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Green Smoke Black Friday And Cyber Monday E-cig Sale

By Tony Clayborn

Friday November 25, 2016
best rpices on green smoke e-vapor products

The 2016 Green Smoke Black Friday electronic cigarette and refill cartridge sale is on now. It is probably the best Green Smoke sale that we have ever seen. If you are a vaper who demands that best but also demands full value for your dollar, then Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that you need to take a look at. Even if you currently use an advanced mod, a Green Smoke cigalike style e-cig is an ideal back-up or travel companion. If there is a vaper or an adult tobacco consumer in your life a Green Smoke vape kit makes a perfect gift.

The Green Smoke sale on now is one of the crown jewels of this Black Fraiday 2016 vape sale season. We have never before seen a 30% discount offer for SG starter kits. This is pretty exciting:)

Black Friday Sale Over, Green Smoke Cyber Monday Sale On Now

So we have a good news bad news thing happening here. The Green Smoke Black Friday sale is over so the 30% discount on starter kits is now over. The good news is that when you click the links to Green Smoke on this page, you automatically get a 10% discount on your Green Smoke purchase including the starter kits. So you will still get a good deal on an amazing Green Smoke E-Vapor starter kit.

The other good news is that the Green Smoke Cyber Monday sale is on now. You can get a pack of Green Smoke Flavormax refill cartridges for only $9.95. So it is still a very good day to get a Green Smoke kit and get a deal on some packs of refill cartridges! Green Smoke cartridges are always fresh sealed so the flavor is preserved. Billiant flavor and vapor.

green smoke cartrdige sale


Green Smoke Black Friday Sale On Now Through Friday. Act now!

If you are already a Green Smoke customer like we are, this chance to save 15% of a purchase of Green Smoke FlavorMax refill cartridges is a fantastic time to stock up. FlavorMax e-cig refill cartridges are specially packed to maintain the trademark Green Smoke vape flavors that so many people have come to know and love. The consumer Green Smoke reviews that we receive here are almost all glowing. Hey, they have sold over 50 million products so you know I am not kidding when I tell you that people love vaping Green Smoke e-cigarettes.

Vaping Green Smoke is not like using a subohm mod with Max VG juice at 115 watts and chucking clouds. Vaping Green Smoke is not like building Titanium coils for temperature control vaping on you RTA connected to a 200 watt mod with TC set to exactly 472F. It’s not like that at all. Green Smoke is all about simply satsifying vapor with no complexity whatsoever.

Green Smoke Black Friday Sale


There are currently three Green Smoke e-cig starter kits to choose from.  There is a very basic kit that you will be able to get for only $7.00. That will be a battery, USB charger and one cartridge. Just enough to let you experience vaping with Green Smoke for yourself. Seriously though, when you can get 30% off like you can right now, I say go for the big kit. The Green Smoke Pro kit comes with three e-cig batteries, a wall, usb and car charger, carry case and 10 FlavorMax e-cig refill cartridges you choose the flavor and strength level. That’s a lot and it is well worth it. So the Pro kit usually sells for $59.90, which is already a great price, but now you can get this kit for only $42.

If you want a medium range kit, the Green Smoke Express vape kit comes with two batteries, wall and usb charger, carry case and one pack of 5 Green Smok refills. This kit normally sells for $39.90 but with the Black Friday vape sale you can get it for about $27. That is a deal and a half right there.

The 30% discount also applies to accessories. Need an extra Green Smoke e-cig battery? Get one now because you will save almost a third off of the price. That extra battery will come in very handy. Get a new charger of an e-cig carry case.

So there you go! That is the 2016 Green Smoke Black Friday sale. This are the biggest discounts we have ever seen Green Smoke offer. If you want to enjoy a pleasurable, fulfilling vapor without any fuss or muss, then try Green Smoke.



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