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Last Minute E-Cigarette Christmas Gifts & Ideas For 2013

By Raymond Polidori

Thursday December 5, 2013
Did you wait til the last minute again? How about an e-cig to help the smokers in your life

Last Minute E-Cigarette Christmas Gifts & Ideas For 2013

Christmas is right around the corner and some folks out there are going to need some last minute Christmas gifts this year. No matter how well prepared everyone thinks they are for the giving season, there is always some scrambling for those “hard to buy for” friends and family. Here at ECCR, we can already foresee the excitement – and impact – that a flavored electronic cigarette could bring into the lives of many this Christmas.

Here are our suggestions for those looking to pick up some last minute e-cig Christmas gifts whether it’s for the new e-cig user, the seasoned e-cig user, or the veteran e-cig user. There are a ton of flavored electronic cigarette options available, but based on our three categories, here is what we think will make your favorite e-cig user a happy camper this Christmas.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For E-cigarette Users & New Comers For the new e-cig user:

  • Disposable e-cigs. Many brands offer disposable electronic cigarettes that could make for ideal last minute Christmas gifts. Whether you get one as a stocking stuffer, or a pack of them as a bigger present, these throwaway e-cigs will definitely arouse the curiosity of a new e-cig user. They don’t need to be charged or maintained, making for a great no-frills experience of electric cigarettes. Read our best disposable e-cigs blog
  • Basic Starter Kit. If you really want to give the smoker in your life a good vaping experience, getting them a basic starter kit is definitely the way to go. Basic kits usually come with one or two batteries, different charging devices for those batteries, and a small amount of cartridges. Throw in some extra cartridges if you really want to give your new e-cig user the full initial experience of a flavored electronic cigarette. Read our recommended e-cigs blog

For the seasoned e-cig user:

  • Batteries. Once a new e-cig user reaches the point of a seasoned e-cig user, they will start realizing the advantages of having extra batteries always within reach. E-cig users know the angst of forgetting to charge a battery, and some simply love the idea of an extra stash of batteries in different places (the office, the car, etc.). It is never a bad idea for an e-cig user to have extra batteries, making them easy last minute Christmas gifts.
  • Cases, Chargers, USB e-cig, Portable Personal Chargers (PCC). Just as important to the seasoned e-cig user is a range of options for charging their e-cig batteries. Extra chargers for the home, car, or computer will help keep those batteries ready for use. A steady-power USB cigarette also makes an ideal stopgap while waiting for a battery to charge. Lastly, a PCC will let your seasoned e-cig user carry their charge with them so they aren’t tied down to an outlet or a computer’s usb port. Read our e-cig cases benefit your e-cigs blog

For the veteran e-cig user:

  • Clearomizer Tank system. Your veteran e-cig user may be ready to dabble with more than his current “cig-a-like” model to see how far electronic cigarettes can really take this idea. A tank system is much more hands on, which some will like, but more importantly it gives e-cig users a wider range of options that could really enhance their e-cigarette experience. We recommend the Apollo Superior Ego e-cigarette kit because of it’s simplicity and wide array of compatible accessories.
  • E-liquid. For your loved one that already uses a tank-based electronic cigarette, great last minute Christmas gifts come in a wide variety of e-liquids. Get them a new flavor they haven’t tried yet, or find a company that will prepare a flavor especially for this gift. Now that is what I would call a thoughtful Christmas present!

Finding last minute Christmas gifts for e-cig users, new and old alike, really isn’t too hard if you do a little searching. There are numerous online brands and shops that have overnight shipping options so the electronic cigarette you choose will get under the tree in time for the big day. Sometimes the Christmas shopping season can get the best of us, but don’t worry about it this year. As you can see from our rundown here, if you have a e-cig user in your life (or a smoker interested in an alternative to traditional tobacco) you’ll have many choices to make their Christmas a merry one – and filled with quality vapor!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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