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Do you trust mainstream media news headlines? Neither do we. At ECCR we do our homework and go behind the headline to get you the real story about what is happening in the ecig industry. We dig and find the data, examine study results with our own eyes and we let you make your own conclusion.

We don’t answer to a room full of media industry stockholders who want a profit report. Our allegiance is not to an up arrow in the Wall Street Journal, our only allegiance is to you and your desire for the unvarnished truth.

ECCR’s Ecig News section will keep you posted with up to the minute developments in all areas of electronic cigarettes. We are passionate about e-cigarettes and enjoy spreading the word about all of the benefits and exciting new developments but as our track record shows we are not afraid to point out stories that are concerning. Like we said, the unvarnished truth.

We cover everything you need to know including ecig tips and tricks to help you get the most out of vaping. If you want to know about any advancements in ecig technology make ECCR your primary source. If you like drama, we will have plant as we cover the ongoing battle between e-cigarette brands and the FDA.

Wondering how your favorite brand is doing? ECCR is on top of ecig business trends as more than 500 different ecig brands jockey for your attention. We give you the information you need to know so that you can always be informed.

Keeping you informed is our commitment to all of our readers. We help you make clear choices and we help you get the very most out of your power as a consumer. ECCR works non-stop tracking everything that is going on with e-cigarettes and how it may impact you. Makes us a part of your day.

Government and FDA

Tuesday May 23, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Senator Ron Johnson Urges FDA To Repeal Ecig Regs

Last Summer Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers. Senator Johnson asked the FDA several pertinent questions regarding FDA vaping regulations. He wanted the FDA to answer whether or not they would refuse regulations should the evidence clearly demonstrate that vaping reduces harm vs smoking. Answers were also demanded to the question of why over regulate if there is a lack of evidence as the FDA claims? Among the many questions though perhaps the most pressing was Johnson’s demand that the FDA answer whether or not they have considered that oppressive regulation will drive people back to tobacco. See Senator Johnson’s 2016 letter to FDA here. These are tough questions and...

International Ecig News

Monday May 22, 2017

By: Paul Rucci

Philip Morris To Launch IQOS In Korea. Heat Not Burn Trend

Here at ECCR we have been tracking the path of the P hilip Morris IQOS heat not burn cigarette for several years now. The IQOS is a better powered electronic smoking device that heats tobacco but does not burn it. What you do is take a cigarette and insert it into the IQOS which then heats the tobacco in the cigarette to the point of vaporization. Some studies indicate that vaporized tobacco reduces the level of harmful toxins when compared to smoking. As a result Philip Morris views heat not burn technology as a harm reduction tobacco product. An IQOS cigarette is not like a regular cigarette. The tobacco retains more moisture vs regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are...

South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

Mini Ecig Reviews

Sunday May 21, 2017

By: Matt McConnell

Joyetech Cuboid Tap And Procore Aries Tank. Tap It!

We have a new version of the popular Cuboid! You are going to want to tap this one. With your finger. I mean, you will tap the mod with your finger to change settings. Somehow I feel like I have gotten off to a bad start. So, let me clarify. This is the ECCR Joyetech Cuboid Tap review. Rather than buttons, the adjustments are made with a tap. The Taptec mod is sensitive to touch with a vibration motor to acknowledge your inputs. A 228 watt mod that comes with the new Procure Aries tank. The mod requires two 18650 vape batteries. So if you do not like clicks buttons, well this is a first. Joyetechs Cuboid mods are...

Ecig Industry News

Wednesday May 17, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Austin Texas Vaping Ban Confuses Vapor With Smoke

Austin, Texas is banning vaping everywhere that smoking is banned. That includes parks, restaurants, bars, government buildings, any public spaces. In a unanimous vote, Austin of 11 yeas and 0 nays, council passed the resolution. Just as with most vaping bans, the local vaping community was not consulted for input. Once again lawmakers show an inability to make the distinction between smoking and vaping . In fact, this vote was held without any discussion or debate. Council members simply decided to add e-cigarettes to the existing regulations regarding smoking. With that the Austin vaping ban became law. Anti-vaping lobbyists were present wearing “Austin Breathes Vape Free Air” t-shirts. A spokesman for the anti-vaping group said that...

Ecig Promotions

Monday May 15, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Zample Box Discount E-Liquid Subscription Service

ample Box is a discount e-liquid subscription service that lets you save as much as 70% on vape juice. And if you are the type of vaper that likes to try a number of different e-juices and like a little mystery, then you are going to want to check out Zample Box for sure. You pick your flavor preferences, nicotine strength and Zample Box does the rest. Each month you will get a new shipment of e-liquids. The brands and flavors will vary so you never know exactly what you will get. Surprise! The variety of e-liquids and e-juices  that Zample Box has to offer is huge. Huge. There are hundreds of flavors. And there are hundreds of...

International Ecig News

Thursday May 11, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

More Than Half Of UK Vapers Have Totally Quit Smoking

Health officials in the United States have not definitively determined that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit. Personal testimonials are not accepted as valid by the FDA or most other regulators. Will the FDA ever approve using vaping to quit smoking ? We don’t know. Apparently, however, smokers in the UK are not waiting for approval. With the public support of Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, the electronic cigarette has been recognized as a safer alternative to cigarettes and smokers in the UK have noticed. In the latest study, we now know that more than half of the vapers in the UK have completely quit smoking. The 2017 Ash Survey in the...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Thursday May 11, 2017

By: Matt McConnell

The Envii Loch Ness 150 Watt Mod. Designed In The USA

This one came as a surprise. A very pleasant surprise. The Envii Loch Ness mod was the first Envii product that we have ever tried here at ECCR. I came across it looking for mods designed in the USA and indeed the Envii Loch Ness 150 watt vape mod is designed in Los Angeles. I noticed that Envii makes some very high interesting vape products. They have proprietary chip technology specially designed for smoother vaping. Intriguing, when you click their “About Us” page, all it says is “We are Envii. We are legion.” Well okay. Admittedly they did not give me a lot of background as I embarked on the Envii Loch Ness vape mod review. To be honest,...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Monday May 8, 2017

By: Ken Baughman

Evo Solar Smash E-Liquid Review Out Of This World

I am going to start a fight but I don’t care. The conclusion of my Evo Solar Smash e-liquid review is that Solar Smash is the new top fruit flavor vape. Trying to build an ECCR consensus of the absolute best fruit flavored e-juice is unlikely. There are just so many good ones. A while back, ECCR’s Matt covered his favorite fruit flavored e-juice- Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry vape juice . Now I am going to claim that mantle for Solar Smash. And after I tell you about it I think you will agree with me and be on my side! First let me tell you about Evo E-liquids. I am thinking some of you may not...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Friday May 5, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Sigelei SLYDR L Vape Tank Review Twelve Headed Coils

The competition is intense. New mods and tanks are coming out and some leaders have emerged. Smok, Sigelei, and Wismec seem to be leading the pursuit of vapor. That brings us to our ECCR Sigelei SLYDR L vape tank review. This is designed to be another vapor monster. Like the TFV12 from Smok, the Slydr L gives you the option of a 12 core coil that can take on 285 watts. This one is for the cloud chasers and vaping adventurers. Our ECCR Sigelie SLYDR review is actually a preview at this point. We have one coming that we will test. We bought ours from Direct Vapor because of authentic product, free shipping and low price guarantee. No, they...

Other News

Thursday May 4, 2017

By: Paul Rucci

What Fake Vaping News Teaches Us About Fake News

If you know anything about the electronic cigarette industry, you know that fake vaping news is everywhere. The vaping debate has made many of us rethink everything that we see and hear coming from our news media. A lot of fake vaping news has been exposed and debunked. Despite being debunked, the myths about electronic cigarettes have still managed to sink into public opinion. By an large, the anti-vaping propaganda put out by special interests has indeed been effective. I have long been a skeptic of the mainstream media and of all media for that matter. No, people can consume the media that supports their world view. No one challenges their preferred beliefs anymore and that’s a problem....

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