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The iTaste VTR E-Cigarette

By Tony Clayborn

Friday October 10, 2014
iTaste VTR and iClear 30 mini e-cig review get the best deal on the iTaste VTR e-cigarette

For those of you who believe that you should go big or go home, the iTaste VTR is definitely going big.

It is approximately 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and an inch thick making is a handful to say the least.

This powerful box mod also weighs in at 12 ounces. It is a big block of steel and sex appeal! This is an e-cig on steroids.

The first indication that this is not your everyday electronic cigarette is the case that it comes in.

The iTaste VTR carry case looks like it contains the top-secret launch codes at the Pentagon. Inside is perhaps the weightiest e-cigarette you will find. And just like a heavyweight, it packs a lot of punch.

The iTaste VTR is the latest innovative product from Innokin e-cig. It is a variable voltage box mod that can be set anywhere from 3.0 Volts all the way up to 6.0 Volts. If you prefer to work in watts, you can set the VTR to vape anywhere from 3.0 W up to 15.0 W. It can also power a small city for about 8 hours! Well not quite, the last stat was admittedly made up but the point is that the VTR can put out some intense power.

Adjusting the power output is easy. You simply turn the rotational wheel and the settings appear on a silver screen on the side of the e-cig. Yes, a real silver LED screen. We are talking space age cool in every way but still super easy to adjust your voltage to create the vapor that suits you best. If you choose, you can also drip with the VTR. The versatility is really very impressive.

It will take some experimenting to determine which power level gives you the best vapor. At higher outputs, there might be too much vapor for the majority of us! More than enough for the most avid cloud chaser! The best part is the fact that you can really control your vapor. Sometimes you may want more, sometimes less. It’s all under your precise control with the iTaste VTR.

One of the most amazing things about the iTaste VTR is the fact that the VTR’s three buttons allow you to utilize the entire gamut of functions and options.

In fact, it is all around easy to use. There are three buttons to operate the VTR. The power button, the rotational wheel and the function button located at the center of the rotational wheel.  The function button can be commended by pressing it for a specific length of time.

For example, press the function button for one second to display the voltage or watts. Hold the button for two seconds to display your atomizer resistance. To switch from displaying volts or watts, hold for one second and then press and hold again until the display you desire appears.

To start the whole experience, just click the power button three times. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental activations. The power button will change color to keep you up to date on the status of remaining battery life.

The iTaste VTR comes with a large capacity Dual Coil iClear 30 S tank with a rotational drip tip. In addition, it is compatible with virtually any 510 threaded tank such as the Pro Tank 2 Mini. A versatile adaptor ring will allow you to vape your favorite tank. The VTR sets the new standard for the box mod.

Box Mod

what is a box mod, is it the best ecigSimply put, a box mod is a box that contains a battery and a tank. That’s about it! It’s an e-cig contained in a box.

In the early days of electronic cigarettes, many vapers were unsatisfied with the amount of vapor that was produced by the early, questionable quality imported cig-a-likes. Vapers aren’t the types to sit around and not do anything about a vapor deficiency!

The vaping community is tech savvy and innovative to say the least. With a little ingenuity, may in the community were modifying their e-cigs (hence the term ‘mod’) to operate with more powerful, longer lasting batteries.

Some of the contraptions that evolved from this time were box shaped. It made sense, boxes are built to contain items. Small plastic boxes are cheap and accessible. It was relatively easy to install a battery, atomizer and tank. Why not put in a battery and e-cig tank? The box mod was born.

They have come a long way since! The box design has proven very efficient and sturdy. Adding variable voltage features was a natural progression. Box mods can also comfortably contain larger capacity tanks as well as a diverse line up of tank styles.

It certainly does not look like a cigarette. It is always a conversation starter as well.  The iTaste VTR is a beast and this giant hunk of steel is absolutely a conversation piece.

The VTR require an 18650 high drain battery. Innokin e-cig does not include a battery when you purchase the VTR but you can pick one up almost anywhere.

18650 Battery For E-cigarettes

eccr, 18650 battery, 18650 battery chargerThe 18650 high drain battery is commonly used in a variety of powerful electronic cigarettes. The battery, after all, is what makes your e-cig work.

The consistency in the interaction between your battery and atomizer as well as the pure power output is critical to controlling your vaping experience.

Lithium ion batteries can be unstable. If you recall, when lap top computers first emerged there were numerous fires. Cut offs and short protection have all but eliminated most of the issues and that applies to ecigs as well.

When you hear about an exploding ecig, which the media loves, chances are it was a mismatched battery and charger or an unregulated device. The iTaste VTR has built in protection and allows you to monitor your battery output and the interaction with the atomizer.

That being said, you don’t want to stack batteries. Stick with the 18650.

When you use the battery that the product was designed for, you will be avoiding any potential mishaps. Besides, your e-cig will also vape best when it is using the correct power source.

The e-cigarette itself owes its very existence to advances in lithium ion battery technology. Lithium possesses a remarkable ability to store charged ions. The good quality batteries utilize the purest lithium.

The charges particles travel better through pure lithium. Lithium that contains impurities does not transfer or store charged particles nearly as well. Lower quality, cheaper batteries typically cut corners by using lower grade lithium. You want to avoid cheap batteries. The power output will not be consistent and they are generally less stable.

Some of the quality battery brands are Samsung, Sony and MNKE. You can usually judge like this. If you see four 18650 battery brands for sale and three are $10 while one is $5, it is safe to assume that the reason that they are able to offer you a $5 dollar 18650 battery is because they used cheap, low grade lithium.

The Last Word On The iTaste VTR From Innokin E-Cig

electronic cigarette consumer reviews itaste vtrHere is a final summation of the VTR condensed into a few lines:

  • Large, attractive and sturdy, a certain conversation starter.
  • Versatile and easy to use, only 3 buttons to operate the entire array of functions.
  • Precision control of your vaping.
  • Tremendous vapor production.

That is an impressive summary. If you are getting serious about vaping, the VTR might be ideal for you.

Checking around at vape shops, the iTaste VTR is selling for anywhere from $115.00 to $130.00. We recommend that you avoid buying any e-cigs from e-bay. You never know what you are getting. If you shop around online you can find some very good deals on the VTR.

Many online retail sources, however, are not always the most reputable. Make sure you check out any online retailer before buying.

Panda E-Cigs

We recommend buying from Panda E-cigs. They are offering the iTaste VTR for less than $100. You can actually get the VTR for $94.95.

Panda E-cig is a reputable company with excellent customer service. Unlike buying from most online retailers or sketchy online sources, Panda is an actual e-cigarette brand itself. You know you will be dealing with people who know what they are talking about.

Buying online from an actual e-cigarette brand has unbeatable advantages for you as a consumer.

If you should have any problem with your purchase, Panda will handle your situation right away. They have a live online chat feature as well as an 800 number. Most importantly, of course, you can buy the iTaste VTR for only $94.95.

Click here to visit Panda E-cig. To find the VTR, just hover the cursor over “Shop” and click on “Starter Kits” on the drop down menu.

If you know someone who loves vaping and is looking for an advanced e-cigarette, this is a great opportunity. Box mods are currently very popular with the vaping community and many box mods are priced in the $200.oo range. The iTaste VTR is actually among the very best and certainly most versatile.

Panda E-cig also sells MNKE 18650 high drain batteries for $10.95. The battery charger sells for only $9.99. These are very good prices and it would be convenient to buy both the VTR and batteries at the same time but if you don’t mind placing a separate order for your battery, ECCR can help you save a few bucks!

Apollo Ecig

Apollo Ecig also offers the MNKE 18650 high drain battery but at a lower price of $10.45. Not much of a difference but here is where you save. Use Apollo ecig coupon code ECCR to save 20% off of your order. If you pick up 2 batteries and a charger, you will save about $6.00. That’s enough for a bottle of e-liquid!

So just click here to visit Apollo Ecig. Remember, use Apollo Ecig coupon code ECCR and you will receive a 20% discount.

That Apollo Ecig coupon also applies to any purchase, including e-liquid. Apollo utilizes its very own, high-grade e-juice lab where they belnd some of the most creative flavors in the industry. They use only the best ingredients and their quality control processes set the standard.

So, that’s just a quick plug for Apollo e-liquid but of course the VTR is compatible with any e-liquid. If you decide to try the VTR, please feel free to share your experience. Your comments may help another person make a more informed decision.





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