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Pax Vaporizer Black Friday Sale Plus Juul BOGO Deal

By Tony Clayborn

Friday November 27, 2015
pax labs black friday sale

Pax Labs has announced a massive Black Friday sale. The Pax Vaporizer Black Friday sale is on now and here’s how it works. Pax is going to give you $80 site credit when you buy a Pax 2 vaporizer. With that $80 credit, you can use that toward whatever you want including the original Pax vaporizer or the new and improved Pax 2 vaporizer.

The original Pax vaporizer is the best selling vaporizer ever. It set new standards for herbal vaporizers that no one ever expected to see out of a portable vaporizer. The conduction style heating and incredible efficiency enabled people to get more out of their herbal materials.

Part of that efficiency can be traced to innovative motion sensor technology that can detect when the vaporizer is in use. When not in use, the heat turns off and reactivates when you pick it up to enjoy another hit.

The Pax 2 vaporizer features several improvements over the original including additional temperature setting, a stainless steel vapor pathway and a streamlined user interface. If you have been considering a vaporizer the Pax 2 is at the top of the charts and the Pax vaporizer Black Friday sale is your chance to get an $80 credit from Pax.

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A personal vaporizer offers many advantages over smoking. Most obviously, you vaporize herbal material instead of burning it. You are vaping, not smoking.  Studies have shown that vaping is far safer than smoking. For medical marijuana patients, vaporizers are a life saver. You save money on herbal materials and you reduce risk dramatically.

Herbal vaping is not just about medical marijuana. Herbal vaping has been around for centuries. There are a number of traditional herbs that have been smoked by a variety of cultures for generations. It’s not just that either! There’s more. A lot of people are vaporizing organic, unteated tobacco as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

The moral of the story is this. Vaporizing is safer than smoking and the Pax vaporizers are the best portable vaporizers in the market. Designed by Stanford grads and infused with the world’s leading vaporization technology, take advantage of this Pax vaporizer Black Friday sale.

pax vaporizer black friday sale

Get A Pax 2 And An $80 Credit From Pax Now


Juul Cyber Monday 35% Off Deal

Pax Labs also makes an electronic cigarette! The Juul Vapor electronic cigarette is a unique and very stylish design that is capturing the attention of vapers from coast to coast. It is a small ecigarette, not much bigger than a cigalike, yet despite its small size it is flooded with advanced technology. Most impressively, the Juul ecig actually has temperature control and that improves consistency.

The Juul Black Friday deal is a buy one get one free offer. Buy a Juul starter kit and get a second Juul starter kit free of charge. So, get one for yourself and another as a gift for a friend or loved one who is still trying to find an answer to a cigarette addiction. Or just keep them both for yourself!

On Cyber Monday, Juul will be offering a huge 35% discount.

The Juul uses cartridges that are magnetically held in place and very easy to switch out. Each cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of tobacco cigarettes. There is one caution regarding the Juul ecig and that is that there is currently only one nicotine level available and that nicotine level is very high.

The Juul packs a punch and you may find it to be harsh. The 5% nicotine level is very high for an ecigarette. To give you an idea, we typically recommend that a pack per day smoker opt for a 1.8 % nicotine level and no higher than 2.4%.

If you want to give the Juul a try, now is clearly the time to pounce!

juul is made by the same people who make pax vaporizers

Get 35% Off Juul Vapor Cyber Monday Deal




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