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V2 Cigs Slashes Kit Prices by 35% for 2 Days Only

By Raymond Polidori

Thursday March 27, 2014
V2 Cigs is offering huge discounts for a limited time

V2 Cigs announces 35% off ecig saleV2 Cigs just launched a storewide savings today and will run this offer through March 27th. You can save a full 35% on V2 ecigs in the form of starter kits, with their standard kit marked all the way down to $38.97 for this sale.

V2 ecigs are a popular choice around the web, although they do rank a bit lower than some of the other brands we have tested here at ECCR, such as Green Smoke and White Cloud. The V2 Cigs consumer reviews section will give you a good overall picture of the brand, because there is still plenty to like and they have a very large following. Especially with a price cut like this, if you were thinking of checking them out then now would be the perfect time to do so.

Already a fan of V2 Cigs? You can still take advantage of this sale because everything else on their site will be discounted at 25% off. Again, all of this is without the need of a V2 coupon code, just surf over to their site and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Visit the V2 Cigs website

We’ll continue to bring you all the sales as they come at us so you can get the best deal on your favorite e-cig brand!




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