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Ecig Education: How To Use Pax 2 Vaporizer

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday January 26, 2016
pax 2 vaporizer tips and tricks

How to use Pax 2 vaporizer is kind of a funny question. It’s not funny because it’s unusual. Nor is it funny because it isn’t a reasonable question. They say there isn’t such a thing as a stupid question, but we aren’t even talking about how intelligent this question might be. No, how to use a Pax 2 vaporizer is a very legitimate question and a popular one at that. The thing is, the folks over at Pax Labs have made it so easy to answer this question, that we almost feel like we’re stealing their thunder by doing anything more than having you try it.

Let’s take a stab at it anyway, because you came here for a reason right? Either you already have a Pax or Pax 2, or you are heavily considering buying one. If you are interested in vaporizers, then you wouldn’t be alone in reaching for something that Pax Labs created. In fact, the original Pax model is the best selling vaporizer of all time, with over half a million users that have purchased it. Part of the reason must be because of the ease of use, along with a very good marketing effort by the San Francisco-based company.

But even aside from the good job the folks at Pax Labs do getting their stuff out there, there is simply a lot to like about their products. These are not ordinary vape pens. The original Pax set the standard for personal vaporizers. Now, a new bar is being set once again.

The new Pax 2 takes that even a step further, creating a product that has 30% more battery life, yet somehow is also 25% smaller and 10% lighter than its predecessor. In fact, the Pax 2 has a number of improvements, like the uniform mouthpiece, that are sure to make it another hot seller. In our full Pax 2 vaporizer review, we also broach the subject of how to use a Pax 2 vaporizer, but let’s give you the skinny right here again.

How To Use Pax 2 Vaporizer Easy As 1-2-3

How-To-Use-Pax-2-Vaporizer-Is-EasyUsing this vaporizer is as intuitive as it gets. The first Pax vaporizer was fairly straightforward as well, but it is almost as if the folks at Pax Labs decided nobody should have to ask how to use a Pax 2 vaporizer. Maybe that’s an impossible bar to reach, but in going for it they made this thing exceedingly simple.

It all begins with how easy it is to charge the Pax 2. The cradle that comes in the box means you just need to nest your Pax 2 on it and it will automatically begin charging.

More than that, it will tell you how far along it is by use of the four “petals” which will pulse as it charges. If all four are pulsing, you’ve run your battery almost all the way down and you’ll see the pulsing continue until the battery has reached the 25% full mark. At that point, only three petals will charge. This pattern continues until the last petal pulses, and when it turns solid that means you have a nice fully charged vaporizer to use!

Now that you have a fully charged Pax 2, go ahead and pop off the oven lid at one end of the vaporizer. Fill it up with the loose-leaf material you want to vape, and pack it tightly, which is how to use a Pax 2 vaporizer efficiently. Now you can power it on with a short press on the button located on the center of the Pax mouthpiece. Now you wait for oven to heat up. Don’t go far though, because you just bought a device that heats up in 30-60 seconds, which is impressively fast by any standard. You’ll know that you’re ready to vape after the LED petals stop pulsing and turn green.

At this point you’ll be vaping away, but if you want to change the set temperature level of the oven, that’s easy too. Just hold down the Pax mouthpiece button until the LED petals turn to yellowish orange or red, which will indicate that you are in temperature set mode. Now you can just cycle through the four temperature levels by pressing on that same button on the Pax mouthpiece. Once you set the level you want, just press down on the button again or simply shake the device. That’s basically it!


Pax Mouthpiece Options

Pax-Mouthpiece-OptionsAs mentioned, another great advance by Pax Labs is the new Pax mouthpiece. Actually there are two options and both are upgrades. As opposed to the original version, this Pax mouthpiece is single uniform piece, which means you don’t have to remove it to access the temperature controls.

Also, your Pax 2 comes with two different options. One is the standard mouthpiece option that is flat, but a second Pax mouthpiece is included which has a raised tip for your lips. Either work well, so it’s just a personal preference here. Still, it’s certainly nice that both come with the Pax 2 box instead of you having to pay for an additional Pax mouthpiece.

When you do decide to clean your device, that’s a piece of cake too. Just remove that Pax mouthpiece as well as the oven lid, and take one of the included pipe cleaners dipped in isopropyl alcohol and run it through the device. Some isopropyl alcohol is included in the original box, but you can always buy some more at a pharmacy.

You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean the Pax mouthpiece, just take a q-tip and swab along the surface gently. It’s important to be sure everything is dry when you put it back together again, so pay attention before you reassemble your vaporizer.

Overall you have to hand it to these guys. The design and ease of use makes it so easy to explain how to use a pax 2 vaporizer, and that’s because it really is that easy. They even built in smart functions for cooling the oven down. To preserve battery life, the oven in the Pax 2 will automatically begin to cool down if you haven’t picked it up or used it after 20 seconds. If you leave it alone for a full 3 minutes, it will turn off completely. That will certainly help reduce the chances that you are out of battery life when you want to vape.

As you can see, it isn’t a question of how to use a Pax 2 vaporizer, but more of if you have a minute to play with it. If you do, you’ll get the hang of it quick. The drawback is of course the price, which at $279.99 may seem steep for some. The quality of the product definitely makes it a worthwhile purchase however; so make sure to stay away from any fakes that are floating out there. If this is the vaporizer you have your eye on, get yours directly from Pax Labs and start enjoying your new vaping experience without any worries.

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Happy Vaping!





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