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Logic Ecig vs Atlantic Cigs E-Cigarette Comparison

By Paul Rucci

Wednesday June 18, 2014
Atalntic Cigs gives you more options that Logic Ecig and Atlantic cartridges are compatible with Logic E-cigs

Logic Ecig has been around for a while and they have certainly established a strong retail presence and sky-high sales numbers. In fact, rumors abound of an impending buyout by a major tobacco company.

Miguel Martin, a former high level executive  for Altria, is now the president of Logic Ecig. He certainly has the access to a distribution network that gives his company a massive advantage. No wonder Logic is found almost everywhere that there is a cash register!

There is no doubt that the business model employed by Logic E-Cig is excellent, but it raises the equation of whether or not they have become complacent when it comes to quality and pricing. While the basic Logic E-Cig falls within normal price ranges, refill cartridges are far more expensive than industry standard not to mention the lag in quality.

Atlantic Cigs represents a new generation e-cigs brand. A new company in terms of age but a company being driven by many of the most experienced people in the business. Their recipe for success has been founded in building a business based on creating the best products.

Logic E-Cig

logic ecig is available in stores country wide but are they any good?Logic E-cigs are found in gas stations and other retail outlets everywhere.  Their starter kits come in blister packs and include a battery, USB charger and two cartridges. This basic kit comes with a price tag of $22.99.

This price is slightly toward the high end but it’s certainly not the most expensive e-cig.

Where things do get expensive, however, is when you go to buy your refill cartridges. Logic Ecig cartridges come in only two flavors and a single nicotine option.  A five-pack sells for $22.99. This is very expensive considering that the Logic E-Cig is basically a generic model. Consumers would be much better off sticking to a recommended brand.

We actually have some very good news for people who already own a Logic E-Cig. There is an easy way to enjoy an e-cig upgrade. That option is available courtesy Atlantic Cigs.

Atlantic Cigs

atlantic cigs cartridges are compatible with logic cigsAtlantic Cigs’ Electronic Cigarette may be a new kid on the block, but their free agent signings have made this team an instant contender. These guys are industry veterans and know what they are doing.

As our Atlantic e-cig starter kit reviews indicate, this brand has all the signs of an up and comer. They have invested in top-flight technology. In relation to Logic, Atlantic’s higher quality materials are more stable meaning that the battery delivers a consistent charge, the conductive materials are high quality and the e-liquid is ideally blended.

Atlantic offers a similar kit to the one offered by Logic Ecig but for a lower price and better quality. Atlantic’s Wave Rechargeable Kit is available for $21.99. Refill cartridges for Atlantic come in 5 flavors and 2 nicotine strengths and cost $2.50 each (only $2.00 each when you order 5 packs!). Compare that to Logic E-Cigs where a single refill, available in only 2 flavors and 1 nicotine strength, costs $4.60 each.

As you can see, Atlantic Cigs does very well when doing an e-cigarette comparison. Another reason that Atlantic has so much going for it is its rapid evolution. Along with a basic starter kit Atlantic offers an advanced kit, the Ocean Kit, which comes with everything you need and more with a price of $59.99. They have also recently added a mod kit for $59.99.

Next up we have to consider Atlantic’s e-liquid options. Since beginning with two flavors a few months ago, Atlantic now has 35 flavors! You can buy a 10 ml bottle in any of 35 different flavors and five different nicotine levels for only $8.99.

Atlantic’s e-liquid is manufactured according the highest industry standards and uses only high-grade ingredients. What this translates into is a consistent vaping experience. Logic e-liquid options are very limited to say the least.

Here is something to think about. When doing an e-cigarette comparison between two brands, we always look at each company’s commitment to R&D. Logic has a basic, generic product shipped to the US in blister packs. Atlantic has investing in developing products and attractive, functional packaging.

In a short time they have expanded their product line dramatically including the recent development of perhaps the most advanced, lightest weight mod on the market according to e-cig starter kit reviews. The point is that one company is evolving and innovating, while the other is focussed almost entirely on distribution.

You Can Use Atlantic Cartridges With Your Logic Ecig. Save Money, Enjoy Better Quality And Increased Flavor And Nicotine Options

The reason we are doing an e-cigarette comparison between Logic Ecig and Atlantic is because you can actually use Atlantic Cig Cartridges with your Logic E-Cigs. This means that Logic owners can save money on refills; choose from far more flavor and nicotine options.

So, if you are considering a Logic E-Cig, we strongly urge you to consider one of our recommended brands instead. You deserve an e-cig upgrade. If you already own a Logic Ecig, there is some good news. You can use a higher quality cartridge from Atlantic Cigs, click here to explore your options. Better quality, more flavors and more nicotine options equal a better vaping experience.




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