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Do you trust mainstream media news headlines? Neither do we. At ECCR we do our
homework and go behind the headline to get you the real story about what is happening
in the ecig industry. We dig and find the data, examine study results with our own eyes
and we let you make your own conclusion.

We don’t answer to a room full of media industry stockholders who want a profit report.
Our allegiance is not to an up arrow in the Wall Street Journal, our only allegiance is to
you and your desire for the unvarnished truth.

ECCR’s Ecig News section will keep you posted with up to the minute developments
in all areas of electronic cigarettes. We are passionate about e-cigarettes and enjoy
spreading the word about all of the benefits and exciting new developments but as our
track record shows we are not afraid to point out stories that are concerning. Like we
said, the unvarnished truth.

We cover everything you need to know including ecig tips and tricks to help you get the
most out of vaping. If you want to know about any advancements in ecig technology
make ECCR your primary source. If you like drama, we will have plant as we cover the
ongoing battle between e-cigarette brands and the FDA.

Wondering how your favorite brand is doing? ECCR is on top of ecig business trends
as more than 500 different ecig brands jockey for your attention. We give you the
information you need to know so that you can always be informed.

Keeping you informed is our commitment to all of our readers. We help you make clear
choices and we help you get the very most out of your power as a consumer. ECCR
works non-stop tracking everything that is going on with e-cigarettes and how it may
impact you. Makes us a part of your day.