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Check Out Shock Jock Sean Hannity Vaping!

By Jon Deak

Monday October 2, 2017
Check Out Sean Hannity Vaping

What a time to be alive, truly. In an exceedingly strange series of events, Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer tweeted a video of what appears to be Sean Hannity vaping. Not only vaping however, but vaping on a short break during his live talk show.  It is a confusingly hypnotizing video with a few questions that can be asked...

American Enterprise Institute Advice For Surgeon General

By Tyler McCanus

Saturday September 23, 2017
advice for the new surgeon general on electronic cigarettes

A few months ago, ECCR reported that Dr. Jerome Adams was nominated to become the new Surgeon General of the United States. We do not know how the new Surgeon General will approach electronic cigarettes. It is thought that Dr. Adams will be focused on the opioid crisis but vaping and e-cigs will end up on his desk at...

Connecticut E-cig Tax May Be As High As 75 Percent!

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday September 19, 2017
state of connecticut tax on electronic cigarettes and vapor products

The State of Connecticut has a budget deficit that they are trying to address. That is responsible and well they should. The question is always how to balance a budget. Where do you cut? Everyone loves the idea of cuts but no one knows what to cut other than “cut government”. The other way to balance a budget is...

Cigarette Prices In New York Going Up To $13 Per Pack

By Ken Baughman

Thursday August 31, 2017
highest cigarette prices in the united states are in new york city

The price of a pack of cigarettes in the City of New York is going up to $13 a pack . That means pack per day smokers will be spending $400 a month on cigarettes. That’s a lot of money. That’s a care payment for a very nice car. In fact that is getting into $5,000...

Nicopure Loses In Court But Not Giving Up On Vape Rights

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday August 8, 2017
nicopure the parent company of halo cigs and evo e-liquids court case for vape rights

When the FDA extended the deadline to submit PMTAs for vapor products to 2022, that was a victory for vaping rights. Although a small one. All of the deeming regulations remain in tact. Yes, e-cig companies can now continue to stay in business but they still face expensive, enormous hurdles to bring you any new products. Unless something...

Nicopure Labs Takes Children’s Safety Seriously. Always Has.

By Tony Clayborn

Tuesday August 1, 2017
electronic cigarette companies do not market to children

Nicopure Labs is the parent company of Halo Cigs and Evo e-liquids. They are making it very clear that they do not appreciate being mistaken for Big Tobacco. Indeed they are not. Halo Cigs was one of the early American vape companies. This company took e-liquid blending from a backroom lab of buckets and funnels and made it into...

Wrigley’s Demands E-Juice Company Not Use Its Flavors

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday July 19, 2017
wrigley's sues e-liquid manufacturer

We have all seen e-liquids and e-liquid flavors designed to resemble iconic flavors. Be it cereal flavors, drink flavors and gum flavors. Well one of the iconic brands has decided to push back against an e-juice flavors named after its famous flavors. Wrigley’s is suing a Chicago e-liquid manufacturer, Chi-Town Vapers, for trademark infringement. Chi-Town has been producing a...

Henderson County Jail Wants To Allow Vaping

By Ken Baughman

Saturday July 15, 2017
kentucky jail wants to allow vaping and sell ecigs to prisoners

As of June 2017 in Henderson, Kentucky, local regulations ban smoking and vaping from all public buildings. Currently, that includes the jail which is within Henderson city limits. Henderson County Jailer Amy Brady is asking for an exemption to allow inmates to have electronic cigarettes and vape inside their quarters. A couple of years ago, we reported on

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Congress Committee Moves To Stop FDA Vapor Regulation

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday July 13, 2017
congress wants to block the fda from regulating electronic cigarettes

The House Appropriations Committee has passed and forwarded legislation that will block the FDA from regulation electronic cigarettes. A follow up motion to protect the FDA regulations was defeated by a 30 – 22 vote. So this could be something. This is far from becoming law but it is a positive sign for the vaping industry. So to repeat,...

Is San Francisco About To Ban E-cig Flavors? Yup.

By Tyler McCanus

Friday June 30, 2017
san francisco ban electronic cigarette and tobacco flavors including menthol

It certainly appears that as of April 2018 you will not be able to buy flavored electronic cigarettes or e-liquids in the City of San Francisco. The proposed ban includes all tobacco products and extends even to menthol flavors. The city’s supervisors passed the ordinance and this week the city board will vote to confirm final approval. The ban...

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