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2015 - Individual Bios

Our Leadership

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Jon Deak

Chief Executive Officer & Review Specialist

Jon Deak is the CEO and a e-cigarette review specialist at ECCR. His industry experience can be traced back to when it all began. Jon is truly an e cigarette industry pioneer. Here’s how it all began!

Back in 2005 while surfing the Internet, Jon Deak came across a very small blog that contained information about something called an electronic cigarette. At the time Jon was a heavy smoker and had tried to quit many times. When he read this article it greatly sparked his interest.

He decided to find out everything possible about electronic cigarettes. At the time the only manufacturer was Ruyan based in China. Jon was able to contact Hon Lik, the man who invented the electronic cigarette, and learn first hand exactly how they worked. With his engineering background, he was able to take all that he had learned and converted his know how into action and innovation.

All of this work led to a cool March day of 2005 when Ruyan received their first official order to the United States for Jon Deak. The product that arrived at his doorstep needed some work. Jon fashioned the necessary parts, including a means to re-charge the battery, and suddenly a functioning prototype was on the verge of being ready for the US market.

It was time for Jon to share this product with the millions of people that were searching for a way to escape the deadly clutches of tobacco.

By 2006, Jon was the first person in the United States to begin importing electronic cigarettes. He began to sell them to local restaurants and pubs. Into 2007, he noticed the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes and decided to open the first retail store that sold electronic cigarettes.

Since opening the first store in Philadelphia, Jon has become a Master Mechanical Engineer in the field of electronic cigarettes. He has helped develop several new breakthrough technologies that are used by several companies today. His vast knowledge and genuine, sincere commitment to this industry has proven to be an extraordinary asset to the world of electronic cigarettes.

When not working, Jon enjoys music and hiking. A huge fan of the Killers, he sees them live every chance he gets. He is also loves fast cars and has built a race car or 2 for himself over the years.

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