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Many Credit Vaping For Smoking Reduction In Canada

By Ken Baughman

Tuesday November 22, 2016
smoking rates in canada and electronic cigarettes

In the picture above you can see Darren McCarty a former professional hockey player who won four Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings. Now, Canadians can buy an ecig kit from  Canadian vape company that is personally autographed by the former hockey star. Despite the Canadian government’s official resistance to vaping, people in Canada seem to be making the switch.

The latest statistics show a sharp drop in smoking rates in Canada. This is great news for Canada. At the same time, vaping is becoming more and more popular in Canada. You would think that health officials would be pleased to see smoking decline but much like their counterparts in the US do, Canadian health officials remain staunchly anti-vape.

Vaping regulations in Canada are a bit confusing right now. Technically, e-cigarette with nicotine are not permitted yet they remain widely available. The government is promising to deliver official regulations sometime in late 2016. It is expected that there will be restrictions, but vaping will finally have a framework to move forward. Tobacco companies in Canada are preparing to pounce and join in on vaping as soon as regulations are clarified.

Many Credit Vaping For Smoking Decline In Canada

Many high profile health officials are embracing vaping in Canada and crediting electronic cigarettes for the steep decline in smoking rates. Many of the anti-vaping voices in Canada have been warming that vaping will cause a resurgence in smoking. Obviously the exact opposite has happened.

The executive director of the BC Centre For Disease Control pointed out that the anti-smoking groups should be pleased. The decline in smoking rates is happening faster than anyone anticipated. Tyndall is one of the people who directly credits vaping for the smoking decline. “With increasing use of e-cigarettes, and decreasing use of tobacco, it totally makes sense that there has been substitution going on.” Tyndall said.

David Sweanor of Ottawa has been a long time anti-smoking voice in Canada. He also credits vaping for the decline in smoking and is dismayed by the resistance to vapor products in Canada. He said that the smoking rates are being reduced by vaping in spite of the resistance of some government agencies and anti-smoking groups. Sweanor said “It isn’t that governments have been encouraging this … quite the opposite. Governments have been doing things to get in the way.”

We are now waiting to see how this new data may or may not impact the regulations that are expected to be forthcoming from the Canadian government.


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