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2015 - Individual Bios

Our Leadership

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Paul Rucci

Founder, President & Review Specialist

Paul Rucci is the Founder and President of ECCR. It is his integrity and honesty that provides the anchor and foundation that keeps ECCR’s course clear and true. Paul’s absolute commitment never to compromise and always provide consumers with the unbiased truth is what separates ECCR from the “sea” of other e-cigarette review websites that seem to be cropping up daily.

Paul joined the vaping community back in late 2008. Since then, he’s worked furiously and tirelessly to promote and educate people about ecigs. In 2011, his brother passed away from lung cancer due to smoking traditional cigarettes for 20 years. As you can imagine, this was the driving force that moved Paul to create ECCR.

Paul Rucci has been a major influence in the e-cigarette industry ever since. He is fiercely passionate about getting only the highest quality e-cigarettes into the hands of those who come in contact with ECCR.

Paul often says, “It’s only the e-cigarette products that conform to the highest quality standards that give people a REAL chance to escape the trap of inhaling smoke from burning traditional tobacco. It’s the cheaper brands with good marketing that are drawing people in, only to disappoint, that are turning people away.” In that chaotic market place, Paul brings a voice of sanity and reason so that you can make the right choice.

In his personal time, Paul Rucci loves to spend time with his wife and 8 children. When he has time, he loves to ride his Honda 700XX quad (“The Big Pig!”), play PS4, take part in Karaoke contests, listen to music and podcasts, and generally help try and make the world a better place.

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