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Smoozie Max VG Vape Juice Made In USA By Apollo

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday May 4, 2016
max vg e-juice made in the usa

The mad vape juice scientists at Apollo’s cutting edge California e-liquid lab have done it again. These guys sure know how e-liquid is made. Smoozie Max VG vape juice is about to deliver massive amounts of smooth vapor and the sweet summer flavors of sweet and cool smoothies. This idea had me at hello because I don’t know about you but I love smoothies.

Apollo Ecigs is a very progressive American ecig brand and we have been testing their products for many years now. If I have learned anything it is that Apollo does not release a new e-juice flavor unless it is really good. I see other eliquid vendors releasing hundreds of flavors. That’s great. variety is always nice. Apollo does have a lot of flavor choices but not as many as other companies because they are very fussy about their eliquid flavors. They have to be just right and judged delicious by consensus before Apollo will let them go out the door.

I think it is because of the people responsible for developing new e-juice flavors for Apollo. They are porfessional chemists working in a state of the art lab and they use only the best ingredients, but besides being trained chemists these guys are also passionate vapers. They take so much pride in everything they produce and it really does show. Smoozie Max VG vape juice is exhibit A.

Smoozie Max VG Vape Juice

smoozie max vg vape juice

Smoozie Max VG vape juice carries amazing flavor especially considering that it really is a max VG recipe. VG does not carry flavor so any VG e-liquid has to have some PG in order to give it flavor. The trick is to deliver that flavor with the least amount of PG possible and the most amount of VG possible. That way, the vapor clouds are smoother and huger! Is huger a word? It should be. Hey, a few years ago vape wasn’t a word so why not huger?

Anyway, the impressive thing about Smoozie max VG ejuice is the fact that this ejuice will make the clouds that the most demanding drippers could ever want and still bring a flavor experience that is just awesome. This is a smoothie flavored e-juice that is going to remind you of a refreshing, deliciously sweet and smooth, um, smoothie.

There are three Smoozie VG e-juice flavors to choose from. Smoozie Maui Waui is a pineapple blend punctuated by some banana and strawberry flavor. Smoozie Strawberries Gone Wild is a strawberry flavor with some banana and the tanginess of sour apples. Smoozie Very Berry Banana is loaded with banana, the Apollo guys are bananas about bananas, with some strawberry, tangy blueberry and sweet apple thrown in.

You can realy get a vivid flavor from Smoozie Max VG e-juice. Not many Max VG juices can claim that but Smoozie can. You can get either 3 mg, 6 mg or zero nicotine blends. When you buy a 30 ml bottle of Smoozie Max VG for $21.99, you will also get a free 10 ml bottle of another Smoozie flavor. This way you can buy one flavor but try two. By the way, you can also get a 20% discount.

Just use Apollo coupon code ECCR and save 20% off of your order of Smoozie smoothie flavored eliquid. You can actually use coupon code ECCR to save 20% off of any order from Apollo. So, take advantage of the discount and try the most flavorful Max VG ejuice going!

smoothie flavored e-liquid

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