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South Beach Smoke Announces New “Made in the USA” E-Juices

By Paul Rucci

Tuesday February 12, 2013
Popular ecig brand South Beach Smoke announces USA made e-liquids

South Beach Smoke Announces New “Made in the USA” E-Juices


South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes has just announced that they have upgraded their e-liquids and are now using 100% “Made in the U.S.A.” e-juices. This is very exciting information as it shows the company is serious business about offering some of the best e-liquids (e-juices) out there on the market.

According to company communications, South Beach Smoke states… “Our American-made ingredients ensure the highest quality smoking experience with the richest vapor juice preferred by tobacco consumers. Incorporating the latest American-made ingredients with a smooth vapor sensation makes for the best e-Cig on the market today!”

At ECCR, we get excited to see any e-cigarette company making a positive investment in their products, as this can only mean one thing for the consumer: a better vaping experience with higher satisfaction from the product.

We’ll be receiving the new cartomizers containing the new e-juices very soon. Rest assured we will be doing some serious vaping on them and will give ECCR visitors the honest low-down on taste, vapor, and most importantly… nicotine satisfaction.

Speaking of nicotine satisfaction, we have one more morsel of great news coming from the powers that be at South Beach Smoke. It seems that they have finally heard our cries for higher nicotine levels. They are introducing their new, bold 24mg (2.4%) nicotine strength level. This should up the ante when it comes to vaping satisfaction and it’s going to put some pressure on their competitors for sure.

Who knows? It might even mean a slight rearrangement of the Top 10 Editor Rated eCigarettes Chart. We shall see.

Stay tuned and Happy Vaping Everyone!



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