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National Park Service Bans Vaping. Ecigs ‘Flaming Rockets’?

By Tyler McCanus

Monday January 9, 2017
vaping ban in national parks

The National Park Service bans vaping everywhere that smoking is banned. So goes the proposed revision released by the Park Service. Apparently Smokey The Bear considers electronic cigarettes to pose the same danger as combustible cigarettes. That’s kind of like banning flashlights from parks because they emit light like a flaming torch and torches are dangerous. Of course one...

FDA To Hold Public Meetings On Exploding E-Cig Batteries

By Paul Rucci

Thursday January 5, 2017
public workshop on exploding electronic cigarettes

Just before Christmas, New York Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference expressing concern about the well-publicized incidents of exploding electronic cigarettes. In fact, Senator Schumer went so far as to suggest a possible e-cigarette recall in response to exploding e-cigs incidents. Now the FDA is getting into the act announcing that they will be holding public workshops...

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CDC Warns Teen vaping Our Of Control Despite Facts

By Matt McConnell

Tuesday January 3, 2017
the cdc says teen vaping is out of control even though its not

Senator Patrick Moynahan once said that you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Unfortunately, the CDC appears to be operating on an opinion basis and not a fact basis. Despite the recent data that shows that teen vaping is declining, the CDC is sounding the alarm warning all that teen vaping is out of...

Surgeon General Of The United States Targets Vaping

By Matt McConnell

Monday December 12, 2016
surgeon general stance on vaping

The US Surgeon General has made his stance on vaping entirely clear. He does not like vaping and wants strict regulations and high taxes imposed. To protect the children, of course. Despite the fact the teen smoking is verifiably, unequivocally at generational lows, Dr. Vivek Murthy sees vaping as a threat that will undermine 50 years of progress...

Fight For Vaping By Getting Your Reps To Listen

By Matt McConnell

Wednesday November 30, 2016
how to fight for vaping rights

And where are many ways to fight for vaping. Joining CASAA , supporting companies that are actively challenging oppressive regulation, contributing to advocacy and calling on our elected representatives to support bills like HR 2058 along with any local legislation that may need to be either supported or opposed. The fight for vaping rights is more than...

Prop 56 Passes In California As Crazy Election Season Ends

By Matt McConnell

Wednesday November 9, 2016
proposition 56 in california passes ecig tax

What a ride we have been on for the last 18 months. Whatever side of the spectrum you were on, it’s time for all to come together. It was an ugly campaign where issues and details did not even play a minor part. Issues and details barely made cameo appearances. The country needs to heel. For those on the...

Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses Vaping

By Matt McConnell

Thursday November 3, 2016
Gary Johnson And The Libertarian Presidential Ticket Supports vaping

Only one Presidential campaign has taken a position on vaping. That campaign is the Gary Johnson Libertarian ticket that has officially endorsed vaping. The word came from the Johnson-Weld campaign’s national director Jim Wallace. Wallace said “The vaping industry currently counts about nine million customers, producing about $4 billion a year in annual sales. With the excessive regulation recently introduced...

Pennsylvania Proposes 40 Percent Vaping Tax

By Matt McConnell

Thursday September 29, 2016
pennsylvania tax on electronic cigarettes

Earlier this year, the State of Pennsylvania was proposing a 40 percent cigarette tax and vaping tax and the ecig community did not take it lying down. Back in May, CASAA put out a call to action. The vaping community rallied en masse with a demonstration in Harrisburg at the Capitol that worked. At the end of July,...

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FDA Begins its Crackdown; Should We Worry?

By Tyler McCanus

Monday September 19, 2016
fda letter to vape shops

The FDA crackdown on electronic cigarettes has officially begun. After so much talking and lots of hype, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put some bite into that bark. Their first targets are those selling electronic cigarettes to minors. The FDA sent out warning letters recently to 24 websites and 28 online e-cigarette retailers advising them...

Is Big Tobacco Hurting or Helping the Ecig Cause?

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday September 7, 2016
big tobacco companies and vaping

The story of Big Tobacco’s relationship with electronic cigarettes is a complicated one. From the beginning, there were conflicting interests when it came to the tobacco industry and vaping. That part is pretty obvious to anyone because, at its core, electronic cigarettes offered an opportunity for smokers to make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. That inherently meant...

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