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2015 - Submission Page

New Applicants

Submit Your Ecig Company To ECCR

If you would like any of your electronic cigarette and vaping products to be considered to appear on the consumer e-cigarette ratings charts add the requested information about your e-cig company below. Your electronic cigarette brand will not appear on our consumer reviews charts until this information has been verified and approved by our moderators.

There are several important factors that are put into place before we select a position for your brand on our Consumer Charts so please be patient while team researchers evaluate your brand and determine your position on our charting system.

We ask that you refrain from contacting us about your position and review our policies and terms and conditions. Chart positions are determined by a comprehensive, proprietary algorithm designed to objectively rate e-cigarette products based on user experience.

To be considered for a spot on our E-Cigarette Editor Reviews section we recommend that you mail us the products you wish us to test. Be advised that testing can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days depending on how many product submissions we have pending review.

A professional, thorough review will be conducted over several weeks and extensive data will be collected by our review specialists.

Once reviewed we will determine if your ecigs are eligible for an Editor Review video. If this happens you will be notified. Having your ecig brand listed on Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews is one of the highest privileges so get started now and add your brand!

You can mail your electronic cigarette and vaping products to:

Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews LLC
12115 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 220
Los Angeles, CA 91607
(Please Note: Products are kept for good and not returned)

Ecig Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Phone (Your Phone Number Will Be Kept Private)
Ecig Website
E-Mail (Your Email Will Be Kept Private)

Your Company's Hours of Operation








Does Your Ecig Company Offer An Affiliate Program?
Link To Your Affiliate Program
Coupons Help Attract Buyers!

If you want to stay competitive on Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews then you should strongly consider offering our guests an incentive to buy from your company. We allow up to 2 e-cig coupon codes submitted per brand. Each coupon code allowed can be formatted in two ways.

  1. A certain percentage off the customers entire order.
  2. A certain percentage off your e-cig starter kits only.

To be highly successful we recommend offering both. Although we allow you to set the expiry date on a coupon code we recommend that you do not, this could later on effect your conversion from returning customers.

We also request that all coupon codes be custom with the characters “ECCR” inside the code and all codes must be 10 characters or less.

Before completing this form please make sure all coupon codes are active and functioning properly. Coupon codes that do not function properly will delay our approval process so please make sure you test all codes first and then submit your application.

Please Note: You are not required to submit coupon codes, this decision is up to your company.

Coupon Code 1
Coupon Code 1 Description
Coupon Code 2
Coupon Code 2 Description
Your Application Is Almost Complete!
What Year Was Your Ecig Company Founded In?
What State Is Your Headquarters In?
What Is Your Business Bureau Rating?
(If you do not have one select N/A for not applicable)
Does Your Company Ship Globally?
(With the exception of countries that don’t allow the sale of Ecigs)
Does Your Company Offer Free US Shipping?
(Regardless if it is with or without a minimum purchase amount required)
What Is The Warranty Period On Your Products?
How Long Is Your Money Back Guarantee For Items Sold?

Final But Important Step!

Upload your Company logo here:

ECCR has some of the best in-house graphic artists and we pride ourselves on the appearance of our site. We only accept Adobe Illustrator or Photo Shop Vector Image Files. PNG’s or JPEGS are not accepted. So please take a moment and make sure your logo is in the correct format before submitting your application.

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