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US eCig Researchers Attack While British Embrace Vaping

By Tony Clayborn

Thursday September 10, 2015
the problems of ecig research

There are a lot of things that don’t make sense. If you read the mainstream media headlines anywhere in America you will see US ecig researchers attacking ecigs for every reason you can think of. They say it leads to teen smoking. They say it’s toxic. They say it doesn’t help you quit. They spread every myth imaginable. It’s working.

People in the US are horribly misinformed about the realities of electronic cigarettes. Three to four million Americans now vape instead of smoke. If you are someone who has quit smoking with ecigs, there are researchers out there who are trying to tell the public that you don’t exist! Can you imagine! Honestly, calling some of these special interests “researchers” is like calling me and my bowling team “athletes”. This is real and this is what plays out in headlines every day.

The headlines the last few days have been about how ecigs might lead teens to cigarettes. How do they come up with this? Well, they ask a teen if he or she has smoked cigarettes. Then they ask the same teen if they have tried an ecig. If they answer yes to both then they say that ecigs might lead to smoking. Brilliant! How about asking which they tried first? How about pointing to the fact that teen smoking is at the lowest rate ever.

Despite the facts, the ecig myths, with the power of the media behind them, are doing quite well. In a Time Magazine articled titles “Why Are We Being Misled About eCigarettes”, it was reported that only 35% of Americans feel that ecigs are a less harmful option. While this may make anti-vaping interests proud of what they have accomplished, it does little to address the real issue of tobacco harm and the staggering number of lives lost each year.

Less than 1% of vapers have never smoked. People who don’t smoke are not picking up vaping as a hobby. Implying that ecigs will create a new generation of nicotine addicted people is not bearing out and the only accomplishment of vilifying is keeping people stuck on cigarettes.

There is a stark contrast between what public health agencies in the US are telling smokers vs what public health officials in the UK are telling smokers. Public Health England is actually advising smokers to switch to ecigs. They are doing so for good reason. PHE has found that ecigs are 95% safer than smoking.

UK Ecig Researchers Take A different Approach

ecigs are safer than cigarettesRecently, Public Health England ecig researchers completed a 111 page report that unequivocally found that ecigs are safer than cigarettes. In fact, they deemed them to be 95% safer.

In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, real ecig research is being done and the results are compelling. We are seeing the findings regarding ecigs and vaping and there is ample evidence to support the validity of electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative. More work is being done to find out if ecigs should be considered a smoking cessation aid.

We are also seeing intense research that has revealed the fact that second hand vapor is not harmful. While these facts are contested by special interests here in the US, there are still Americans discovering vaping every day. Once they switch to vaping, they generally become passionate about vaping. The FDA has been flooded with public comments from vapers who are fighting to ensure that smokers have access to electronic cigarettes. The Cancer Society asked the public to share their quit smoking success stories and of the thousands of responses, 95% were from vapers. Ignoring vapers and ignoring the evidence is contributing to the current state of misinformation and actually putting smokers lives at risk.

It is not an overstatement to suggest that ecig researchers who spread misinformation are putting smokers lives at risk. This fact is echoed by Public Health England. While people in the UK are better informed about vaping than people here in the US, PHE is concerned that nearly half the British population is unaware of the fact that ecigs are safer than smoking.

PHE is attacking this matter head on. They are sharing the results of their study that shows that ecigs are 95% safer than smoking and they are encouraging smokers to switch to ecigs. Don’t look for the FDA to follow suit anytime soon.

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