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The FDA Is Targeting Youth Vaping Through Education

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday August 15, 2017
will the fda be able to reduce teen and youth smoking

The FDA has announced its strategy to combat youth smoking and vaping. Just as Director Scott Gottlieb announced two weeks ago , the FDA is targeting the dangers of nicotine. The strategy is to expand upon the existing “The Real Cost” public education campaign. The campaign will be directed at cigarettes and smoking but for the first time...

Scott Gottleib FDA Press Conference On E-Cig Regulations

By Tyler McCanus

Monday August 7, 2017
dr scott gottlieb fda press conference on vaping regulations

New Dood and Drug Administration boss Dr. Scott Gottlieb held an FDA press conference on e-cig regulations and the results were mixed for vapers. The press conference actually covered a range of tobacco products including electronic cigarettes and cigars. As far as vapers were concerned, we were waiting to hear what was next in store for the industry. We...

Dr. Jerome Adams Nominated For Surgeon General

By Tyler McCanus

Friday July 7, 2017
Dr. adams surgeon general and the implications for vaping

There will soon be a new Surgeon General of the United States and the nominee is Dr. Jerome Adams. Dr. Adams is currently an associate professor of anesthesiology and Indiana University School of Medicine. He has a long history of involvement in a number of high profile committees. Dr. Adams has personal experience, specifically his brother, with the current...

Senator Ron Johnson Urges FDA To Repeal Ecig Regs

By Tyler McCanus

Tuesday May 23, 2017
repeal fda electronic cigarette regulations

Last Summer Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers. Senator Johnson asked the FDA several pertinent questions regarding FDA vaping regulations. He wanted the FDA to answer whether or not they would refuse regulations should the evidence clearly demonstrate that vaping reduces harm vs smoking. Answers were also demanded to the question of...

How Will New FDA Boss Treat Vaping? Conflict Of Interest?

By Tony Clayborn

Monday April 10, 2017
new fda boss gottlieb stance on electronic cigarettes

The new President has nominated Scot Gottlieb to lead the FDA. According to reports, Gottlieb was one of the recommendations of Trump supporter and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel. Their is noted for some controversial statements such as freedom was lost when women gained the vote. But Thiel is also a staunch libertarian who does not believe in regulation....

Allegheny County Vaping Ban Approved

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday March 9, 2017
electronic cigarettes banned in pittsburg and all of allegheny county

The Allegheny County vaping ban was approved in an 8 to 5 vote by the County Council. County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is expected to sign the vape ban and it will officially go into effect on March 20, 2017. What does it mean? It means that vaping will not be allowed in public buildings, workplaces, bars, restaurants,...

Vapor Ban Rejected! Arkansas Senator Scott Flippo Says No!

By Paul Rucci

Friday March 3, 2017
scott flippo stops an electronic cigarette ban

A win for vaping this week in Arkansas. More specifically, a win for freedom of choice. The proposed Arkansas vaping law would have expanded the indoor smoking ban to include electronic cigarette devices. That means bars and restaurants would be forced to prohibit vaping in their places of business. The law failed. The most vocal opponent of the law...

Louisville, KY Consider Indoor Vape Ban Even For Vape Shops

By Ken Baughman

Tuesday January 24, 2017
louisville vape ban could impact vape shops and hookah bars

Last week the Louisville Courier-Journal reported that there may be a Louisville vape ban that will apply to vape shops. The vapor ban includes smoking and that is a threat to Louisville’s hookah bars. Obviously if you go into a hookah bar you go in as an informed consumer knowing there is going to be hookah...

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National Park Service Bans Vaping. Ecigs ‘Flaming Rockets’?

By Tyler McCanus

Monday January 9, 2017
vaping ban in national parks

The National Park Service bans vaping everywhere that smoking is banned. So goes the proposed revision released by the Park Service. Apparently Smokey The Bear considers electronic cigarettes to pose the same danger as combustible cigarettes. That’s kind of like banning flashlights from parks because they emit light like a flaming torch and torches are dangerous. Of course one...

FDA To Hold Public Meetings On Exploding E-Cig Batteries

By Paul Rucci

Thursday January 5, 2017
public workshop on exploding electronic cigarettes

Just before Christmas, New York Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference expressing concern about the well-publicized incidents of exploding electronic cigarettes. In fact, Senator Schumer went so far as to suggest a possible e-cigarette recall in response to exploding e-cigs incidents. Now the FDA is getting into the act announcing that they will be holding public workshops...

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