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The Safe Cig Founder Releases Official Statement

By Paul Rucci

Wednesday March 6, 2013
Wondering what happened to the Safe Cig? The company founder speaks out

The Safe Cig Founder Releases Official Statement

Approximately 1 month after the mysterious shutdown of The Safe Cig website, many Safe Cig customers still feel in the dark as to what actually happened to the website. ECCR posted the latest Safe Cig news yesterday hoping to get some answers out to troubled Safe Cig customers who had been contacting us with questions as to whether the Safe Cig would return as a company or not.

After running the story yesterday, we were contacted via email with an official statement from Robert Deak regarding the personal letter that somehow got posted on Tumblr and therefore leaked to the press within the electronic cigarette community. Evidently, someone got hold of a personal letter written by Robert and posted it to Tumblr. At this point, the blog is still up and has not been taken down.

Rather than do an editorial on the statement, we feel it’s better to post the statement as is.

Safe Cig Founder Speaks Out

I want to thank everyone in the Electronic Cigarette Community, and our customers who have shown my family so much positive support. Though true, the article that was posted on was not posted by me, or my family, and was actually a personal email that some how found its way to the media without my knowledge. We would never have exposed the names of the people involved in this dispute. I want the electronic cigarette community to know that Safecig at the height of success was the work of my family and our hard working customer service and warehouse staff. I would like nothing better than to have our company back, and take care of our loyal customers. We are unable to ship our customers product right now as John Cameron also locked us out of the Safe Cig warehouse, preventing us from accessing our inventory. As soon as we have access to our product again we will send customers anything that’s owed to them. We are doing everything we can to get our company back and appologize to our customers for the inconvenience this has caused them.

Robert Deak

Good luck to you and your family, Robert. We at ECCR and many in the vaping community are behind you!




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