The kit does come with a battery charger and the recharge time is about two hours. The Cue vapor mod has a social feature that lets you know when a fellow Cue user is in your vicinity. That’s similar to what Blu Cigs does with the social features on the portable packs.

The process of exchanging Cue vapor refill cartridges is easy. I also like the fact that you can carry an extra cartridge in your pocket and know that it won’t leak. The flavors are not bad and the vapor production is decent.

Cue Vapor Mod Battery

While the heart of the Cue Vapor design is probably the interchangeable disposable vape cartridge system, it is the Cue Vapor mod itself that bears the responsibility for making the vapor! So what can we tell you about the mod? First, you probably are going to want to know how long it lasts before you have top recharge it again. Okay, let’s start there.

We can start by telling you that the battery has a 1500 mAh capacity. And that it fires at 30 watts.

A basic box mod of a similar size to the Cue mod is powered by a separate 18650 battery. A single 18650 vape battery has a capacity of about 2200 mAh. That’s an average. So a basic box mod with standard 18650 battery has about 30% more capacity than a Cue vape mod.

The difference is that with the Cue mod there is no tank that sits perched atop. The tank, or in this case cartridge, is built in. And because it is built in that limits battery capacity.

The verdict is this. Sacrificing only 30% of capacity to incorporate an internal, interchangeable tank is a good trade-off in my opinion. So this aspect does get a positive Cue vapor system review.


Cue Cartridge Vapor Refill Flavors

There are ten different Cue Cartridge vapor refill flavors available. The flavors are:

  • Apple Tobacco
  • Berry Smooth
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Full Tobacco
  • Creamy Mint
  • Fresh Melon
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Peach Tobacco
  • Smooth Tobacco
  • Vanilla Cream

Should You Buy The Cue Vapor Device?

While the Cue e-cig is an interesting product, we feel like the jury is out. The vapor production is decent and the device is easy to use. The cartridge system is a good idea for some people. It has potential to fill a niche for sure. We want to see how the snap and click holds up over time. We will continue to test and bring you more in the future.

In the meantime there is another option that we feel like you should take a look at. The V2 VERTX system relies on cartridges as well but with the VERTX everything connects magnetically. The magnetic seals are leakproof and durable. Also with magnetic seals you don’t have to worry about wear from the friction is snapping and clicking. And the VERTX is an MTL vape which is a more familiar way to vape for new vapers.

an mtl vape with disposable profiled cartridges

Check Out The V2 VERTX Here








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