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Do you trust mainstream media news headlines? Neither do we. At ECCR we do our homework and go behind the headline to get you the real story about what is happening in the ecig industry. We dig and find the data, examine study results with our own eyes and we let you make your own conclusion.

We don’t answer to a room full of media industry stockholders who want a profit report. Our allegiance is not to an up arrow in the Wall Street Journal, our only allegiance is to you and your desire for the unvarnished truth.

ECCR’s Ecig News section will keep you posted with up to the minute developments in all areas of electronic cigarettes. We are passionate about e-cigarettes and enjoy spreading the word about all of the benefits and exciting new developments but as our track record shows we are not afraid to point out stories that are concerning. Like we said, the unvarnished truth.

We cover everything you need to know including ecig tips and tricks to help you get the most out of vaping. If you want to know about any advancements in ecig technology make ECCR your primary source. If you like drama, we will have plant as we cover the ongoing battle between e-cigarette brands and the FDA.

Wondering how your favorite brand is doing? ECCR is on top of ecig business trends as more than 500 different ecig brands jockey for your attention. We give you the information you need to know so that you can always be informed.

Keeping you informed is our commitment to all of our readers. We help you make clear choices and we help you get the very most out of your power as a consumer. ECCR works non-stop tracking everything that is going on with e-cigarettes and how it may impact you. Makes us a part of your day.

Mini Ecig Reviews

Wednesday July 27, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

Aspire Atlantis Evo Review New E-Juice Flow Design

The next generation of the Atlantis subohm vape tank is here. The tank is named Evo, which is short for evolution. Naturally, we have an Aspire Atlantis Evo review to test and find out if the new features on this tank deliver as advertised. Aspire is making several claims about the capabilities of their new product. Well, here’s what Aspire is claiming about their new subohm tank. The Atlantis Evo is said to have better wicking based on changing the size and location of the juice ports on the coils. The claim is that these wider juice ports combined with a new, lower location allows more flow of Max VG eliquids while at the same time being leak proof....

Ecig Industry News

Monday July 25, 2016

By: Tyler McCanus

Big Tobacco to The Rescue? Altria Fights for Vaping

Yes, you read that headline right. Big Tobacco coming to the rescue for vaping? It sounds incredulous, we know. When the electronic cigarette industry was first sprouting up, the response from Big Tobacco was much different. At first, it was a sort of condescending scoff at the idea that something could challenge their stranglehold on smokers. Then, not too much long after, came the attacks. Out of fear, Big Tobacco went right after ecigs and used every play in the book to try and stop the growing movement. We all know that didn’t work out. So their next step was to hedge their bets, and that’s when Big Tobacco got in the game. Lorillard made Blu Cigs an offer...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Friday July 22, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

Mig Vapor Neo Mod 100 Watts Never Felt So Good

The Mig Vapor Neo mod just may be the one that you have been waiting for. Recently, there has been a trend toward easy to use sub-ohm vaping mods and one of the leaders in that realm is, without a doubt, Mig Vapor. Mig Vapor has always specialized in advanced vape technology made easy. That’s what the Neo is all about. It is a 100 watt, 4500 mAh box mod and it comes with a stainless steel, top-fill vape tank. The 4500 mAh battery is impressive. It is incredibly long lasting. The battery is internal and stores as much if not more power than mods that rely on dual 18650 vape batteries. The Neo battery chipset will...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Thursday July 21, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

Uwell Crown 2 Review How Does It Compare To Original

We have got some good news and some bad news with the Uwell Crown 2 review. There are some improvements with regard to construction and reportedly solving the leaking that would sometimes occur with the original Crown subohm tank. There is, however, some concern about the new atomizer coils. The new Crown 2 bullet coils are an entirely new and unique design. The goal here is to go through the process and determine whether or not you should buy the Uwell Crown 2 or, if you want a Crown, stick with the original. Let’s get started. Starting off the official Uwell Crown 2 review we have to discuss the quality of construction. We expect the best from Uwell and...

Ecig Health & Research

Wednesday July 20, 2016

By: Tyler McCanus

Effects of Ecigs Include Big Reduction of Chemicals

For a very long time, all everyone has seemed to want to talk about are the effects of ecigs. If you listen to the scare tactics that have been on the news, you’ll hear anti-vaping activists talking about so-called negative effects of ecigs. They’ll tell you that vaping isn’t good for you. They’ll say that ecigs will lead to a spread in nicotine use and won’t actually help smokers. They will even claim that electronic cigarettes are luring our youth toward something they have been driven away from – smoking. Yet the scariest argument that is employed by those opposing ecigarettes is the idea that vaping straight up bad for you. That there are chemicals in eliquid that are...

Ecig Industry News

Monday July 18, 2016

By: Tyler McCanus

The Ecig Patents Fight And Who’s Involved

The battle to be at the pinnacle of the vaping pyramid has been raging for years. Right at the birth of the electronic cigarette industry were several companies racing to be the first to get a good product to market and to get ecig patents. It wasn’t long before a few of them had a viable vaping product that held wide appeal among smokers. Ever since then, the battle has been to one-up each other and create a better product. A better product means more sales, more market share, and dominance of an industry that is worth billions of dollars. Right? Well, sure, that’s part of it. But the top rated ecig brands have also found themselves waging wars...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Friday July 15, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

Tesla Stealth Review 100 Watt Mini Mod

You sneak! So, you want a small yet powerful vape mod for covert vaping? Well then you better hang out for a minute and read our Tesla Stealth review. This is a plenty powerful 100 watt mod with a long lasting 2200 mAh LiPo battery. It’s only 2.7 inches tall! The Tesla Stealth mod is very easy to use and works great. It has only one slightly annoying peccadillo that we will get to. It comes with the Tesla Shadow tank, which is very good, and costs less than $40. Pretty good, huh? I don’t think I will do an extra long, in-depth Tesla Stealth review. The fact of the matter is that it is really easy to use...

Other News

Thursday July 14, 2016

By: Tyler McCanus

Cheap Ecig Batteries Explode, Vapers Sue

Cheap ecig batteries are the culprits, but vapers across America are putting their sights on electronic cigarette makers as the problem. Of course, it’s not as if all ecig brands are in on this phenomena. We can’t even say most or a majority are contributing to this wave of ecig batteries malfunctioning. But even a few bad apples can sully the entire batch. While we hope this isn’t the case, we have to be very aware of what is happening. In that sense, it isn’t such a bad thing that individual vapers are suing for damages all across the country. Dozens of lawsuits have popped up in New York, California, and elsewhere. There are different circumstances for...

Ecig Technology

Tuesday July 12, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

The Case Of Green Smoke E-Vapor Vs Tricked Out Mods

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury and all of your assorted pets, except for goldfish which don’t count because they can’t remember anything for more than a few seconds. I stand before you today to make the case for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in their claim against the frivolous, short-sighted assertion of advanced vape mods that only a large mod can provide vapor satisfaction. We all know how we got here today. We have seen a bias develop in this climate where it is assumed that in order to enjoy the splendor of vaping, you need a big mod to do it. Well, my client may not be your typical bulked up electronic cigarette device but my client, ladies...

Government and FDA

Monday July 11, 2016

By: Matt McConnell

Senator Johnson Demands Answers From The FDA

Currently, the future of the vaping industry is clouded with uncertainty. Predatory FDA deeming regulations on electronic cigarettes threaten to severely damage the ability of independent American small businesses to succeed. Worse than that, smokers desperately looking for an answer to cigarette addiction may see their personal options compromised potentially causing tremendous harm to public health. Right now, numerous enterprises are actively competing to design and market ever improving vapor products to provide a smoking alternative to smokers. As of August 8th this year, that could end. Also as of August 8, 99% of current vapor products will have two years to pay millions of dollars to stay on the market. Given that the majority of businesses affected are...

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