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Cue Vapor System Refill Cartridges And Flavors

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday July 4, 2017
cue vapor system refill cartridge information

Cue Vapor System refill cartridges are design to work specifically and solely with the Cue Vapor System mod device. The cartridges are designed to fit inside the mod. They snap and click in place. They are disposable cartridges and cannot be refilled. There are 10 flavor options and each Cue Vapor refill pod contains 5 ml of e-juice. They cost $6.00 each or you can get a discount of you buy in bulk.

The e-liquid in a Cue cartridge is made in the USA from materials sourced both overseas and domestically. The PG / VG mixture is designed for subohm vaping. The atomizer coil inside each refill cartridge is indeed a sub om coil. That means that it will have an atomizer resistance of less that 1.0 ohms. The Cue mod fires at 30 watts. That should make for a good, though not cloud chasing, subohm vape.

Cue Vapor refill cartridges cannot be refilled. They are disposable e-juice tanks essentially. Disposable tanks or cartridges may be appealing for people who do not want to manually refill a vape tank. The other side of that coin is that disposable tanks or cartridges tend to have more expensive long-term costs. With refillable tanks, most of which are a convenient top fill design these days, you tend get more value. It is the classic tug of war between cost and convenience. As a consumer the choice is yours.

Cue Vapor System Cartridge Nicotine Levels

The Cue Vapor System cartridge nicotine levels are all standard subohm vaping options. There is a 0 mg nicotine, 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine. Because it is a subohm pod and atomizer designed for a sub ohm mod you will get more vapor than a standard vaping device. For that reason the nicotine levels are lower. For more on choosing electronic cigarette nicotine levels see our post here.

You may see electronic cigarette nicotine levels expressed as either a measure in milligrams (mg) or as a percentage by volume. It is easy to understand. A 6 mg level is the same as a 0.6% nicotine level. A 24 mg nicotine is a 2.4% value in terms of percentage by volume. The vast majority of e-cig companies now use mg as opposed to a percentage.

Cue Vapor Nicotine Levels:

Cue Vapor Cartridge Airflow

cue vapor system cartridges flavors

Cue cartridges have an interesting feature that let you switch of the airflow and change the stiffness of the draw. There are two plugs in every refill pod or cartridge. As you can see in the image above one plug is located on the bottom, the others on the side. You have to remove the bottom plug before inserting the pod into the Cue vape mod. You have to option of leaving a side plug in place.

If you remove the side plug you will get a more airy draw. If you leave the side plug in place you will get a stiffer draw.

Most vape tanks let you adjust the airflow to a finite level. With the Cue cartridges you have only the two options. If you want a more customizable airflow check out the popular Aspire Cleito vape tank. Aspire is a company that is regarded as a master designed of airflow design in vaping tanks. Most refillable vape tanks give you total control of airflow.

Cue Vapor Cartridge Flavors

There are ten Cue Vapor Cartridge Flavors. There are a mix of tobacco and fruit flavors. They are:

  • Apple Tobacco
  • Berry Smooth
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Full Tobacco
  • Creamy Mint
  • Fresh Melon
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Peach Tobacco
  • Smooth Tobacco
  • Vanilla Cream

As you can see many of the fruit flavors are actually blends of tobacco and fruit. The completely non tobacco flavors are Berry Smooth, Chocolate Banana, Vanilla Cream and Fresh Melon.

That is a decent list of flavor options. A conventional, refillable vape tank will allow you to use any e-liquid flavor. But once again here the trade off is convenience. You do not have to refill a Cue cartridge. You don’t have to carry an e-liquid bottle with you.

Is it all about what you are looking for. That’s what it comes down to. We just wanted to give you an overview of Cue Vapor cartridges and flavors. If you have tried Cue we’d like to hear about your experience!

Contact ECCR and let us know here.

Alternative E-cigs With Refill Pods

If you like the idea of disposable pods or cartridges, I wanted to tell you about another option. This option comes direct from the Silicon Valley. A group of designers from Stanford put some good old American innovation and elbow grease to work to blend tech with vaporization. Their latest vaporizer and most famous product is the Pax 3. You can see our Pax 3 review here. The Pax 3 vaporizer is designed for dry herb. But the good news is that Pax also makes an e-cigarette with disposable pods.

Meet the Juul e-cig. A small, space age electronic cigarette that uses disposable pods. The strong nicotine hit that JUUL delivers is surprising given the small size. Yes, it packs a punch. Now the JUUL e-cigarette costs about the same as the Cue Vapor System. But the JUUL pods cost only $3 each and you can save money on that by signing up for their auto-ship program. A five pack of JUUL pods can cost between $13 and $15.

So, a JUUL pod has only 1/5 the amount of e-liquid as a Cue cartridge but a JUUL pod has 5% nicotine by volume or a whopping 50 mg. You get more nicotine with every puff. So it is a different type of vape than the Cue. With JUUL, you inhale mouth to lung like a cigarette. JUUL is also very small and discreet which is why I like it. Which is right for you? Well, that’s up to you. I just wanted you to know your options!

cue vapor cartridge comparison with juul vapor





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