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California Vapers Stock Up Before April 1 E-Cig Tax

By Tyler McCanus

Thursday March 23, 2017
california electronic cigarette businesses and customers brace for massive vape tax

On November 8 2016 voters in California voted to increase taxes on cigarettes. As a result, a pack of cigarettes in California will cost $2 more as of April 1. Unfortunately, e-liquids that contain nicotine have been caught in the net. Non nicotine juices are not subject to the tax. Nicotine delivery devices i.e. vaping hardware may also be...

UL Safety Consulting Now Accepting Electronic Cigarettes

By Matt McConnell

Wednesday March 22, 2017
ul electronic safety certification for vaping

In Europe, if you see the initials CE or RoHS inscribed on an electronics product that means that it has been tested and certified as a safe device. In the USA, UL safety consulting sets the standard. UL helps companies demonstrate that their products are safe and functional. A UL certification indicates a high level of...

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New Solid State Vape Batteries Coming? Inventor Says Yes

By Matt McConnell

Monday March 20, 2017
solid state vape batteries are possible says the inventor of the lithium ion battery

New, ultra stable solid state vape batteries may be coming soon. The man that led the way to the development of lithium ion batteries, and literally changed the world, has not stopped working. Scientist John Goodenough identified the lithium cobalt oxide compound that enables lithium ion batteries and now he has created a new solid state battery that will...

New Jersey One Step Closer To Banning E-Cig Flavors

By Paul Rucci

Thursday March 2, 2017
new jersey electronic cigarette flavor ban details

The State of New Jersey is another step closer to putting bill S298 / A3704 on the desk of Governor Christie that will ban all e-cigarette flavors except for tobacco, menthol and clove. The ban will include any and all vaping products. That includes disposable e-cigs, refill cartridges and e-liquids. New Jersey has already banned flavored cigarettes...

Tobacco Free Nicotine Has Arrived. Made For Vaping.

By Matt McConnell

Tuesday February 7, 2017
synthetic nicotine e-liquid

Ever since the FDA claimed that electronic cigarettes are a tobacco product and they have jurisdiction to regulate, vapers have been wondering about tobacco free nicotine. After all, if the claim that e-cigs are a tobacco product are based on the fact that nicotine is derived from tobacco plants. But what if there was a synthetic nicotine? Would that...

BAT Buys Reynolds American Tobacco For $49 Billion

By Paul Rucci

Monday February 6, 2017
vat buys reynolds in big tobacco merger

Even though smoking rates are in decline, Big Tobacco companies are doing very well thank you very much. Smoking rates are still very high, and in some cases increasing, in various international markets. That combined with higher prices has kept the stocks increasing and profits strong. As tobacco companies look forward, they recognize that the future is in what...

Anti-Vaping Propaganda Is Working According To New Survey

By Tyler McCanus

Thursday January 19, 2017
americans misinformed on vaping

They’ve got access to your money, no fear of spending it, and they can differentiate vaping from smoking. I am talking about the anti-vaping special interests. From the group that uses your money that funds the CDC to call vapers stupid sheep to all of your money that funds the anti-vaping propaganda site . So yes they...

Are Indiana Vape Laws A Vision Of The Future? FBI Involved?

By Matt McConnell

Sunday January 15, 2017
indiana electronic cigarette laws may portend the future of vaping

We don’t know what is going to happen to the FDA electronic cigarette regulations with a new administration coming into office. Vaping does have advocates in the House and Senate. It may be a bit worrisome that as Governor the new Vice President ratified very harsh anti-vaping laws in Indiana which became ground zero for the fight for vape...

Senator Suggests Possible Electronic Cigarette Recall

By Matt McConnell

Thursday December 22, 2016

New York Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference in response to a torrent of media stories about exploding electronic cigarettes . Is an electronic cigarette recall on the horizon? The Senator suggested that e-cigarettes are like ticking time bombs. He cited an Associated Press story that quoted FDA statistics regarding e-cig fires and explosions. The FDA data...

Pasadena Public Health Calls Vapers Stupid Sheep

By Matt McConnell

Wednesday December 14, 2016
pasadena public health calls vapers stupid

Just in case you wonder where your tax money is going we have news about where $1.5 million of those dollars are going. The CDC and Pasadena Public Health are launching an ad campaign to discourage teens from vaping. The message they want to convey is that vapers are stupid sheep. That money could have been spent...

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