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2015 - Editor Review

Official Smoke Tip

Ecig Review

Editor Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars


Smoke Tip Editor Review

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Smoke Tip

First Impression

SmokeTip is one of those electronic cigarette companies that sits silently in the background just doing what they do and doing it well. They may not have a million dollar marketing budget, the name and logo are pretty plain, and the packaging is nothing to write home about... but if you're looking for a solid contender among the lineup of budget-range e-cigarette kits, SmokeTip is worthy of your consideration.

With one kit on offer, one battery size, and a no-frills website... ECCR feels that many people may skip over SmokeTip electronic cigarettes. That may be a mistake. Sometimes the best things come in simple packages.

We've tested the one-kit bandit that is SmokeTip and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

What You Get:

Priced at $59.00, the SmokeTip Kit includes:

- 2 Rechargeable Lithium E-Cig Batteries

- 5 Ecig Refill Flavor Cartridges

- 1 Wall Adapter

- 1 USB Charger

- 1 Gift Box Packaging

Packaging and Presentation

Packaging really only caters to the shallow. N'est ce pas? It's nice, but not a necessity. SmokeTip e-cigarette starter kits come in a no-frills drop top box with a postcard type instruction manual.

Everything is packed nicely and is easy to get to. It gets the job done. It scores low on presentation and packaging, but we have a sneaking feeling all SmokeTip really cares about is putting out a quality vaping product. They are investing their money into the product and saving on the fancy packaging.

It's a shame that many judge a product by it's packaging. Doing so with SmokeTip may just cause you to pass by an ecig kit that you'd really like.

Smoke Tip

Battery & Charging Performance

Although your choice of battery size is limited to the standard size battery, SmokeTip makes up for it with their awesome free battery program. With every purchase of 3 (10 packs)  of cartomizers, you'll get a free battery.

This can be a huge benefit as you won't have to buy batteries and you'll have a charged battery any time you need one. The batteries weigh in at about 140-160 puffs. Not too shabby considering there are other more expensive brands out there with batteries that don't reach past the 125 puff point.

The usb and wall charger get you back up and running in about an hour to 70 minutes, so that's a real plus. With multiple batteries and fairly short charge times, you're sure to keep puffing along with no nasty wait times.

SmokeTip also has a vinyl hard carrying case that doubles as a recharging pack. It's pretty handy and will charge 2-3 batteries per full charge on the case. Take a look at the photos we have on offer to see how it's set up. SmokeTip will also give you a brand new free e-cigarette battery every time you order three or more packs of refill cartomizers. You literally may never have to buy another e-cig battery.

Smoke Tip Product Image Gallery

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Smoke Tip

Refill Cartridge Efficiency

To be honest, when we first received the SmokeTip kit, we weren't that impressed. We too fell victim to the non-impressive packaging and presentation. We were pleasantly surprised, however, when we got into testing the product. Everyone on the team was really impressed. Whether this was due to low expectations or not, who knows... but we really felt that it was a solid product and we really want to impress upon those of you looking for a budget range kit that SmokeTip is higher quality than you may think from first glance.

The cartomizers have a really good solid flavor to them. The vapor production is better than average and the nicotine satisfaction and throat kick are really good.

In fact, the most surprising facet of these budget range cartomizers is that they don't fall prey to the all-too-familiar plague of flavor drop-off. The flavor actually holds its own all the way through the life of the cartomizer. So even though testing showed a range of 150-175 puffs per carto, you're sure to enjoy every puff all along the way. With a pricetag of only $19.95 per TEN pack (that's 10 carts, not 5...) it's a pretty good deal. In fact, if you buy 5 ten packs, the price goes down to $15.95 per 10 cartos. That's under $8 for a 5 pack. Not too shabby.

All of the fruit flavors on offer are really yummy. The only gripe we have is the tobacco. It's the standard run-of- the-mill tobacco flavor that many budget kits offer such as Nicotek. It's ok, but it doesn't really taste like tobacco.

SmokeTip offers a huge selection of 21 flavors (see the website) and nicotine levels range from 0 to 16mg. Once again, we gotta gripe about the 16mg max level. C'mon SmokeTip... give us at least 18!

You can choose between hard tip or soft-tip cartridges as well.

Smoke Tip
Customer Service & Shipping

SmokeTip orders over $59 are shipped USPS Priority Mail free and most orders arrive within 1-3 business days.

All orders under $59 are shipped via USPS First Class Mail and should arrive in 2-6 days. SmokeTip only ships inside the United States. If you are ordering internationally, make sure to click the "ship info" link at the top of the page.

You'll be directed to a third party service that does ship internationally. There is approximately a $20 charge to ship overseas. No tracking numbers are provided.

Smoke Tip
Review Wrap Up & Summary

Yes, we went a bit easy on SmokeTip. We tend to push for the underdog that does well and are a bit harder on the big dogs with lots of money that tend to disappoint. To whom much is given, much is required. That's how we feel. If by chance you're curious what some of their past or present customers think of the product and company you can read our SmokeTip eCig Consumer Reviews page.

Overall, SmokeTip is a quality product for the price and we feel confident that you'll get your money's worth out of the product. The stats may be average, but we were really happy to see that SmokeTip cartomizers had flavor that lasted beyond that 40-50 puff drop off. It was not a chore for the team to test SmokeTip, and that in and of itself is a tell-tale sign that it's a solid product.

Give SmokeTip a look-see. There are other good budget range kits, but SmokeTip is one that should not be over-looked.


SmokeTip has added a new electronic cigarette to the mix. They call it the SmokeTank. It has a more powerful battery, a manual switch and a air flow control dial on the cartomizer tank.

It is an e-cigarette tank system that comes with a powerful battery and a large capacity e-cig tank. The e-cig tank allows you to change the airflow to customize your vaping.

Of course they also make e-liquid to go along with the SmokeTank ecigarette. The unit carries a proce tag of $79.00 and is available right now.

Happy Vaping,


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10% OFF Your Entire Smoke Tip Order!
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