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2015 - Individual Bios

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Matt Mcconnell

News Reporter, Writer & Editor

Matt Mcconnell joined Team ECCR as a News Reporter, Writer & Editor at the beginning of 2014 and has been loving every minute since! Hey, it is a great team! Matt has been involved in researching electronic cigarettes since moving to Los Angeles in 2010.

Matt has applied his comprehensive research techniques to analyze e-cigarette industry trends. He believes that the heart of the electronic cigarette industry is not revealed in sales figures and market trends; it is about gathering the genuine experiences of customers.

Matt understands that while ecigs are a sweeping trend, at the base of that trend there are real people trying to make an alternative choice to address their smoking addiction. The interesting stories occur at an individual level, as do the meaningful success stories.

He is proud to contribute to educating the public with informative articles and the most comprehensive e-cigarette news that you will find.

In the past, Matt worked as a coordinator for the Cancer Society where he was involved in fundraising and event coordination. Additionally, he worked with a team of people working to discourage smoking through widespread public information campaigns. The team was involved in lobbying lawmakers to introduce tough legislation designed to reduce tobacco use.

When not working, Matt enjoys volunteering and exploring the city while getting into various adventures with his wife. He also enjoys sports, especially the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hobbies include acting, fitness and weight lifting.

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