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Best Coil Building Kits For Vapers Right Tool Right Job

By Tony Clayborn

Monday September 11, 2017
what is the best coil building kit for vaping

If you are ready to try building your own coils, you should have the right tools for the right job. The best coil building kits for vapers come with everything you need to do the job and to do it right. Making your own coils is much more enjoyable when you have the tools to manufacture your coil creations just the way you...

4 Common Vaping Mistakes New Vapers Should Avoid

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday February 15, 2017
vaping dos and donts

Vaping can certainly be very enjoyable. To get the most out of vaping, we want to help you to avoid common vaping mistakes that ‘newbies’ often make. These tips are based on feedback from our readers so our list may be different than other generic lists you see on the web. At ECCR we are driven by our visitors...

Dab Pens For Dabbers A Beginners Guide To A New Trend

By Tyler McCanus

Friday December 30, 2016
dab pens guide for beginners

Many of you might be asking what are dab pens? Fair question! Our beginners guide to dab pens and dabbing is for you. The vaping revolution has taken on many forms and taken smoking alternatives in many different directions. Those directions include more than just tobacco smoking. Medical marijuana patients are also avoiding combustion thanks to the technology of...

Why People Vape? Reasons For Using E-Cig & Vaporizer

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday December 14, 2016
what are the reasons that people vape

Why people vape? There are different reasons that people vape. Before we get into the reasons of why people vape, we want to make clear that vaping with electronic cigarettes or vaporizers is strictly for adults. Teens and young people should not be vaping or using any tobacco product. The nicotine in tobacco products can be addictive and it...

Video: Watch The Formaldehyde In Ecigs Myth Busted

By Ken Baughman

Monday November 14, 2016
formaldehyde in vaping is a bunch of bs

Ridiculous! It happens all the time. The claim about formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes is one that is not going away. The CDPH in California makes the formadehyde in vapor claim a regular part of their demonization of vaping. They say that vapor is Still Blowing Smoke and they have a corresponding website that also makes these claims. In...

Is It Safe To Vape Around Children?

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday October 20, 2016
should i vape near kids

Is it safe to vape around children? A lot of vapers are very passionate about vaping and can quote studies chapter and verse that show that second hand vapor is barely differentiated from standard room air. We understand that argument and we agree. There are no studies showing that second hand vapor is dangerous. Only scare tactics and conjecture....

Can You Use A Vaporizer For Smoking?

By Tony Clayborn

Wednesday October 19, 2016
vape pen for smoking

A common question that we get from our readers is “Can you use a vaporizer for smoking?” We get this question a lot because generally speaking vaporizers are viewed as devices for adults with medical marijuana prescriptions or for people who live in states where recreational cannabis has been legalized. The truth is that dry herb vaporizers will vaporize...

Best Vape Starter Kit From Leading American eCig Brands

By Tony Clayborn

Saturday May 21, 2016
the best vape starter kits are made by american ecig brands

Bad news. There is no best single vape starter kit. Good news. There is a best vape starter kit for you specifically. The ecigarette industry has diversified into a massive range of products and vaping styles. Frankly, it’s awesome. There is so many that it can be confusing but when you narrow it down to a few categories, picking...

Sub-Ohm Vaping Guide For Beginners

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday April 14, 2016
subohm vaping tips and tricks

Welcome to our sub-ohm vaping guide! If you have been using a standard mod or perhaps a cigalike and now you want to get into the huge clouds of vapor that you get with subohm vaping, you have come to the right place. We will walk through all the details. From Ohms Law to mouth to lung vaping vs...

Best eCig Kit For Beginners The Green Smoke Pro Kit

By Tony Clayborn

Friday April 1, 2016
the green smoke pro vape starter kit

It’s not what you think. The best ecig kit for beginners is not a compromise in any way shape or form. I know what you are thinking. When you think of beginner products you think of training wheels, water wings, or a 6 foot basketball hoop. Anyone can dunk on that! Boo! The implication being that a beginner at...

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