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The Case Of Green Smoke E-Vapor Vs Tricked Out Mods

By Tony Clayborn

Tuesday July 12, 2016
electronic cigarette options and choices

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury and all of your assorted pets, except for goldfish which don’t count because they can’t remember anything for more than a few seconds. I stand before you today to make the case for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in their claim against the frivolous, short-sighted assertion of advanced vape mods that only a large...

Is Synthetic Nicotine The Way to Go?

By Tyler McCanus

Thursday June 30, 2016
will synthetic nicotine be a way around fda regulations

Synthetic nicotine has always been somewhat of a controversial topic. So is liquid nicotine but this may be a good time to get things out into the open. We know that initially people didn’t really understand the concept of this different version of the substance. Nicotine for them was found in the tobacco plant, where it was rolled up...

South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

Joyetech Notch Coils The Next Level For Atomizers

By Tony Clayborn

Saturday April 30, 2016
notch coils are changing vaping

Joyetech Notch coils are starting to gain a lot of traction in the vaping community for one very powerful reason, they make amazing vapor and deliver full flavor. Many describe the vapor as being very clean, as in no metallic or burnt taste. It is also a very responsive atomizer coil that activates almost instantly. The solid stainless steel...

Are Dry Herb Vaporizers For Tobacco Smokers?

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday April 6, 2016
top dry herb vaporizers

You may have heard the term dry herb vaporizers and wondered what that may be. Or maybe you already had a pre-conceived notion for what they are and want to verify that you’re right. It’s easy to be confused, because the term vaporizers, often used when describing evapor products, is so similar to dry herb vaporizers. But make no...

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Are Our Great Hope

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday October 6, 2015
nicotine delivery devices

Electronic nicotine delivery systems is a very long term that basically means another way to get nicotine into you. For smokers, this delivering nicotine into their body is what calms the cravings for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Historically this was done by burning tobacco leaves or by chewing on tobacco, but as the quit smoking movement gained steam this changed....

Vaporizers Could Be A Thing Of Beauty

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday September 29, 2015
vaporizers and electronic cigarette designs

Vaporizers are simply amazing in what they do. They heat up this thing called eliquid, usually infused with liquid nicotine, and create plumes of vapor. That’s the good stuff, the stuff you inhale that creates that satisfying experience. It’s the stuff that keeps you coming back to it instead of expensive, stinky, ash-creating traditional tobacco cigarettes. What vaporizers don’t...

New Variable Voltage Halo Triton Batteries

By Tony Clayborn

Saturday June 20, 2015
halo triton batteries with a variable voltage option

Halo eCigs has just released their brand new variable voltage Halo Triton batteries! This is great news because now you can get undeniable Halo quality in a variable voltage ecigarette battery that can be set anywhere between 3.3 Volts and 4.8 Volts. Halo Cigs has already established itself as one of the best quality ecig brands according...

Pay-As-You-Puff? New Philip Morris ECigarette

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday April 28, 2015
phillip moris is trying another ecig type a pay as you puff version

A Philip Morris ecigarette that allows you to pay as you puff and track your useage! What do you think? While trying to figure out what is the best electronic cigarette for you, there must have been many ecig brands and functionalities to go through. But this new...

Are Disposable ECig Tanks the Future?

By Tyler McCanus

Sunday March 22, 2015
disposable ecig tanks may be the future if big tobacco has its way

Since its inception the ecigarette industry has been constantly evolving, with the latest turn seeming to be toward disposable e cig tanks. The market for ecigs used to be categorized by consumers looking for easy ways to make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes or even quit smoking using ecigs. In some ways, that hasn’t changed, it is just...

Philip Morris International Plans E-Cigarette with Real Tobacco

By Raymond Polidori

Monday August 25, 2014
Marlboro has a new e-cigarette that vaporizes real tobacco, they call it the Heatstick

With technology driving new products and new e-cigarette brands to the e-cigarette market, Philip Morris International is getting ready to deliver a new e-cig that they call Marlboro Heatsticks , e-cigarettes that heat up real tobacco. Of all the types of cigarettes they have developed, this project is something the tobacco giant has been working...

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