Why Are We Different? What set’s ECCR apart from other Electronic Cigarette Review sites?

A plethora of electronic cigarette review websites have been cropping up like weeds all over the internet since electronic cigarettes started making their appearance on the world stage back in 2008.

With so many e-cigarette review websites listing so many different brands as “#1″, it sure can get confusing to a potential buyer as to which brand is actually worth their hard earned money. I mean, how can SO many different electronic cigarette brands be the #1 choice of so many different review sites?

Good Question!

The answer is that many companies pay extra commissions to web sites that will list their brand at the top. Is this fair to you when you’re putting your trust in a review site by taking their advice on a particular product? No. Does it happen? Yes. It most certainly does.

Enter ECCR

Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews (ECCR) was founded on July 24th, 2012 by Paul Rucci and Raymond Polidori.

At ECCR – “The Choice is Clear”

As avid and passionate electronic cigarette consumers, the team at ECCR wanted to create an e-cigarette review website that would stand head and shoulders above the rest. How did we plan to accomplish this?

It’s simple. We would merely tell the unadulterated truth.

We would also provide a separate Consumer Review ratings chart so that the consumers themselves could agree or disagree. The Consumer Review chart is powered by a special algorithm that updates on-the-fly when anyone places a review and rates a product.

This is why, unlike other review sites, ECCR has TWO rankings charts. One for the team to express their opinions and one for visitors to express theirs. With TWO charts, it’s clear to see which brands others like… and YOU are not left wondering if your reviews and ratings really have any effect on the main ranking chart controlled by the editors of the website.

The Truth

ECCR is a paid endorser of the electronic cigarette brands listed on the website. If you purchase a product through this website, ECCR and it’s team will be compensated.

We do not and will not hide this fact from our visitors. The funds raised will be used to maintain and improve the site and pay the team at ECCR who have families to care for as well.

At ECCR we make a pledge to our visitors that we will NEVER compromise truth for payment. We make true evaluations of vapor products from beginner to advanced devices. Even when describing the functions of advanced vaping devices we approach it from the perspective of someone that may be reading their first e-cig review. We are a source of info for any adult interested in learning about e-cigs and finding the best available products in a market awash with clones, counterfeits and junk.

At ECCR, we test the best from leading American vape brands as well as imported mods and tanks. Your comments, suggestions recommendations and criticisms are always welcome.

Happy Vaping!

– Team ECCR

If you’re interested in getting to know the team visit our ECCR Team Bios Page