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2015 - Individual Bios

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Morris Gabato

In-House Graphic Artist

ECCR is always searching for the best talent from all over the world. Our founder, Paul Rucci, has an eye for talent and he knows how to recruit. In fact it was through an ECCR logo design contest that Paul first met talented graphic artist, Morris Gabato.

Morris won that design contest and, afterward, occasionally contributed to ECCR while maintaining his own client base. In the fall of 2013, Morris decided to join ECCR full-time and focus all of his talents toward giving you the most amazing user experience possible.

In 2004, Morris Gabato graduated from the University of the Philippines in Cebu City. He majored in painting and his eye for color and desigtn has served him well in the field of graphic design.

After graduation he first worked as a graphic designer for a sports clothing company. That experience provided a rich training ground enabling Morris to hone his skills to the highest level. Morris enjoyed a decade of success before finding his home with ECCR.

Morris works with the aesthetic aspects of ECCR. He makes our e-cigarette reviews look good! Morris recognizes the potential that e-cigarettes have to change lives.

When Morris has spare time, he enjoys basketball and bodybuilding. He also enjoys body art and has two full sleeves of tattoos!

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