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2015 - Editor Review

Official The Safe Cig

Ecig Review

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The Safe Cig Editor Review

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The Safe Cig

First Impression

The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

UPDATE: Safe Cig is no longer operational. The company ceased operations in early 2013 and there has not yet been any word as to when SafeCig will ever be back.

If you still own safe Cig hardware, you may be happy to learn that you can use Halo Cigs cartridges with your Safe Cig hardware.


The Safe Cig was one of the first companies to bring e-cigarettes to the American market way back in November 2008. Why do we say "way back"? Well, even though the electronic cigarette industry is technically still in it's infant stages, 2008 seems like the stone age compared to how fast the industry seems to be growing up technologically.

The Safe Cig takes its status seriously and  is leading the way through innovation and a bold stance when it comes to facing the giant obstacles of disinformation. If you were casting for the role of David in the story of David and Goliath, The Safe Cig would fit the role perfectly.

Being one of the elders in this industry, The Safe Cig commands an attentive and closer look and is sure to be one of the brands many consumers are considering.

We're pretty familiar with The Safe Cig around the office here at ECCR. We've used the product quite a bit over the last few years, so we ordered the Original Kit to give you all a fresh look at the product.

What You Get

Priced at $69.95, The Safe Cig Original Kit comes packed with:

- 1 Battery

- 1 USB Charger

- 1 Wall Charger

- 2 Cartomizers

The Safe Cig

Battery & Charging Performance

Battery Life and Charging Performance

One visit to the "technology" link on The Safe Cig's website will give you all the tech-specs on the batteries that you'll need. An informative touch and one that not all brands provide.

The Original Starter Kit comes with one "original" battery and upon testing we found that you'll get an average of 100-125 puffs. Honestly, it's always a bit disappointing when the cartomizer outlasts the battery. With the technology Safe Cig put into their batteries, one would think they would last much longer. Go figure.

Because of this, you'll most definitely want to upgrade to the pro or deluxe kit... or order more batteries. On the bright side, The Safe Cig does offer a "max" version of the original battery and that is sure to add 50 to 70 more puffs to the battery life. This is stated as a concession though... because we still feel that the original battery should reach the 200 puff mark without having to purchase a "max" version.

If you order the Original Kit alone, we're very confident the one battery limitation will drive you a bit batty in the end. It's worth the extra investment to get more batteries and it will make your Safe Cig vaping experience go a lot smoother.

The good news is that charging is a breeze. The Safe Cig USB charger takes no longer than 60 to 75 minutes to charge up the standard capacity original battery. In fact, their website touts that all their batteries charge within 90 minutes. So even though the batteries don't go the distance, at least you won't be sitting around waiting for hours for them to charge up.

The Safe Cig Product Image Gallery

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The Safe Cig

Refill Cartridge Efficiency

All About the Cartomizers

We tested the Safe Cig cartomizers thoroughly so we have a lot to say about them. First off, the flavors are very good and the flavor does not drop off after the first 25 puffs. The flavor lasts all the way through the life of the cartomizer.

The cartomizers we tested lasted an average of 175-225 puffs. Not too shabby, but again a bit low for such an established comapny such as The Safe Cig. Even though the price of a pack of cartomizers seems a bit more expensive compared to other brands, remember that you're getting SEVEN cartomizers per pack as opposed to the 5 that come in a standard pack with anyone else.

The Safe Cig only offers flavors that are based on tobacco to comply with the recent complaints that e-cig companies are "marketing to children with candy flavors".

With that said, the flavors are very good. They have a nice variety of flavors that range from tobacco with hints of sweetness to the more bold tobacco flavors that remind you of pipe or cigar tobacco. We're confident that you'll find a flavor you'll like. There's no overkill, each flavor has just the right hint of flavor and it's very satisfying.

The puff on the cartomizers is very nice but not perfect. We feel that the puff leans to the "stiff" side but not excessively so. There is a bit of noise as well to the puff that takes away from the feel of a smooth draw. Vapor production finds itself in the middle of the road. It's not the best, but it's very sufficient. The good news is the throat kick is very good!

The Safe Cig offers nicotine levels all the way up to 24mg and the nicotine satisfaction lets us know that The Safe Cig is using a good quality grade of nicotine.

The Safe Cig
Customer Service & Shipping

Safe Cig is no longer shipping any products as the company is not currently operational. Through a series of unfortunate events, the Safe Cig was forced to cease operations. If this status changes, ECCR will be the first to let you know.

The Safe Cig
Review Wrap Up & Summary

E-Cigarette Review Summary

From the high quality packaging and presentation to the actual performance of the product, The Safe Cig is sure to keep it's standing as a top tier electronic cigarette company. The flavors are great and the satisfaction level is high.

The only thing keeping The Safe Cig from attaining a top 3 finish is battery life and cartomizer life. If The Safe Cig can improve on battery and cartomizer longevity, they will surely move up the rankings very quick. If you're not a stickler for cart or battery life, we're sure you'll be pleased with The Safe Cig's performance.

Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating. Be sure to check our editor and consumer ranking charts and feel free to leave your own review as well.

Happy Vaping!

The ECCR Team

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