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We don’t answer to a room full of media industry stockholders who want a profit report. Our allegiance is not to an up arrow in the Wall Street Journal, our only allegiance is to you and your desire for the unvarnished truth.

ECCR’s Ecig News section will keep you posted with up to the minute developments in all areas of electronic cigarettes. We are passionate about e-cigarettes and enjoy spreading the word about all of the benefits and exciting new developments but as our track record shows we are not afraid to point out stories that are concerning. Like we said, the unvarnished truth.

We cover everything you need to know including ecig tips and tricks to help you get the most out of vaping. If you want to know about any advancements in ecig technology make ECCR your primary source. If you like drama, we will have plant as we cover the ongoing battle between e-cigarette brands and the FDA.

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Keeping you informed is our commitment to all of our readers. We help you make clear choices and we help you get the very most out of your power as a consumer. ECCR works non-stop tracking everything that is going on with e-cigarettes and how it may impact you. Makes us a part of your day.

Ecig Health & Research

Tuesday June 20, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Is Vaping As Addictive As Smoking? PATH Study Says No

Is vaping as addictive as smoking? We have new evidence that is adding to our ability to come closer to a definitive, incontrovertible conclusion. The latest Path study is showing us that vaping is not as addictive as smoking. This is actually not surprising and I will elaborate on that shortly. But first let me give you the details about the PATH electronic cigarette use study . Let’s get right into it. What is PATH? I’m glad you asked. PATH stands for the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health. PATH is an ongoing survey of tobacco usage among 30,000 plus adults and young people. Researchers have been eagerly anticipating the current results of the survey in order...

Ecig Health & Research

Friday June 16, 2017

By: Ken Baughman

Vaping Does Not Pollute Indoor Air According To Study

Researchers at San Diego State University had an ambitious agenda. They wanted to understand why incidents of childhood respiratory conditions like asthma is so prevalent. To that end, they set out on a massive study to research which particulates are polluting the air in our homes. This study was not about second hand vapor . Nonetheless, the results of the study were surprising to some because researchers found that second hand vapor is essentially harmless. The San Diego State University indoor air pollutant study  constantly monitored the air in 300 households. A variety of households were chosen including homes with smokers, vapers etc. Monitors scanned the air for particulates that are between 0.5 and 2.5...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Wednesday June 14, 2017

By: Paul Rucci

eLeaf iStick Pico 25 Mod 85 Watt TC With ELLO Tank Cheap Deal

It has been a while since I have done a vape review. In fact, the eLeaf iStick Pico 25 mod review I am about to unveil will be my first of 2017. Oh, and I will also go over the new ELLO tank. The reason I am doing this review is because of the combination of the iStick Pico 25 and the new ELLO tank. I just found it to be such a good value for a sleek, stealthy kit that vapes so well. It’s a cheap e-cig deal for a really excellent kit. Whenever I find a value like this for an excellent product, it is very exciting. My eLeaf iStick Pico 25 mod review and ELLO tank...

International Ecig News

Friday June 9, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Australian Women Chains Herself To Quit Cigarettes

This is a bit extreme! An Australian woman has chained herself in her bedroom to quit cigarettes. The New York Post picked up the story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The woman, named Krystel, is 34 years old and has been smoking for 20 years. She has tried numerous methods of quitting smoking yet none ave worked. She has even considered getting arrested to quit smoking because as she said “I have thought about getting arrested because the only place in Australia you can quit [smoking] is prison.” Krystel knows the benefits of quitting smoking. The quitting smoking timeline is clear and we know that kicking cigarettes to the curb is beneficial to health. For the...

Ecig Industry News

Thursday June 8, 2017

By: Paul Rucci

C-Store Group Urges Owners To Stock Electronic Cigarettes

Just a few years ago convenience store electronic cigarette sales were blowing up the charts. C-store e-cig sales were growing exponentially. They products that are sold in C-stores were cigalikes offered by brands like Njoy . Then about 2 years ago C-store e-cigarette sales plateaued and the growth has slowed. Not because the popularity of vaping was decreasing, far from it. but because consumers were going elsewhere for mods, tanks and e-liquids that produce more vapor from more sophisticated devices. A convenience store only has so much shelf space. One top of that, the products being sold by c-stores are not always representative of the best quality vapor products. A few years back, we sent out an ECCR...

Ecig Industry News

Monday June 5, 2017

By: Matt McConnell

Fact Check.Org Debunks Vaping Popcorn Lung Myth

First the New York Times started defending vaping and now the neutral, legitimate fact check website Fact Check.Org is debunking vaping myths. It is a positive sign that journalists and honest arbiters of truth are beginning to be informed by facts and not headlines. For many years, negative electronic cigarette stories went unchallenged by mainstream media. That finally seems to be changing. I have been in this industry for many years now. I have noticed how the anti-vaping special interests work. Every few months a cherry picked study, often with very questionable methodology or unfounded interpretation of data, will emerge and make national headlines. The anti-vaping messaging will last for a few months and then they will choose...

Ecig Promotions

Thursday June 1, 2017

By: Matt McConnell

Discount Vape Juice Finding The Hidden Gem Deals

Where can I get discount vape juice? This is a question I ask myself often. Many of you have asked me as well! Look, I like to get a good deal. I know the location of every bargain bin in a five mile radius! Drives my wife crazy. You like to get a good deal, too, so you are on my side. I have a good feeling about you. Let’s find some vape juice deals. Wait one sec, here’s the deal. I do like to get the best deals on vape juice, e-liquids or e-juice, whatever name you prefer, but there should be no compromising on quality. We don’t want any vape juice that was made in somebody’s basement...

Government and FDA

Tuesday May 23, 2017

By: Tyler McCanus

Senator Ron Johnson Urges FDA To Repeal Ecig Regs

Last Summer Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers. Senator Johnson asked the FDA several pertinent questions regarding FDA vaping regulations. He wanted the FDA to answer whether or not they would refuse regulations should the evidence clearly demonstrate that vaping reduces harm vs smoking. Answers were also demanded to the question of why over regulate if there is a lack of evidence as the FDA claims? Among the many questions though perhaps the most pressing was Johnson’s demand that the FDA answer whether or not they have considered that oppressive regulation will drive people back to tobacco. See Senator Johnson’s 2016 letter to FDA here. These are tough questions and...

International Ecig News

Monday May 22, 2017

By: Paul Rucci

Philip Morris To Launch IQOS In Korea. Heat Not Burn Trend

Here at ECCR we have been tracking the path of the P hilip Morris IQOS heat not burn cigarette for several years now. The IQOS is a better powered electronic smoking device that heats tobacco but does not burn it. What you do is take a cigarette and insert it into the IQOS which then heats the tobacco in the cigarette to the point of vaporization. Some studies indicate that vaporized tobacco reduces the level of harmful toxins when compared to smoking. As a result Philip Morris views heat not burn technology as a harm reduction tobacco product. An IQOS cigarette is not like a regular cigarette. The tobacco retains more moisture vs regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Sunday May 21, 2017

By: Matt McConnell

Joyetech Cuboid Tap And Procore Aries Tank. Tap It!

We have a new version of the popular Cuboid! You are going to want to tap this one. With your finger. I mean, you will tap the mod with your finger to change settings. Somehow I feel like I have gotten off to a bad start. So, let me clarify. This is the ECCR Joyetech Cuboid Tap review. Rather than buttons, the adjustments are made with a tap. The Taptec mod is sensitive to touch with a vibration motor to acknowledge your inputs. A 228 watt mod that comes with the new Procure Aries tank. The mod requires two 18650 vape batteries. So if you do not like clicks buttons, well this is a first. Joyetechs Cuboid mods are...

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