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Mig Vapor Neo Mod 100 Watts Never Felt So Good

By Tony Clayborn

Friday July 22, 2016
mig vapor neo vape mod

The Mig Vapor Neo mod just may be the one that you have been waiting for. Recently, there has been a trend toward easy to use sub-ohm vaping mods and one of the leaders in that realm is, without a doubt, Mig Vapor. Mig Vapor has always specialized in advanced vape technology made easy. That’s what the Neo is all about. It is a 100 watt, 4500 mAh box mod and it comes with a stainless steel, top-fill vape tank.

The 4500 mAh battery is impressive. It is incredibly long lasting. The battery is internal and stores as much if not more power than mods that rely on dual 18650 vape batteries. The Neo battery chipset will accurately detect your atomizer coil resistance and deliver the optimum mount of power to maximize your vaping experience. The Neo also monitors and regulates coil temperature. You do not have to adjust or set anything. It works similar to the Mig Vapor Morpheus but this is a box mod as opposed to a tube style vape device.

This is subohm vaping made easy. If you enjoy adjusting and customizing your mod, then the Neo is not for you.But if you want something that does all of that work for you, then the Neo is a great choice. You can enjoy the best of subohm vaping and let the Neo do all the work for you. That’s what I like about the Neo, it has advanced technology and rather than you being required to work to get the most out of the technology in this case the technology works for you. Both the Neo mod and Neo tank are excellent quality.

Mig Vapor Neo Starter Kit

mig vapor neo review

The Mig Vapor Neo starter kit comes with the 4500 mAh, 100 watt Neo box mod in either the green or purple version. The Neo top fill vape tank with both a 0.2 ohm coil and a 0.4 ohm coil. You also get a USB battery charger, vape bands, gift box and user manual. This is a very complete kit and it is currently priced under $90. You can also use Mig Vapor coupon code ECCR10 to save 10% or about $9 off the price.

Try out both coil options to see which you like best. The flavor and vapor are fantastic with both coils but I kind of like the 0.2 ohm coils better. You go through more ejuice with the 0.2 ohm atomizer coils but you also get more vapor! On the other hand I liked the flavor better with the 0.4 ohm coils. So really you should try both out for yourself to see which you prefer. By the way, these are very long lasting coils! I love long lasting coils. You can also use the Mig Vapor coupon code ECCR10 to save money  when you buy Neo replacement coils.

Another thing that I really like about the Neo is the feel. It has a rubberized coating that gives you a very stable grip. The look is very attractive and unique. Bottom line, the Mig Vapor Neo is a very easy to use subohm vape mod. It looks great and the vaping is excellent. You may also want to check out Mig Vapor’s USA made ejuice. Visit the Mig Vapor website and check out the Neo as well as everything else Mig Vapor has to offer.

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South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit
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