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Smok Stick V8 Kit Review 3000 mAh With TFV8 Big Baby

By Tyler McCanus

Friday February 17, 2017
smok stick v8 electronic cigarette kit with big baby tank

How are you doing? Great! So, you want to check out the ECCR Smok Stick V8 kit review. Great idea! This is a cool vape kit. You get one of the best vape tanks with the TFV8 Big Baby 5 ml tank and a 3000 mAh Smok Stick tube style, or pen style, mod. I’ll be honest with you,...

Smok GX350 Review Quad 350 Watt Powerhouse Mod

By Matt McConnell

Tuesday February 14, 2017
what is the most powerful mod

Where are we going? The boundaries keep being pushed further and further. The ECCR Smok GX350 review takes you through the specs and features of a quad 18650 battery powered 350 watt mod. Yes, 350 watts. It was not long ago that electronic cigarette manufacturers passed the 300 watt mark and now here we are at 350 watts. There...

Aspire Nautilus 2 Re-Envisioned For The Forgotten Vaper

By Matt McConnell

Thursday February 9, 2017
a new mtl vape tank from aspire electronic cigarettes the nautilus two

Let’s take a look at the Aspire Nautilus 2 vape tank. If you have been around vaping for any length of time you are no doubt aware of the original Aspire Nautilus. The original Nautilus was a game changer. That’s something that people always say and often saying that has no real meaning. But the term ‘game changer’ does...

GOON LP RDA Review By 528 Custom Vapes A Golden Deck

By Matt McConnell

Tuesday January 31, 2017
custom vapes gold rda with clamp static posts

A 24 karat gold plated big block build deck, ULTEM resin cap and wide bore tip are two of the highlights we will cover with ECCRs GOON LP RDA review. The GOON LP follows up of the very popular original GOON RDA. Designed by 528 Custom Vapes, this new RDA has been long anticipated and arrives on the scene...

Smok TFV12 Review This Cloud King Vape Tank Is Insane

By Matt McConnell

Friday January 27, 2017
smok tfv12 vape tank 6 ml capacity

ECCR’s Smok TFV12 review is wrapped up and I did so in record time. I spend at least a week with every product before issuing a final review. Not this time. When I began to test the new “Cloud Beast King” vape tank I knew one thing almost instantly. I would not need a week on this one. This...

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Review Streamlined And Colorful

By Matt McConnell

Saturday January 21, 2017
the new sigelei fuchsia 213 plus vape mod comes in a variety of colors

A compact, multi-functional dual 18650 223 watt mod for under $65. So yes it has the name 213 but it will actually let you dial up to 223 watts. That’s what you get and that’s what we will be covering with our Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus review. One of the first things that you will notice about this newest...

Halo Tracer SubOhm Mod Kit Delivers Big Vapor Big Value

By Matt McConnell

Sunday January 15, 2017
good cheap subohm mod

Are you looking for an easy to use, excellent quality sub ohm mod that is also a great value? How about a complete mod kit including a 30 ml bottle of e-juice for $50 all in? The Halo Tracer SubOhm mod kit comes with a large capacity battery, tank, 0.5 ohm atomizer coils and a 30 ml bottle of...

Joyetech Ocular Review 80 Watt And 150 W Ocular C

By Matt McConnell

Wednesday January 4, 2017
80 watt touchscreen mod that synch with your cell phone

Interesting, brilliant or a gimmick? Finding the appropriate definition was our main goal when we set out to present our Joyetech Ocular review. First, the Ocular 80 watt TC mod is a fully capable vaping device. You can enjoy variable wattage or temperature control vaping settings. On top of that, the Ocular is a mobile multi-media platform that will...

South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Review. Quad 18650 Monster

By Ken Baughman

Thursday December 29, 2016
quad 18650 powered 300 watt temperature control vapor mod

I know why you are checking out our Wismec Reuleaux RX300 review. You are the type of person who always wants more. More power, more adventure, more pushing the limits. Well the new quad 18650 Reuleaux RX300 will certainly let you visit the hairy edges of vaping and stay there for a while. Designed by JayBo and infused wih...

Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Review Well Rounded Herb Vape

By Matt McConnell

Thursday December 22, 2016
the new g-pen elite vaporizer with ceramic heating technology

Dry herb vaping technology is changing. Our G-Pen Elite review will cover how the newest vaporizer from Grenco Science is taking advantage of new technology to give you a better, more comfortable and more convenient experience. The famous Grenco Science G-Pen is a widely popular product for herbal vapers. If there was any issue is was that sometimes the...

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