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2015 - Individual Bios

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Tyler McCanus

News Reporter, Writer & Editor

Tyler is a resident writer, editor, and news reporter at ECCR, assisting and supplementing the e-cigarette news that forms the core of the site. He loves the e-cigarette industry and does his best to make the world of electronic cigarettes interesting to every kind of ECCR reader, from the deeply technical to the casual user. His first exposure to e-cigs was back in 2007 and since then he’s been an avid follower of the e-cigarette industry, the many different brands it contains, and the trends that are formed as the e-cig movement sweeps across the globe.

While Tyler never smoked more than half a pack a day, the habit always conflicted with his hobby of trekking in and around his native Montana. Upon finding out about the e-cigarette industry through a friend and fellow writer, he tried to find e-cigarette reviews that would help him make a decision. This was way before ECCR came upon the scene and knowledge about e-cigs was scarce to say the least. Options were limited and so in the end he dove in, picked what looked the best to him, and ordered what, in retrospect, was a terrible product. Despite a negative first experience, the e-cigarette industry and the idea of an electronic cigarette itself still fascinated Tyler. He sought out more information and better experiences, along the way becoming engrossed in the subject.

As a writer, ECCR came along as the perfect outlet for Tyler’s wordy ways. He stumbled across the site and was floored by the superior quality e-cigarette reviews it provided. The potential impact that ECCR could make in smokers’ lives was not lost on him and he got really excited about contributing to the site. Tyler still gets excited each time he sits down to write something for ECCR and feels like he is now part of a real revolution for smokers everywhere. When he isn’t typing away or out in nature, Tyler likes following his local Missoula sports teams, sticking out his tongue at his pet iguana, and arguing with his friends about the next great idea for taking over the world.

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