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Do you trust mainstream media news headlines? Neither do we. At ECCR we do our homework and go behind the headline to get you the real story about what is happening in the ecig industry. We dig and find the data, examine study results with our own eyes and we let you make your own conclusion.

We don’t answer to a room full of media industry stockholders who want a profit report. Our allegiance is not to an up arrow in the Wall Street Journal, our only allegiance is to you and your desire for the unvarnished truth.

ECCR’s Ecig News section will keep you posted with up to the minute developments in all areas of electronic cigarettes. We are passionate about e-cigarettes and enjoy spreading the word about all of the benefits and exciting new developments but as our track record shows we are not afraid to point out stories that are concerning. Like we said, the unvarnished truth.

We cover everything you need to know including ecig tips and tricks to help you get the most out of vaping. If you want to know about any advancements in ecig technology make ECCR your primary source. If you like drama, we will have plant as we cover the ongoing battle between e-cigarette brands and the FDA.

Wondering how your favorite brand is doing? ECCR is on top of ecig business trends as more than 500 different ecig brands jockey for your attention. We give you the information you need to know so that you can always be informed.

Keeping you informed is our commitment to all of our readers. We help you make clear choices and we help you get the very most out of your power as a consumer. ECCR works non-stop tracking everything that is going on with e-cigarettes and how it may impact you. Makes us a part of your day.

Beginners Guide

Wednesday November 25, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

What Is E-Juice?

The CDC has released new data that shows that about half of all smokers have tried an ecig. There is still a lot of misunderstanding about what ecigs are. With that in mind, we wanted to go back to the basics today and answer the question, what is e-juice? Eliquids and e-juice is a diverse category in vaping and we will do our best to help you make sense of it all. As we begin talking about what is e-juice, we will start off by saying that e-juice is the liquid that is converted to vapor by an electronic cigarette device. Now we will touch on a variety of names used for e-juice. It is often called e-liquid, sometimes...

Beginners Guide

Tuesday November 24, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

Vape Facts : CDC Data Exposes The Truth

Vape facts are hard to come by in this day and age. Electronic cigarettes and vaping have set off a firestorm of controversy. Like any controversy involving billions of dollars, highly motivated special interests have become involved and muddied the waters. There have been millions upon millions of tax dollars spent confuse the public about ecigarettes and the misinformation is working. Harvard University recently did an ecig survey and the results were disturbing. Americans for the most part are terribly misinformed about electronic cigarettes. The lies about ecigs addicting youth and ecig vapor being dangerous have been circulated for years and spread with million dollar campaigns funded by you, the taxpayer. Vape facts have been purposely skewed...

Ecig Health & Research

Monday November 23, 2015

By: Tyler McCanus

Ecig Myths Debunked Again With New Rutgers Study

A new study by Rutgers University has once again debunked some of the ecig myths that have been floating out there. Often this misinformation about electronic cigarettes is propagated with little or no data, which makes us wonder who actually benefits from them. Then we get studies like this one , which reaffirm what we already know. Namely, electronic cigarettes help smokers make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. More than that, they aren’t luring in non-smokers to a new nicotine habit, a falsehood that many anti-vaping figures cling to as if it were a fact based on actual data. But it isn’t, it is just one of the most powerful of ecig myths. What the...

Ecig Promotions

Friday November 20, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2015 eCig Deals Coming!

We are one week away from Black Friday 2015 eCig sales and Cyber Monday specials. This is the time of year to try out some new hardware and stock up on eliquid. You can expect to save anywhere from 10% up to even 25% off of your purchase. Last year some companies actually offered 30% off, stay tuned because that could happen again. Get ready! If you are looking for an upgrade or a new electronic cigarette you have come to the right place. Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecig specials will include advanced sub ohm mods as well as brand new high quality temperature control mods. If you prefer the electronic cigarette that look like tobacco cigarettes, make...

Ecig Industry News

Thursday November 19, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

Retail eCig Sales Slowing Down

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that retail ecig sales are slowing down. Sales numbers are still growing overall, but at a 57% rate as opposed to the triple digit growth rates of the last several years. Financial analysts are beginning to theorize that ecigs will not actually challenge cigarette sales. The products that have seen the slowest growth, and in some cases even a reduction in sales, are the convenience store cigalikes. It was speculated that the reason that electronic cigarettes are slowing in growth is because the products are not satisfying. The article described that the nicotine from an electronic cigarette takes longer to be absorbed that nicotine from smoke. That much is true and that’s because...

Government and FDA

Wednesday November 18, 2015

By: Tyler McCanus

Hud Ecigarette Ban To Hurt Poor and Disabled Residents

Every now and then we hear about a HUD ecigarette ban, either in one city or another. They’re always based on scare tactics and an attempt to “save the public” from the supposed harms of vaping, or secondhand vapor. While our view has consistently been do not ban ecigs because of the harm that does to smokers, sometimes it easier to argue than others. In this latest proposal by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we’re flat out appalled at the level of harm that could be inflicted on a population that can’t afford it. The HUD ecigarette ban that they want to enact is far-reaching. More than 1.2 million Americans live in public housing under HUD jurisdiction and...

Ecig Promotions

Tuesday November 17, 2015

By: Tyler McCanus

Green Smoke Coupon Can Get You Started Now

Newcomers or current fans of our top rated brand should be using our Green Smoke coupon to make their next purchase. If you are in the market for a Green Smoke starter kit then there is no reason not to take advantage of coupon code ECCR15 to save 15% on your purchase of a new kit. That’s a better deal than you’ll get anywhere as Green Smoke has really become a lot more careful with their discounts and sales. So even while sales are becoming fewer and farther between, right now you can save 15% off of that Green Smoke starter kit you’ve been eyeing. Don’t trust some coupon code you get from a coupon site. Most of those...

Beginners Guide

Monday November 16, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

Vape Vs Smoke – Does It Make A Difference?

Vape vs smoke? Many Americans see vaping vs smoking as virtually the same thing. The sad truth is that a large percentage of Americans have been purposely misinformed about electronic cigarettes and vaping. The reality is that smoking and vaping may look the same but in reality they are nothing alike. In terms of a scientific explanation of what happens when you vape vs what happens when you smoke, ecigs and cigarettes are not even comparable. What happens when you smoke? The process of combustion is a much different chemical process than heating. It is virtually the difference between heating food vs charring it. Heating food is healthy, charring food is not healthy at all. Charred food contains carcinogens...

Mini Ecig Reviews

Saturday November 14, 2015

By: Matt McConnell

The VaporFi Vox 100 TC Mod – Try Temp Control Vaping

Time and tide wait for no man and the inevitable progress of time and evolution certainly do not wait for any ecig brand. VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes, however, never has to worry about being caught in the tide or being out of date. This is an American ecigarette company that leads and the VaporFi Vox 100 TC mod is another example of how this progressive company remains at the leading edge of vaping. The Vox 100 TC is a temperature control mod. Temp control vaping is rapidly gaining popularity but there have been a few issues encountered by many of the people that we have been hearing from. We have been hearing about very popular TC mods, like the Evic...

Other News

Thursday November 12, 2015

By: Tyler McCanus

Best Ecig Battery? The One That Doesn’t Explode!

We often get asked what the best ecig battery available for purchase is. Its just part of being in the spotlight here at ECCR and being recognized as a thought leader for the electronic cigarette community. Feigned conceit aside, while as a rule we don’t take any question lightly, this one is actually pretty easy to answer. The best ecig battery on the market is… the one that doesn’t explode in your face. Think we’re being silly? Guess again. This isn’t new, but we are going to keep harping on this cause because it is just that important. Consumers should NOT be buying cheap ecigs. It just isn’t worth it. Not only are you getting an inferior product, but...

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