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2015 - Editor Review

Official Halo Cigs

G6 Ecig Review

Editor Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars


Halo Cigs Editor Review

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Halo Cigs G6

First Impression

The name "Halo" conjures up visions of angels to some, to others... online battles with the Covenant. If you have no idea what we're talking about, no worries. If you do, well just hold on because we're about to rewire your brain with a new connection to electronic cigarettes courtesy Halo Cigs. Without further ado here's ECCR's Halo Cigs G6 eCig Review

Halo Cigs is a new electronic cigarette brand that is sure to make waves in the electronic cigarette  industry by simply offering high quality USA made e-liquid that tastes great. In fact, one visit to their site shows just how much Halo Cigs loves to brag about their e-liquid. After all, it is made in the U.S.A.

Although Halo Cigs falls into the "budget range" e-cigarette camp, we were quite surprised by the experience and have rated it highly based simply on what we like to call the "I just want to keep vaping on it" factor. In the end, isn't that really what it's all about?

What You Get:

Priced at $44.99, the Halo G6 Basic Starter Kit Includes:

- 2 Batteries - Automatic/Manual In Nine Different Color Options (65mm or 78mm)

- 1 Wall Charger

- 1 USB Adapter

- 5 Prefilled Cartomizers (Your Choice of Flavors)

- 1 Halo Carrying Case

Halo Cigs G6

Battery & Charging Performance

Right off the bat you'll notice that the Halo Cigs e-cig batteries just "feel" different. It's almost like there is a sleek, thin coat of soft rubber applied to the ecig battery.

They're simply a pleasure to hold. It's a small touch, but one that we know you'll agree makes a difference.

First off, let's state the obvious: Halo Cigs ecig batteries don't break any records for longevity. Both the automatic and manual batteries last approximately 175-225 puffs. We'd like to emphasize that for a budget price kit, this is actually pretty good! When you're bumping over the 175 puff mark on a kit at this price level, you really can't complain at all. It's a pretty good performance/price ratio.

Batter charge times can vary but the batteries took approximately 3 hours to charge from dead to fully charged. We're fairly sure you're going to want to have some extra charged batteries on hand. The good news is batteries are priced at an affordable $12.99 so it's not an expensive endeavor to make sure you always have a charged battery in your arsenal.

Halo Cigs G6 e-cigarette batteries are available in all of the following colors:

  • Classic White
  • Jet Black
  • Emerald Green
  • Electric Lime
  • Demon Red
  • Deep Purple
  • Princess Pink
  • Titanium
  • Midnight Blue

Halo Cigs Product Image Gallery

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Halo Cigs G6

Refill Cartridge Efficiency

The Halo Cigs e-cigarette cartomizers are pretty basic and are lacking a logo or flavor/strength label. Pretty basic. It would be nice to see Halo add some labels to at least the pre-filled cartomizers at some point in the future. Any serious vaper is going to have some cartos laying around and without a label, it's hit or miss trying to keep them all straight.

Pre-filled cartomizers weigh in at around 125-175 puffs. Pretty standard. Nothing to write home about, but bad enough to complain. The prices are fair and the flavors are very good. Of special note is the nicotine satisfaction and throat hit. They are just a pleasure to toke on and you'll find yourself puffing on them like a rat at a feeder bar. Very, very nice.

Halo Cigs E-liquid:

As stated above, the real star of the show is Halo Cigs E-liquid. When we say yummy, we mean yummy. They've done a great job creating some unique flavors and the vapor is just spot on. The two tobacco favorites around the ECCR office are Tribeca and HX3 with Sub-Zero coming in third for the menthol smokers.

We have to say that the Sub-Zero menthol flavor, if you love menthol, is one of the best menthol flavors we've tasted. It doesn't taste like mint if at all and it strikes a nice balance with just enough menthol and just enough throat kick.

Seriously, we cannot state enough just how much we liked the Halo Cigs e-liquid. The high quality ingredients along with the high grade nicotine they use really do make a difference. The satisfaction level is high and we feel this is the most important factor for any e-cigarette. Inhalation provides a full feeling and exhalation is pleasurable.

Halo Cigs
Customer Service & Shipping

Halo Cigs uses USPS priority shipping so you'll be sure to get your new Halo e-cig kit in 2-3 days. Overseas customers will get their starter kit within a week to 10 days.

If there's a problem with shipping or long waits, it's not Halo Cigs you'll have to be worried about.

We placed our order and almost immediately received an email with a tracking number. Tracking numbers are a real bonus as it takes the guesswork out when you're itching to get your hands on the product.

Also don't forget to sign up for Halo Points. There are a lot of easy ways to earn points and it can get you free merchandise from Halo Cigs.

Halo Cigs
Review Wrap Up & Summary

Overall, the Halo Cigs ecig brand is quite the surprise. For a budget range kit, Halo Cigs ranks high on the satisfaction scale. The cartomizer casing is pretty generic but the e-liquid and flavors make up for that in spades. Halo may just be the one e-cigarette company that tempts the "pre-filled cartomizer" users into the new world of e-dripping and refilling their own ecig cartos.

Halo is yet another e-cig brand that ECCR feels very confident in recommending. Budget conscious consumers will be very pleasantly surprised.

Please take a look at our in-depth video ecig review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. Be sure to check our Halo Cigs ecig consumer reviews page to read what others are saying and feel free to leave your own review as well.

Happy Vaping!

The ECCR Team 

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