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2015 - Individual Bios

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Ken Baughman

Website Programmer

Ken Baughman is a Senior-level Web Programmer at ECCR. Since joining the company in mid-2013, Ken has helped create many improvements so that your visit to our pages is smooth and enjoyable. Ken helps make learning about the best e-cigarette brands smooth and easy. Yer welcome!

Ken began his career as a self-taught programmer but later attended college to attain expertise for both web and desktop environments. Ken builds applications, web pages, and web/database services for ECCR in a variety of programming languages.

With 12 years of experience in the programming business, Ken Baughman has acquired the skills to operate a wide range of computer languages. He believes that his best attribute is his ability to use his strong analytical sense to troubleshoot and think abstractly. Ken strives to be the go-to guy for technical troubleshooting issues.

Prior to joining ECCR, Ken had only tried a few various discount brands of disposable e-cigs. Of course none were able to reduce his desire to smoke tobacco. After all it is not easy to break a ten-year tobacco habit.

He had attempted to stop smoking cold turkey on a number of occasions but only made it a few months each time before turning back to smoking. It wasn’t until ECCR’s Halo Triton Review turned him on to the Halo Triton starter kit that he had a real chance at beating regular cigarettes.

From the first day using his Halo Triton, Ken has never smoked or wanted to smoke again. Ken vividly recalls the first moment he tried his Halo Triton …….. 12:00pm on September 20th, 2013. On this day, ECCR and e-cigs forever changed his life as he has had no desire to smoke tobacco since that day.

His favorite flavor is 24mg Halo Sub-zero Menthol & 24mg Pink Spot Vapors Blue Razz Cotton Candy flavored e-liquids. As you can tell, this man has good taste!

When he’s not writing code and developing projects for ECCR, Ken enjoys learning new technical skills like playing the electric guitar. He has been an avid gamer since receiving his first Atari 2600 console for Christmas when he was only four years old. Away from the computer screen, Ken also enjoys his newfound hobby of hiking.

A natural born ‘computer geek’, Ken likes to use his alone time taking part in white hat hacking & programming challenges, both for personal knowledge gain and to help build a safer Internet for everyone.

Ken prefers to spend his leisure time with his beautiful wife and two young stepdaughters.

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