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White Cloud Cigarettes Moves Cartridge Production To The USA

By Tony Clayborn

Monday August 11, 2014
White Cloud electronic cigarettes has moved their entire cartridge manufacturing process to the USA

Our word of the day is insourcing. It has a nice ring to it! We are all too familiar with the word outsourcing. White Cloud Cigarettes has drawn a line in the sand and said enough is enough. These American entrepreneurs are moving the production of their e-cigarette cartridges to the USA. Insourcing, has a nice ring to it.

Since 2000, the United States has lost 3.2 million manufacturing jobs. Going back a little further in time, the US has lost 5.2 million manufacturing jobs since 1979. The trend toward outsourcing manufacturing has obviously left a chasm in the US economy.

The e-cigarette industry is leading the charge to reverse an economically distressing trend.

Fast-forward to 2014 and we can finally talk about insourcing! We can talk about a reversal of a 30-year economic trend thanks to the new and innovative e-cigarette industry. White Cloud Cigarettes recently announced that they are moving all of their e-cigarette cartridges production from China to their new facility in Florida. This is a good news story for both US industry and the economy.

As of May 15th, 2014 the company began full production of their USA made ejuice and technologically advanced e-cigarette cartridges. White Cloud invested heavily in developing cartridges that felt natural to vapers. Many e-cigarette cartridges require a lot of effort to draw out vapor and then the vapor changes dramatically from puff to puff. White Cloud e-cigs has designed an e-cig cartomizer draws as naturally and smoothly as a tobacco cigarette, in fact better!

“We take a lot of pride in the quality of our USA made cartridges and e-liquid,” said White Cloud co-founder Matthew Steingraber. “By moving our cartridge filling to the US we’re better able to ensure that every cartridge meets our standards for flavor, vapor and longevity.”

ECCR has the best reviews and coupon codes in the e-cig industryE-cig liquid is typically made in China and cartridges are hand filled in China and shipped to the US. White Cloud’s e-liquid has always been made in the US but the cartridges were hand filled in China. Now, the cartridges will be all-American.  This is a first step toward the ultimate goal of moving all aspects of manufacturing and production to White Cloud’s home base in Florida.

With the FDA’s proposed regulations now public, it is clear that the e-cigarette industry realizes that it needs to adapt. “We at White Cloud support the intent behind the FDA Deeming Regulations, and feel our move to 100% USA-based e-liquid and cartridge filling will help us work more closely with the FDA to ensure our products and manufacturing remain top-quality,” said Rob Burton, Director of Corporate Affairs.

If you have read our White Cloud e-cigarettes review, or taken advantage of our White Cloud e-cig coupon, then you already know that our very thorough testing process has established White Cloud as a stand-out in terms of quality and performance. Given the company’s very clear commitment to quality, we have every reason to believe that their product line will only get better.

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