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Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Too eLiquid Gets Rave Reviews

By Ken Baughman

Tuesday August 8, 2017
mad hatter i love cookies too vape juice we have reviews from lots of people

The results are in. At ECCR we finished our online survey. You told us that you love Mad Hatter I LOve Cookies Too vape juice. We confirmed what you told us by scouring consumer reviews posted on social media. Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Too e-liquid is getting rave reviews. Is this the new best gourmet dessert vape? We’re listening. And now we are going to tell you all about it. We are also going to tell you how you can get 60 ml for only $22 and get free shipping.

Here’s the quick back story. We had a one-day online survey that 389 people took the time to complete. People could only take the survey once. One of the questions that we asked was “What is your favorite gourmet dessert vape?” The winner by a plurality was I Love Cookies Too e-liquid by Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter is a California e-juice company that also makes the very popular I Love Donuts e-juice.

By the way, in terms of the best deal on fruit flavored e-juice you told us you loved Island Man by One Hit Wonder.

I love Cookies Too e-liquid follows up on the original Mad Hatter I Love Cookies, a blend of sweet pastry flavor with caramel notes topped off with a cool, creamy strawberry. The original I Love Cookies was a 60/40 VG / PG blend whereas I Love Cookies Too is a 70 / 30 VG/PG blend. The new 2.0 blend with the increased VG will make more vapor while also enhancing the flavor sensation. They kicked in some pineapple to boot. The combination of cookie, fruit and creaminess was taken up a notch! They really made something already great even better.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Too E-Liquid Reviews

mad hatter i love cookies too e-liquid review

best price for mad hatter i love cookies too e-liquid

When we tabulated our survey results, we immediately took to the grapevine to see what else people were saying. Vapers really are raving about this juice. We compiled a few Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Too reviews so we could share them with you here:

  • Definitely my favorite vape. It’s sweet but I still love it for my ADV. (ADV = all day vape) It does have the sweet taste of a fresh cookie but I can use it as my ADV because the cool fruit flavor, I can taste the strawberries more than the pineapple, is cool. By cool I mean like almost ice cream cool. The balance is just perfect. Ed
  • If you loved the original I Love Cookies e-juice, you’ll love this one even more. Same cookie goodness with more of a frozen fruit smoothie flavor mixed in. The extra PG also worked better with my new Aspire Speeder kit. The new mods and coils now I think work better with a thicker e-juice with more VG. Awesome for vapor and flavor. Stephen
  • Wow, this is my favorite! This is delicious. It’s like a doughy warm cookie with not a full on caramel flavor but more of a dash or drizzle. I felt like I could taste a bit of cinnamon too. The finishing flavor when I exhale is when I can really taste the creamy strawberry. Janella

We went through a number of these reviews and of course, we tried it out ourselves! For a 70/30 blend, the flavor is surprisingly vivid. Like people have been saying, the cookie flavor aspect is amazing. The combination of that cookie flavor with the creamy smooth fruit flavors is really a knock out combo. For sure one of the best dessert flavors out there right now.

I Love Cookies Too By Mad Hatter

I Love Cookies Too by Mad Hatter is made in the USA and is diacetyl free. It comes in three nicotine levels. You can get 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. This is a new 70/30 blend designed for subohm or temperature control vaping. The blend of flavors is cookies, strawberry, pineapple, milk and caramel.

For only $22 you can get a 60 ml bottled delivered to your door for free. That certainly qualifies as a great deal! That’s only $11 per 30 ml. Most 30 ml bottles of e-juice cost twice that.

Thanks to our ECCR readers for letting us know about the e-liquids and vape juice flavors that you love! We are happy to share your experiences and get the word out. If you are looking to try a gourmet dessert vape, check out I Love Cookies Too by Mad Hatter e-liquid.


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