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2015 - Editor Review

Official Green Smoke

Express Kit Ecig Review

Editor Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars


Green Smoke Editor Review

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Green Smoke Express Kit

First Impression

We are no strangers to Green Smoke. Our original Green Smoke Ultimate Kit e-cigarette review established the brand as a leader in quality and customer service.

In terms of cig-a-likes, that is electronic cigarettes that resemble traditional cigarettes, Green Smoke is the best ecig going to this day.

ECCR readers weighed in with their own e-cig reviews and Green Smoke received top marks as the best cig-a-like in the business.

We originally reviewed the Ultimate Starter kit, which came with a wide range of products and accessories. It comes with 4 batteries and two packs of Flavormax cartridges. The price tag of $92.56 is very good considering all that you are getting. Still, many people prefer to dip their toe in the pool before diving in and a lower cost option may fit the bill.

Since that time, Green Smoke E-Vapor has discontinued the Ultimate Kit. They now offer three starter kits. If you want to get the biggest Green Smoke ecig starter kit, go with the Pro Kit. The Express Kit is the perfect option for when you are looking for the best vaping experience but in a more affordable vape kit.

The Green Smoke express starter kit is a lower cost option that allows you to experience GreenSmoke first hand at a lower price than the larger ecig starter kits. You get the same high quality product but in a smaller package.

We ordered the kit at its new low price of $42.67. ECCR actually has an exclusive Green Smoke coupon offer that allows you to save 15% off of your starter kit purchase making the total price under $38.00. Green Smoke is going to give you free shipping to boot. That is a great value but what do you get:

  • 2 Green Smoke batteries
  • 1 USB e-cig battery charger
  • 1 wall e-cig battery charger
  • 5 FlavorMax cartomizer cartridges, your choice of nicotine strength and flavor
  • 1 Green Smoke electronic cigarette carry case

You actually get a lot for the money. Not as much as the Green Smoke Pro Kit but certainly enough to allow you to fully experience Green Smoke.

When you compare the value of this kit to what you find at retailers and gas stations there is no comparison. Sure, you can buy Vuse or Mark Ten for $12 but you only get one battery and a USB charger.

By the way, we commonly hear complaints that Vuse, Mark Ten, Logic and other store brand batteries fail to accept recharge after a few cycles. That will not happen with Green Smoke.

Back to the price comparison, Let’s say you get a Mark Ten for $12. Once the battery drains you do not have a back-up. You really should have at least two batteries available to you at all times. The last thing you want to have happen is to be away from home when your battery dies and then what? Green Smoke is reliable and backs up their ecig batteries with the best warranty in the business.

More than that, additional cartridges for Vuse and mark ten sell for $3.00 each. Green Smoke cartridges come in at about $2.50 per cartridge with even bigger savings if you buy multiple packs.

It may seem like a small amount, but it adds up fast. Here’s the biggest thing, when you buy from a local drug store or corner store, you probably won’t even know the strength level that you are getting. Frankly, we just don’t find that to be acceptable and neither should you. You deserve options and to know exactly what you are getting.

Green Smoke gives you options. There are multiple flavors and strength levels to choose from. It is important to choose the right strength level for you and the more options you have the better.

In the end, buying online from Green Smoke, choosing an affordable yet complete kit like the Express e-cig starter kit is a very good option. Our first impression of the express kit, it is an awesome way to allow consumers a low cost, low risk option that will allow them to try a high-quality, proven performer that provides a better vaping experience. With Green Smoke, it's all about the simple pleasure of vaping.

Green Smoke Express Kit

Battery & Charging Performance

All e-cigarette batteries rely on lithium ion battery components. Lithium ion batteries pack a lot of power in a small space and the technology is why we have laptops, cell phones and, now, electronic cigarettes.

Lithium ion batteries have changed the world, and that is not an overstatement. Now lithium ion battery technology has enabled adults a new and satisfying experience with vapor.

Just like all tires have rubber in them but are not all the same, all lithium ion batteries are not the same.

The e-cigarette batteries that are used by most of the 500 brands out there today are generic and use the cheapest components that they can get their hands on. They are banking on consumers assuming that all e-cigs are the same. Well, they are not all the same, not even close.

Lithium is a metal and the purity of the lithium is crucial in battery performance. Lithium is an excellent conductor of charged particles; they easily accept recharge as well. Now imagine lithium that contains impurities. Those impurities are like roadblocks that interfere with the transfer of charged ions. Those roadblocks lead to inconsistent performance, re-charge problems and short battery life.

Not all Lithium ion batteries are the same. We can’t stress it enough. Choosing quality is well worth your while here. Green Smoke E-Vapor absolutely utilizes quality components in all of their ecig batteries. They have also added their own proprietary technology to enhance battery performance further than other electronic cigarette brands.

The result of high-grade components and proprietary technology has led to e-cigarette batteries that last longer than pretty much anything you will find today. The Green Smoke long batteries will give you 350 to 400 puffs, that outpaces the competition by a wide margin.

The Green Smoke short batteries will give you 300 to 350 puffs. This is simply an excellent performance.

The batteries re-charge more quickly than other e-cigarette batteries, a testament to the purity and quality of components.

The quality and battery life are exceptional and beyond that GreenSmoke’s engineering and design have led to an airflow that seamlessly activates the battery and gives you a smooth draw that is a pleasure.

These innovative, long-lasting electronic cigarette batteries are a top performer offering exceptional consistency. Green Smoke E-Vapor backs up the quality of their ecig batteries with the best warranty in the electronic cigarette industry. With the 30 day money back guarantee and the one year warranty on Green Smoke batteries, trying a Green Smoke kit is really a zero risk proposition. You have nothing to lode and a lot to gain.

Green Smoke Product Image Gallery

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Green Smoke Express Kit

Refill Cartridge Efficiency

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizer cartridges come in a variety of flavors and five different strength levels. They attach easily to the battery and just like that, you are ready to roll.

The simplicity and ease of use offered by Green Smoke is really ideal for busy people and people who simply want an awesome vaping experience and not a new hobby.

Very seldom do we test e-cig refill cartridges and find that the flavor and vapor are consistent. Add to that the fact that when we conduct testing for our electronic cigarette reviews we almost always find that you have to take a few primer puffs (that is the initial puffs that provide very little flavor or vapor) before getting a satisfying hit of vapor. With Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges, you get excellent flavor and vapor from the first puff.

There may be a lot of people out there who will tell you that cig-a-likes do not provide enough vapor to satisfy. That may be true for a lot of the products you find out there but throw that idea out the window when it comes to Green Smoke because this cig-a-like is a vapor producer that really satisfies.

We were very impressed by the vapor. The flavors are equally fantastic. Every puff gives you the same flavor and vapor as the previous. The consistency is remarkable.

We tested a variety of Green Smoke cartomizers over several weeks. The performance numbers were very consistent. Quite often, you run in to an e-cig refill cartridge that is simply a dud. That didn’t happen with GreenSmoke.

So, how long do they last? That’s the million-dollar question. Most of us at ECCR are avid vapers who tend to take longer puffs. We consistently found that we could get 200 to 250 puffs from each cartomizer cartridge.

Considering the fact that each of those puffs was full of satisfying flavor and vapor, that 200 to 250 number is outstanding.

Excellent flavor and vapor combined with pricing and numerous options result in a very high rating for Green Smoke refill cartridge

Green Smoke
Customer Service & Shipping

Green Smoke will ship your order right away meaning that you will get it within days. The ordering process is very easy, they just need to verify that you are of age. This is an excellent feature and show that Green Smoke is operating with a high level of conscience.

If at any time you need help with an order, you can chat with a representative online or call the toll free number. You will fid a friendly, knowledgeable staff member who truly knows the process and the product.

How refreshing is that? We have called other customer service numbers that were call centers that handled calls from a variety of companies. They know nothing about the product and are basically only there to get your credit card number.

Green Smoke representatives are a cut above and will work with you to answer any questions and resolve any issue.

Green Smoke
Review Wrap Up & Summary

The Green Smoke Express e-cig starter kit is one of the best lower cost value ecig starter kits that you will find. The quality and performance are excellent and truly truly stand out from the crowd.

We have tried a vast number of electronic cigarettes and recommend GreenSmoke as a top choice for consumers looking for an alternative to run of the mill vaping products out there. This is a product that is worth trying and you won’t be disappointed.

The only drawbacks to Green Smoke are that they do not currently offer additional products such as mods. While we love the simplicity of Green Smoke, we know some of you may be looking for more advanced mods. We understand that. With that said, if you are an experienced vaper and you feel as though a cigalike is not for you, we ask you to keep this in mind. Sometimes, you will probably want something more simple.

We have busy lives. We often work in environments that are not conducive to monster, cloud chasing vape mods. Blowing huge vape clouds in an office is not appropriate. Even when driving, huge vape clouds can even be dangerous if they obscure the view. Even experienced vapers would be well served by owning a Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit.

Green Smoke ecigs are easier to travel with, very convenient and affordable. Another message for you experienced vapers. If you have tried other cigalikes and did not find them to be satisfying, try Green Smoke. The vapor that these ecigs produce will simply amaze you. You will be surprised to find out just how satisfying the best cigalike can be.

Green Smoke is simply a top choice for any adult looking for the the fully satisfying vaping experience. At the end of the day, they make one of the best e-cigarettes that you will find. The Express Kit is an affordable option that delivers.

Green Smoke gives you a 30 day money back guarantee and a warranty. There is nothing to lose by trying Green Smoke! Experience the simple please of a better ecig. We strongly recommend Green Smoke and are happy to do so because we know quality. We have tested extensively and Green Smoke shines in terms of quality, value and durability.

Try it out and let us know what you think. The consumer ecig review section allows you to easily submit your own e-cig review. Once submitted, your ratings will have a direct impact on the consumer rankings chart that all readers can access. You might be the key to helping someone else make a life changing decision.

We hope this review helps you and we thank you for spending some time with ECCR. Have an excellent day.



Other Products Offered By Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

  • Green Smoke Pro Kit – $74.05

    • 3 Green Smoke Ecig Batteries
    • 10 FlavorMax E-cig Refill Cartridges
    • 1 Car Charger
    • 1 Wall Adapter
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 E-cigarette Carrying Case

  • Green Smoke Love Birds Kit – $129.60 (no longer available)

    • 2 Long GreenSmoke E-cig Batteries
    • 4 Long Or Short Green Smoke Batteries (Your Choice)
    • 20 FlavorMax Cartridges
    • 2 USB Ecig Chargers
    • 2 Wall Adapters
    • 2 Car Chargers
    • 2 Carrying Cases

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15% OFF All Green Smoke Starter Kits!
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