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Mini Ecig Reviews

Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey Max VG E-Juice Go Full Cloud

By Ken Baughman

Tuesday March 21, 2017
apollo fa q max vg e-juice strawberry banana and kiwi flavor

Are you a cloud chaser or dripper who loves the clouds but wishes you could get more flavor? If so then you ought to take a look at Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey max VG e-juice. If you haven’t heard of Apollo then we strongly recommend you put this brand on your radar. Apollo has been in the industry since...

White Cloud Fling Wide And Wide Mini Review Travel Light

By Matt McConnell

Saturday March 18, 2017
the best disposable e-cigarette

Traveling with electronic cigarettes actually worries a lot of vapers. While you can travel with your ecig devices in your carry on there is the additional concern of how much e-juice to take or if you are going to enjoy some seclusion, where do you recharge? Then there is the matter of traveling to foreign countries and what the...

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VaporFi VAIO 80 Watt TC All In One Mod Review Easy Vaping

By Ken Baughman

Wednesday March 15, 2017
vaporfi electronic cigarettes box mods

All in one vaping devices offer a level of convenience and ease of use that many vapers are looking for. Sidestep the pitfalls and risks of a clone saturated market by buying direct from the leading American vape brand. That is what you will be doing when you get the VaporFi VAIO 80 watt TC mod. You will be...

Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry Vape Juice Review Must Try

By Matt McConnell

Thursday March 9, 2017
charlies chalk dust slam berry e-liquid strawberry and cream flavor

Thank you, Tyler. The ECCR Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry vape juice review has to start off with a thanks to our own reporter and contributor, Tyler. Ever since Tyler was at the Vape Nights show in Las Vegas last year, he has been telling us about an Orange County e-liquid company called Charlies Chalk Dust . After...

The V2 VERTX Plus Electronic Cigarette Simply Sophisticated

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday March 8, 2017
the v2 vertx electronic cigarette

The V2 VERTX electronic cigarette goes back to a simple cigalike design but infuses a host of new technologies designed to deliver better vaping. How are they doing this? Well they are packing a lot into a very small space. For example the VERTX Plus version is the first cigalike that we have seen that offers variable voltage customization...

Innokin MVP4 Vape Mod Review For Strategic Vaping

By Matt McConnell

Friday March 3, 2017
the innokin mvp4 100 watt temperature control e-cigarette mod

We have been waiting a while for this. The ECCR Innokin MVP4 vape mod review will cover this 4th generation Innokin product that is designed with advanced capabilities but we see this device as a chance to vape strategically. By strategically I am talking about getting the most out of normal range sub ohm vaping. With a 100 watt...

Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid Review Vape Nights Award

By Tyler McCanus

Wednesday March 1, 2017
charlie chalk dust vape juice flavors

Why is Tyler doing a Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid review? I will tell you. Picture it. The year is 2016. A warm summer night in the Las Vegas dessert. The electronic cigarette trade show Vape Nights is a whirlwind of vaping energy and activity. I come across an e-liquid company called Charlies Chalk Dust. Brilliant logo and branding. But...

Halo Jag6 Vape Tank With Top Airflow And Ceramic Coils

By Ken Baughman

Sunday February 26, 2017
best deals on sub ohm vape tanks from american companies

Are you looking for something different in an affordable, premium quality subohm tank? If so then perhaps it’s time to take a minute and check out the new Halo Jag6 vape tank. Take a look at what an American electronic cigarette company is offering. Also, you should know that Halo and parent company Nicopure are on the leading edge...

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Smok Stick V8 Kit Review 3000 mAh With TFV8 Big Baby

By Tyler McCanus

Friday February 17, 2017
smok stick v8 electronic cigarette kit with big baby tank

How are you doing? Great! So, you want to check out the ECCR Smok Stick V8 kit review. Great idea! This is a cool vape kit. You get one of the best vape tanks with the TFV8 Big Baby 5 ml tank and a 3000 mAh Smok Stick tube style, or pen style, mod. I’ll be honest with you,...

Smok GX350 Review Quad 350 Watt Powerhouse Mod

By Matt McConnell

Tuesday February 14, 2017
what is the most powerful mod

Where are we going? The boundaries keep being pushed further and further. The ECCR Smok GX350 review takes you through the specs and features of a quad 18650 battery powered 350 watt mod. Yes, 350 watts. It was not long ago that electronic cigarette manufacturers passed the 300 watt mark and now here we are at 350 watts. There...

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