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Georgetown Researchers Say E-cig Can Help Smokers Quit

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday September 7, 2017
new vaping study shows vaping may help smokers quit traditional cigarettes

A new electronic cigarette study by the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center suggests that indeed vaping may help smokers quit. The study looked into the number of quit smoking attempts, the frequency of electronic cigarette use and the number of people that actually quit smoking. They found definite correlations. The data showed that smokers who made a quit attempt were more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes five or more times in the last month.

In fact, they found that a quit smoking attempt had a 10% increase in success for each additional day electronic cigarettes were used. The data came from the 2014 – 2015 Census Bureau tobacco use survey. Will this study move the FDA to a point where they approve the use of vaping to quit smoking? We may not be there yet but we may be getting closer. The Georgetown study is certainly compelling to even the harshest vaping critics.

Dr. David Levy said, “Our findings are consistent with randomized trials and those observational studies that measure frequency of e-cigarette use. These results support the use of e-cigarettes — especially, consistent use —  as an effective smoking cessation aid. Since e-cigarettes are generally estimated to have a small proportion of the mortality risks of cigarettes, this represents an important life-saving intervention that doctors can recommend when other forms of treatment fail.”

The Catch

The research study did announce that there is a catch in their conclusion. Researchers indicated that their findings did not go into detail regarding which products helped smokers quit and which did not. They said that their research did not delve into the who, how and why that enabled some vapers to quit. Earlier e-cig research tended to treat all vapor products alike. They did not account for quality or performance, A massive oversight. This is the second time in recent months that researchers have begun to show awareness that not all vapor products are alike.

Last month a UC San Diego electronic cigarette study also found that vaping may help smokers to quit. Like the Georgetown researchers, the US San Diego team recognized that the type of electronic cigarette used is an important factor that researchers must take into account. This is so true.

That is why at ECCR we work hard to help people determine which are the best e-cigs so they can avoid getting a dud. Choosing a vapor product that will deliver a satisfying and enjoyable experience is very important. Like any industry, there are good products and there are bad ones. Our job is to help direct you to the good ones. If any researchers are paying attention, reach out to us. We can help you, too.




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