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2015 - Team Bios

Meet The ECCR's Electronic Cigarette Review Team

Excellence - Team Work - Integrity

ECCR’s Mission Statement

Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews, or ECCR, was founded on the principals of truth and integrity and those principals are the driving force behind our effort to educate and empower consumers. Our founders, Paul Rucci has dedicated himself to creating a moral counter to the masses of questionable review sites and shady companies out to make a quick buck.

To use an analogy, the e-cigarette market is a lawless territory, much like the Wild West. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen and shameless promoters along the trail. ECCR came along to ride the range and help new travelers find their way. If you want to avoid the outlaws and bandits, ECCR will lead the way Pilgrim. Ride along a while, wah hah.


Paul Rucci

Founder, President & Review Specialist

Paul is the Founder and President of ECCR. It is his integrity and honesty that provides the anchor and foundation that keeps ECCR’s course clear and true. Paul’s absolute commitment never to compromise and always provide consumers with the unbiased truth is what separates ECCR from the “sea” of other e-cigarette review websites that seem to be cropping up daily...


Jon Deak

Chief Executive Officer & Review Specialist

Jon Deak is the CEO and review specialist for ECCR. His industry experience can be traced back to when it all began. Jon is truly an e cigarette industry pioneer. Here’s how it all began! Back in 2005 while surfing the Internet, Jon Deak came across a very small blog that contained information about something called an electronic...


Matt McConnell

News Reporter, Writer & Editor

Matt joined Team ECCR at the beginning of 2014 and has been loving every minute since! Hey, it is a great team! Matt has been involved in researching electronic cigarettes since moving to Los Angeles in 2010. Matt has applied his comprehensive research techniques to analyze e-cigarette industry trends. He believes that the...


Ken Baughman

Website Programmer

Ken is a Senior-level Web Programmer at ECCR. Since joining the company in mid-2013, Ken has helped create many improvements so that your visit to our pages is smooth and enjoyable. Ken helps make learning about the best e-cigarette brands smooth and easy. Yer welcome! Ken began his career as a self-taught programmer...


Morris Gabato

In-House Graphic Artist

ECCR is always searching for the best talent from all over the world. Our founder, Paul Rucci, has an eye for talent and he knows how to recruit. In fact it was through an ECCR logo design contest that Paul first met talented graphic artist, Morris Gabato...

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